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Which sounds cooler: “PASSPO: The Next Generation” or “PASSPO: The New Crew”?

28 Jan

Um, neither. Please never write something that lame again.

I’ve been thinking about going to the Sun Plaza concert on 3/31, which is when the new member (or members) will be introduced. I was going to mention the show is going to be “hot” (because it’s at Sun Plaza), but evidently I’m not allowed to write lame stuff like that anymore. The concert just happens to coincide with my universities break between winter and spring quarter. That’s kind of like fate. That’s kind of really like fate. Even if you don’t believe in fate, your immediate reaction would be: “That’s fate! …and now I kind of believe in fate! Thanks a lot”.

This will be my third time in Japan. If it’s anything like the third movie in a series… I have no idea how it’ll turn out. “Police Academy III” was awesome. “Goonies 3: Goonies Go to Summer Camp” was breathtaking. “Brokeback Mountain part III” was also breathtaking. “Weekend at Bernie’s 3” was the worst movie ever made. “Titanic 3” was too predictable. I haven’t seen “The Bridges of Madison County 3″… yet (it’s up next on my Netflix queue). “Citizen Kane 3” was disappointing, although the action scenes were great. “The Little Mermaid 3: Ariel’s Adventure in Outer Space” and “Schindler’s List III: This Time it’s Personal” were the best in the series. So the trip could be awesome, breath-taking, horrific, disappointing, worse than the first two trips, better than the first two trips, or the worst trip ever.

I’ve been checking the schedules of the other groups I follow and so far only Fudanjuku has a concert the same week as PASSPO. They have a concert the day before on 3/30. I’ve wanted to see them for a long time. That’s fate. Afilia Saga East has a show on 3/2, so they probably won’t have another concert that month. But If they did… definitely fate. For some reason I’ve been thinking about going to a Super Girls concert. I’ve disliked them since the moment I saw (and heard) them, but I’m kind of curious why they recently got popular. Anything Super Girls related is anti-fate though. I don’t even know what anti-fate means, but it definitely applies to that group.

My decision would be a lot easier if I knew predia’s schedule for March. If I knew they would be opening for PASSPO or had a show on 4/1, this trip would be on like… something something. I have a feeling that they are going to get picked up by a major label soon, and I want to see them as much as possible during their indie phase. They have a concert on 2/25, which means they won’t reveal the date of their next live until the end of that show. Unfortunately that is a long time to wait to finalize my plans. I can’t imagine going to Japan and not seeing them.

Since I’m now considering going to the concert, it has increased my interest in the election and the possible members. And if I am interested in something, I have to make official predictions!

What we know so far (that’s PASSPOGASM’s friend btw. Yesterday my blog woke me up in the middle of the night and said: “Hey! My best friend is PASSPO FANSITE!”. And I was like, “Ok, that’s great. But you’ve told me that a million times already. I’m starting to think you like that blog more than me”.)

My prediction is three members will be added to the group:

  • Management mentioned there is the possibility of eight members joining. Everyone knows that there is 0% chance that eight members will join. The only point in mentioning that “possibility” is to prepare fans for the addition of multiple members.
  • I think most fans would prefer one new member (to replace Kaho) and return the group to the original lineup number. It’s the most conservative option, which I think most people deviate towards in situations like this. Adding two or three members would potentially annoy fans, unless they truly believed that several more could have been added.
  • Here’s a nerdy analogy: imagine the company you work for spreads a rumor that the salaries of all employees will drop between 10 and 80%. Obviously 80% would never happen, but it’s included in the rumor so that when the actual reduction of 30% is announced, people are upset, but also relieved that the apocalyptic scenario of 80% didn’t occur. Ultimately the employees accept the pay-cut because although it is unfortunate, it could have been much worse. That’s similar to how fans may react, they’ll be upset that three were added, but relieved that the number wasn’t higher.
  • I think it’s important that the group has an even number of members, therefore the options are one new member (to make 10 total) or three (to make 12). Since it seems the producers want several new members, adding three is the likeliest outcome.

I should hold off on predicting which three will join since there is so much information we don’t know about them: their appeal point, charm point, three sizes, super power, favorite brands, and political ideology. And for some reason we also need a “fashion check”. I’m confident I know who will be selected though. Let’s just call it woman’s intuition.

Misa may be the most popular, but I automatically disqualified her because of her age. I am going with Miyuki Hiraguchi, Saki Takeda, and Yui Fujimoto.

Miyuki, Saki, and Yui

I was told that Miyuki is a Makoto fan. She definitely takes photos in the Makochan style (i.e. self portrait close-ups at a downward angle with either a subtle smile or blank lifeless stare).

“Where’s Yukki?”… jk, I meant “Where’s Miyuki?”

If she isn’t chosen, it can only mean one thing… they discovered she’s a Mako stalker.