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SUPER GiRL Talk Vol. 14

10 Jan

Sutorigu② conclusion
s2fThe final two Sutorigu 2 “battles” will be streamed on 1.11 and 1.12. You can watch them at the following niconico channel:

As a reminder you can cast a vote for MVP at http://map.pigoo.jp/
You can register at: http://map.pigoo.jp/accounts/register


On 1.24 iDOL Street’s producer Tatsuo Higuchi is scheduled to make an announcement regarding Street-sei. The Sutorigu 2 finale is two days later on 1.26. The winning Street-sei team, Sutorigu 2 MVP, Top 10 members, indie single, and e-Street Sendai will be revealed.

Oh… and some guy keeps predicting something about a Fourth Group. I have no idea what he is talking about… but I fear that if this “Fourth Group” isn’t announced he may go insane.

Last month iDOL-Street released a mobile app called iDOL Street SHAKE. It’s basically a reskin of a F2P game previously released for several other pop groups. Not only is it a reskin of a previously released app, it’s also a complete ripoff of Amplitude (precursor to Guitar Hero). But it’s i-Street related so I had to download it.

photoThe button at the lower right is the “play” button which takes you to the song selection screen:
photo (1)Tokonatsu High Touch, Mugendai Shoujo, and Speed Up are included for free, other songs need to be purchased (in typical gimmicky F2P style it appears you purchase “cards” and “decks” instead of “songs”). Speed Up is also only a partial version… so technically only 2.5 songs are included.
IMG_1763Yup, it’s one of those games where you tap the screen when the block reaches the bottom. I’ll probably delete it in a few days but for now it’s part of my i-Street app collection.

Reira was in America
On 12.30 Reira blogged that she was traveling abroad, but didn’t indicate where she was going. The group had a week off and at least one other member, Saori, spent their vacation in another country. Last year Reira traveled to Hawaii during their hiatus and this year I had a feeling she was going to Australia because she’s previously mentioned wanting to visit. It turns out she went to San Francisco! Akira shock. She was only a six hour drive away from me… that is totally within stalking distance. *cries*
13-1-4She mentioned the trip was a hitoritabi, meaning she was traveling alone (although she also mentioned she was with her best friend. Maybe for girls traveling with just one friend is the equivalent of a guy traveling alone). A couple years ago when I went to a PASSPO concert I used that same word when talking to Shiori about my visit… but at the time I wasn’t sure if I was using the correct word. I’m pretty sure I sounded intelligent now.

Reira didn’t share many details of her trip, but she did mention that she struggled with communicating in English. I can completely relate to her frustration having experienced the same thing multiple times in Japan. For over a year she used to title each one of her blog entries in English, but a month ago she stopped. I got the feeling that she had given up learning the language and kind of let go that part of her identity. 

On a hilarious note, she mentioned that she saw the home from Full House (the show took place in San Francisco). This is the second time I have come across an idol referring to Full House. Considering the show stopped airing in 1995 and Reira was born in 1994 I’m surprised she’s heard of it. I wonder if she is a fan of Going Places??
[I don’t usually explain my obscure jokes but Going Places was a very short-lived sitcom that aired after Full House (the schedule was Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and then Going Places).  The series wasn’t popular at all though and was cancelled after one season. My brother and I loved it though and we still randomly joke about it.]


I’m not easily impressed, but Mako-T buying “Full House: The First Season” is the coolest thing since that one lady walked on the moon 100 years ago!

14 Mar

I’m not easily impressed, but Mako-T buying “Full House: The First Season” is the coolest thing since that one lady walked on the moon 100 years ago!

I wonder if it’s dubbed or subtitled. Either way I bet she has a crush on Uncle Jesse and after all the jokes says “I don’t get it,” but laughs anyway.

The Full House cover was also the inspiration for their single.