Is Misa a lock to join PASSPO?

10 Feb

“3,2,1, Yay!”

Although I’m pretty sure the producers have mentioned that the election doesn’t guarantee a candidate will be selected, I can’t imagine Misa not getting the most votes.  I didn’t officially predict she will join, and I still think her age could ultimately derail her, but I am going to jump on the Misa bandwagonairplane (just in case she does). Makoto seems to like her, so the m&m’s could upgrade to the m&m&m’s, and  she has appeared at every recent predia and PASSPO concert. I’m not sure if management has specifically requested she attend, or she just happens to have the time (after she finishes her homework, nap, and snack-time), but it is definitely helping her. Hikaru and Mizuki also attended the same concerts, so it’s possible they are being sent in groups, and the other candidates will get their chance.

Should PASSPO fans start assuming she’ll join the group in a few months? Like mentally prepare our brains for the probability that a supergirly 13-year-old, who only eats strawberry parfaits and marshmallows, will be joining one of the most “hardcore” idol groups.

Yes. You should definately start mentally preparing your brain for that. The brain is very delicate and needs ample preparation time for anything idol-related.

Although PASSPO has always been somewhat lacking in “mainstream cuteness”, I think there could be serious complications if Misa joins. For example, her favorite color is pink. What if… *what if*… she joins… and then asks for the color pink?! And Makoto has to change her color to brown!

Your assignment this weekend is to think about that and then write a 5,000 word paper!


3 Responses to “Is Misa a lock to join PASSPO?”

  1. Jo 2012/02/22 at 9:26 am #

    Great entries! I enjoyed reading through them all. :D

    Speaking of Misa Misa, Mako-chan and the colours pink and brown..

    Annya just posted a new blog entry:
    She says she feels Misa gives off a “pink aura” and matches her cute thermos while she thinks Mako-chan matches those Japanese rice cookies and suits the colour light brown. :P She also posts a photo of Mako-chan’s pokemon bento bag. :B

    • qwiksXnd 2012/02/22 at 3:26 pm #

      Thank you! Lol @ Anna’s entry.

      That would be so sad, cute, and funny if Makoto was pressured to change her color. They could have a really elaborate ceremony though to honor the occasion. They would start with a short montage of Makoto wearing her pink outfits. After the footage ended, she would come on stage and hand over all of her outfits to Misa. At some point she would hesitate giving them all up, and Naomin would then come on stage and yell, “Mako-chan! Give your outfits to Misa!”. After the awkwardness of that ended, Misa would present Makoto with her new brown outfits. And for some reason they would all be X-Large size. Makochan would then do a little dance in her new outfit.


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