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Am I embarrassed that it took me two months to memorize the name “Yururirapo”? Yes. Does that mean I’m going to retire from the internet? Of course not. If anything I’m going to unretire from the internet.

28 Jun

Yururirapo is a new-gen™ indie idol group that debuted in February. Their concept is healing and relaxation, with the name of the group derived from the Japanese word “yururi,” which means “relaxed,” and “rapo” which I think means “Beautiful girl with pure heart, soft hair, creamy skin, super-model body, and rocket-scientist brain.” When the group was introduced, each member was revealed individually via a short video on YouTube, beginning with Asami Oda on Monday, and continuing each successive day with a new member: Marina Murakami, Miyu Yanome, Sachiko Umakoshi, and Rena Shinkai. Marina and Sachiko are former members of predia and Asami is a former gravure model who was at one point *somewhat* popular, at least enough to release a solo mini-album in 2008. Technically she may still be a model, since she just released an image video a few months ago, although it seems like a one-off thing similar to Sakurako releasing a gravure video last November. Yururirapo’s motto is “Relax no sekai e yokoso,” which means something like “Welcome to the world of relaxation” or “Welcome to the relaxing world.”

Doesn’t that sound great after a long day in the coal mines and a double shift at the hot dog factory?!–Unless you are the type who would rather wait for an idol group to welcome you to the world of destruction and anarchy? (in which case you should check out this group)

Asami has already become one of my favorite idols, so onward to the world of relaxation!

In completely unrelated news, would I call myself a TIF “expert”?
No. I prefer the term guru. Actually, that word is weird. Yeah, I’m an expert.
TIF recently updated their “Guide/FAQ.” I would suggest reading this document veeeeeery closely.

And then ignore everything you read because none of that will be enforced!

More importantly all of the iDOL Street groups will be attending TIF this year. After six weeks of updates with groups that no one knew existed, actual real-life groups were added. I mean, Puchi PASSPO and Sendai Syrup?–those groups don’t exist! TIF stop making up names!

Now please invite Yururaruriraporu!