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SUPER GiRL Talk: Vol. 7

3 Mar

This week two things occurred in iDOL Street that were interesting enough for fans to start making crazy predictions and engage in completely unsubstantiated speculation and rumor mongering. [Umm, I’m pretty sure it’s just you making crazy predictions and causing trouble. Everyone else on the internet is completely normal. And I don’t know what rumor mongering means, but it sounds weird.] I don’t know what it means either, but I thought it would make me sound smart. [You thought using the word “mongering” would make you sound smart?]

Anyway, as I was saying, this week two things occurred in iDOL Street that were interesting enough for fans to start making crazy predictions and engage in completely unsubstantiated speculation and rumor mongering. First was the dismissal of Ayaka Kawai, a member of Street-sei‘s Nagoya team. This literally, figuratively, and literally came out of nowhere and is shocking because she was a front-runner for the fourth iDOL Street group. I had to punch someone in the face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. The second was a teaser video that aired at Gocchan’s graduation concert two days ago, which according to a fan who attended, seemed to imply that a new member will be joining SUPER☆GiRLS.

The current Street-sei front-runners
I previously ranked the ten members who I think are considered by the producers to be the most likely candidates (Reminder: these aren’t the members I necessarily like; they’re just the girls I think are on the fast track to make the group). [In other words, you don’t like some of them!] I removed #9 and 10 though, because I forgot why I included them. Hey, no one’s perfect. [Speaking of rankings, didn’t you previously lock Misa-misa for PASSPO?] You’re bringing that up again? Don’t forget that immediately after Koume graduated from Party Rockets I predicted that she would join SUPER☆GiRLS.* [No you didn’t! You predicted that she would join DLH or Street-sei and only later predicted she would join SUPER☆GiRLS.] My prediction was still accurate though and several months in advance. [You also predicted that Mano Erina would “reverse graduate.” That’s not even a real thing.] It is a real thing! It just hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, I also predicted Sara would join GEM, two months before she was even added as a candidate member. [Ok, you win! That was GEMazing!!!]

The current Street-sei front-runners

If my rankings are accurate, Ayaka was in a good position to make the group, or at least make the “starting lineup,” assuming they repeated what they did with GEM. (Before GEM officially debuted, they had 13 “starting” members competing for a spot. A few months later, three more Street-sei members joined the unofficial lineup, before the final lineup was chosen).

You may be thinking, “This is boring! Where are the CraAAaZYY predictions and rumor whatever-you-called-it?” Well, this is where it get’s interesting, because even though Ayaka Kawai was probably a front-runner for the group she is *wait for it* totally mediocre! She can’t sing, and is average in practically every idol category: looks, personality, and talent. I’m going to play devil’s advocate and argue that her being terminated is actually a GOOD THING for the fourth group! Why? Because a slot just opened up for someone that isn’t her!

The reason Ayaka was a front runner in the first place was because she was (1) popular with fans and (2) the second-longest tenured member of Street-sei [technically tied with Saku, who is the only other remaining 3rd gen member. Haachin (Hazuki) is 2nd gen and has been in the group the longest]. Popularity and tenure aren’t exactly logical reasons for anyone to be included in anything, but they were the type of reasons that could force the hand of the producers. Which meant there was already going to be at least one average member in the lineup. I have no idea why she was let go, but it certainly provided them a convenient way to resolve the dilemma of including her in the group. 

Most importantly, every single talented, yet unpopular Street-sei member instantly increased their odds at making the group. This includes members like Riko, Narumi, and Fuka. [AKA members you like!] Yeah, I like talented members. [Oh. Yeah, so do I. *grumble grumble*]

Baseless speculation on the new SUPER☆GiRLS member
Even though I haven’t watched the teaser video which evidently hints at a new member, I’m going to allow myself to speculate on Gocchan’s replacement. I mean, what else is there to write about? [The Chubbiness articles you were supposed to finish last month?] These are my candidates, which I admit are extremely unlikely, but what else is there to write about? [That research paper that’s due on March 9 that you haven’t started yet?] Oh yeah. I’ll start that once I finish the Chubbiness articles.
1. Saori
Two words: reverse-graduation!

