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The Beginning of a GEMpire

6 Feb

Next Monday (2/11) GEM will have their “first” “official” “concert”*!!  I’m a little worried. I don’t know if the world is ready.

Anyway, bookmark the following page and try not to die before then:


* Edit: Technically it’s a “GEMSTAR” live. GEMSTAR is a 7-member unit of GEM members.

If you’ve been watching iDOL Street “Sutori- – – – – gu” (streamed every Monday at the above link), then 1) you’re cool,  2) you’ve probably figured out who your favorite GEM members are, and 3) you’ve devised your own “perfect” GEM lineup.

If you still haven’t become a GEM fanatic, please watch the following video. It’s soooo gem! This is their reveal and debut performance from the SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert on 12/26.  The audio is dubbed from the recorded track they’ve been selling at the “Sutori- – – – – gu” shows (in case you were wondering why it looks lip synced). It’s still GEMazing.


GEM’s Starting Members

13-1-15 blog

I love how their official blog uploaded a photo with a visible cursor. Kawaaiiii.

When the group was unveiled their blog explained they would have “starting members” and later announce the official lineup at the SUPER☆GiRLS 3rd Anniversary concert on June 11 at Nippon Budokan. In addition to generating hype for the concert, this would ensure the original girls continue to work hard and also allow avex to make changes to the lineup in case one of them gets pregnant or decides to do something crazy like focus on school. Psychologically this also gives hope to the remaining Street-sei members, some of whom are 2nd generation (meaning they’ve been around for a while but didn’t get chosen to be in SUPER☆GiRLS or Cheeky Parade). There are so many talented and deserving Street-sei members that I think it may be a little bittersweet when the final line-up gets chosen, considering this may be their last chance to join a “real” group. All five of the Street-sei groups are great, but I’m sure most of them have aspirations higher than being in a regional indie group.  Like any normal GEM fan, I’m not waiting for the official lineup and already made my own.

The Locks

The last time I “locked” an audition Misa-misa didn’t get chosen to join PASSPO, but I’ve improved my locking skills considerably since then. And it’s not like avex can pull the “No girl made it” card.

The Miracle Member™


#1 Pros: She can sing, dance, and is super cute. Cons: She should acknowledge her crazy fans when they scream “MAAAA-YAA.” They’re crazy after all, so you don’t want to upset them.

The Ace


#2 Pros: She’s the “talented” and “cool” one. Cons: The temporary tattoo.

The Other Miracle Member™


#3 Pros: She can sing, dance, and is super cute. Cons: She isn’t Maya.

The Front Girls


#4 Pros: She seems like the most genuinely sweet girl in the world. And she can do the splits. Guys like that kind of thing. Cons: She’s usually a good singer, but sometimes her voice makes my ears want to run away. But everyone knows I’m still a Natchi fan!


#5 Pros: She can sing, dance, and is super cute. Cons: She’s not Maya or Rana.


#6 Pros: She’s the 2nd Ace after Jurin. Cons: She thinks she’s the 1st Ace.

I’m 99.6% sure they *might* be chosen… probably:


#7 Pros: She’s hilarious and awesome. Cons: She might be too funny. Someone who is funny all the time can get annoying. So I have been told.


#8 Pros: I’m not sure, I need to do more research.  Cons: She reminds me of Momoko from Berryz. I guess this would be considered a “pro” for some people. Weird people (jk).


#9 Pros: She’s hilarious and awesome. (Technically Nagi is more hilarious,  but Yuki is more awesome). Cons: The unfair “age” thing. She’ll be 20 by the time the official lineup is revealed, which I guess bothers some idol fans. But that just means she is going to be GEM’s version of Saori.

The final two members
This is where it gets complicated… and super controversial.
Risa and Hachin (Hazuki) are currently in the lineup:


Although it may sound harsh, I think Hachin is the weakest of the starting lineup.  She’s a 2nd generation member, so she deserves a chance, but if Hachin makes the group, she would be the 4th Osaka member. Osaka is such a talented team that I think if there is a 4th girl it should be the 4th best member… not the 8th. I’ve also noticed that whenever w-Street Osaka performs, she is usually absent (possibly because she is one of the hosts for Zettai Idol Michi – iDOL Street’s variety show). I have a feeling her status as a 2nd gen is the main reason she was selected. But if they wanted a long-term member to make the group, I think the better choice would be Yukine Asano. During the original SUPER☆GiRLS audition she was a finalist and was initially ranked in the top 10 (ahead of several of the girls that ended up winning), but she didn’t make that group, Cheeky Parade, or GEM (at least not the starting lineup).

So who is the super awesome girl that should replace Hachin?

The New Girl


#10 Pros: She can sing, dance, and is super cute. Cons: For some reason she is ranked behind Hachin.

And who is the super awesome girl that should replace Risa?

The Other New Girl


#11 Pros:  Maybe it’s just my woman’s intuition, but I think she has a lot of potential, and could be GEM’s version of Gochan (whatever that means). Cons: For some reason she is ranked behind Risa.

As long as Sara makes it, I would be fine with Risa. But if Risa and Hachin both make it…  it would probably be the biggest mistake in the history of the world!

But everybody knows I would still be a huge GEM fan.


Where were you when you discovered GEM?

31 Dec

Every now and then something happens in the world that is so revolutionary you can’t help but remember every single detail of that exact moment. Like when Veronica Mars was cancelled, when Reira kind of ignored me during a high touch, and when GEM debuted.


Best.Mixture. Ever.

GEM… aka My New Favorite Group




OMG, they had me at “mixture”.

When did you become a GEM fanatic?
Everyone wants to know about something before it explodes. {Like that one guy who started the first-ever overseas PASSPO thread?} That’s exactly what I’m talking about. {Didn’t that guy also become a SUPER☆GiRLS fan five years after they became popular?} It was only 2 years. And they aren’t that popular… yet. Anyway, this is our chance to be at the front of what is guaranteed to become a global phenomena. A GEMomena.

What is GEM and why is everyone all of a sudden saying “That’s so GEM!”
What we know: 1) GEM is the third “official” pop group on avex’s iDOL Street label, 2) Maya Takeda is in the group, 3) the group has an awesome gem gimmick, 4) the group debuted on 12/25/12 at the SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert, 5) Maya Takeda is the in the group, and 6) it’s complicated so just watch this video:

Let’s makes this the second video to hit one billion views on YouTube

Everyone knows I’m a hardcore GEM fan but that was painful to watch. I need to go back in time and un-watch that. Whoever made that is clearly trying to sabotage the group.

Didn’t someone predict Maya would get promoted?

July 31, 2012:

Maya is really cute and I can see her getting promoted to… a new idol group.


Hmm... this is the second 14 year old I've written about in my blog. Kinda weird... but we'll allow it.

Maya Takeda: GEM’s “ace,” “front-girl,” “center,” and “miracle member”

“Let’s all be GEM fans, ok?” – Maya

Happy New Year!
I don’t know much about Chinese New Year, but I have a feeling 2013 is  going to be the year of the… GEM.™