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Hey this isn’t PASSPO related!

13 Dec

I have a confession to make: sometimes… late at night… I *think* pre-dia *might* be my favorite group. So there’s going to be plenty of pre-dia re-views, pre-views, re-caps, ru-mors (killed it), and fanfics.

My copies of Honey-B arrived today, so first and foremost I have to say thank you Mr. Mailman Delivery Person! I don’t know your name or anything about you, but you delivered the mail today, so you’re kind of my best friend.
111212Xv485Initially I thought it was weird pre-dia’s third single was called “Honey-B”, considering the group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters released a single called “Honey Bee” just last year. I thought it would spark a violent feud between one really unpopular idol group and another really unpopular idol group. Fortunately no one in the world seemed to care.

Honey-B and b-side (or is it “bee side”) HEY BOY are composed by Bamboo Helicopter. PASSPO fans should be familiar with this name since Mr. (or Ms.) Helicopter was responsible for most of PASSPO’s early music including Let it Go!!, Muteki Girl, Go on a Highway, and Sakura Iro. Both of pre-dias pre-vious singles were composed by Another Infinity. Pre-dia’s singles have followed a pattern of one ballad and one dance song. Honey-B follows the pattern while also including a second b-side Eyes2Love, which is neither a ballad or dance song. Imagine a rap song mixed with tribal beats, gospel rhythms, sXe hardcore elements… and a banjo. Now imagine the exact opposite of that and you have Eyes2Love.

More accurately the song is a duet sung by Akane and Rumina, and sounds like an old school early 2000’s k-pop song. I used to listen to k-pop before transitioning to J-pop and it really reminds me of S.E.S. (yup, it’s been a while since I listened to k-pop). Honey-B is a really cute song, but not toxically cute. It’s a great song to see performed live because the choreography really compliments the song. I mean who doesn’t like being shot by an imaginary arrow? Deranged hobos addicted to steroids laced with cocaine, that’s who! Oh yeah, I forgot about them. Moving on, HEY BOY clearly should have been the a-side, although it may have been weird to market since the song is kind of old; pre-dia has been performing HEY BOY since June. Honey-B peaked at #19 on the daily chart (their pre-vious high was #27 for Dream of Love) and was #40 on the weekly chart (which is also their highest weekly rank). If you think about it objectively 40 isn’t that far from #1.

Honey-B P-V Re-view
Pre-dia debuted the PV during their “3rd Party” concert and honestly I thought it was one of the best pre-dia videos ever. It is definitely a top two pre-dia video :).

The video begins with the girls running in their Morishi fangirl dresses. They run, hold hands, skip, jump, frolic, and at one point Reiko floats – because she’s an angel. Running on grass while wearing high heels seems *dangerous* though. And the danger aspect makes it sexy! Theoretically.

Hmmm this reminds me of something.


The warm autumn colors juxtaposed with the clear blue sky create a tapestry of… something something. Wait, what happened to the color balance?
color correction stat
When I first saw the video I thought it was just the low quality of the projector, so I was surprised when I found out that effect was intentional. Very avant garde.

The choreography is very simple, involving holding hands, hugging, caressing each other, and twirling elegantly. My favorite part is when they shoot imaginary arrows.
Firing squad
Akina's arrow.

Wait, there is pre-dia kissing? Technically Akina and Megumi are just pushing each other with their faces, but their lips touch so it’s sexy! Theoretically.
Is this hot

I love Akane’s trademark wink. If she was a superhero her super power would be winking. And singing.
Akane. Super Power: Winking
The bottom pic is from Dream of Love

Reiko’s super power is being perfect.
Am I perfect?
Reiko: Am I perfect?

Mirror: Yes.
Reiko: *giggles*

The End.