2. Rihona
Two words: reverse-graduation! There have been a lot of graduations so far this year, but I’d rather remember this year as the year of the “reverse-graduation.” The potential for her to reverse-graduate is much higher than Saori’s, but obviously Saori would be a better fit for the group. [Umm, that was 49 words.]

3. Haachin
I’m going to include her in every prediction until she joins a group.

If any of them joined, my interest in SUPER☆GiRLS would be completely resuscitated. Is there some sort of idol god that I need to sacrifice a goat to in order to make this happen?

SUPER GiRL Talk: pre-SUPER Chozetsu Adventure Edition

16 Mar

Saori, Hikaru, and Reira were on the SUPER☆GiRLS  ustream channel last week and unveiled some of the concert goods they’ll be selling during their Celebration tour. Reira also unveiled the best hairstyle ever. It seemed like a typical idol stream… until I began to notice Saori’s “interesting” behavior. The first six minutes were weird for a few reasons 1) Reira was acting like a dork, which is unusual, since she’s the “cool” one (although it was hilarious when she said “Beeeam”) and 2) Saori was grossing me out… especially from 6:00-6:30:


I can write this because Saori is my second favorite member, but she looked like she just crawled out of bed, put on a track jacket, put on a random hat because she was too lazy to do her hair, and headed for the studio. And she’s acting weird throughout, constantly sniffling and rubbing her nose (like a drug addict). At the six-minute mark she basically starts blowing her nose on her hand. So gross, Saori. These are images that will endure forever in my innocent and delicate mind! It culminates with a staff member finally putting a box of tissues on the table!  Subtle. Saori was just acting weird… constantly checking her phone (like a drug addict) (although she *may* have been checking comments on the stream) and hiding behind that giant sketch pad (also like a drug addict). She reminded me of a homeless person with a sign asking for leftover food or spare change.


1) Staff: “Saori, you’re grossing everyone out.”
2) Rachel: “Saori, you’re grossing everyone out.”
3) Saori: “Don’t look at me, I’m hideous! *cries*”

Saori posted this photo on her blog a few days later:

13-3-13 S

She wants us to think she is showing off the Music Ribbon bracelet they’ll hand out during their concert tour, but actually she’s just blowing her nose on her hand again.

Rachel’s new hairstyle is perfect! Hikaru is like, “I cut my hair short too, but I ended up with this abomination!”
13-3-11 R

Hikaru showing off the SG towel:

13-3-12 S

Rachel: Beam!
Saori: Please don’t stare at my boobs.
Hikaru: Towel is soooooo soft.

And now Gocchan showing off the SG towel:
13-3-6 Aya

I like Gocchan’s towel more.

A single vote never makes a difference

streeeeegu 2
Last weekends STREEEEEGU between Osaka and Fukuoka ended in a tie. It also happened to be the first episode (out of sixteen) that I didn’t watch or vote in (which makes me sound like a huge nerd). Which also means if the voting is real, my vote *could* have determined the winner (which also makes me sound like a huge nerd). I would have voted for Osaka (which makes me sound cool). I knew I should have stayed up until 2AM to watch it.

My favorite photo ever

13-3-5 Rana blog w Naapon

Ranachin: “I’m going to slowly move my face in this direction and if I kiss someone it’s not my fault!
Nappon: “I’m also going to slowly move my face in this direction and if I kiss someone it’s not my fault!

Everybody Jump!! 2012 Final Christmas Special (Celebration dvd)
Welcome to the SG Show II + Akai Jounetsu
Mega Twinkle
Shelter Nanka Iranai

Yuyake Zora ni Mata Shita

My dream

Minamikaze PayaPaya + Everybody Jump!!


I included one photo of each song to ensure the recap was fair. And has anyone noticed how hot Gocchan got?

SUPER☆GiRL Talk #CelebrationEdition

27 Feb

SUPER☆GiRLS Celebration day 1 sales were 16,051. Cool, so they’ll sell 112,357 in the first week, and close to 6 million in a year!

IMG_1017IMG_1029IMG_1019IMG_1030 IMG_1040IMG_1032IMG_1041IMG_1033IMG_1038IMG_1039IMG_1037
I included photos of the Everybody Jump booklet to show the differences between this years booklet and last years. Everybody Jump included personalized messages and drawings with each of their photos (Rachel is the coolest because of her message), but this year the booklet just included photos. It’s okay though because has anyone noticed how hot Gocchan got?!