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UMG, please stop being crazy!

21 Jan

Earlier in the week PASSPO’s official youtube account platinumpp100 uploaded new content for the first time in eight months. The sudden activity coincided with the recently launched predia channel, predia100.

The two most recent videos were particularly interesting, and I started writing about them a few days ago. I didn’t have time to finish, so I set it aside and was going to complete it tonight. Something unexpectedly weird happened though: platinumpp100 was deleted.  And that’s not the weirdest part. They were shut down due to copyright complaints from Universal Music Group! PASSPO’s label shut down PASSPO’s agency account. This is an account PASSPO has had since the group debuted two years ago.

The videos I was interested in were the live performances of “La La Love Train” and “Natsu Sora Dash” from their concert at Shibuya AX (the same concert that was featured in the CHECK-IN dvd). The videos were really bad and I had no choice but to ridicule them. In regards to copyright, they were harmless though.

This is how I am visualizing UMG’s reaction to Platinum’s account.

I think the problem was the videos Platinum uploaded a few days prior to the concert footage: the full music videos of Shoujo Hiko, ViVi Natsu, and Kiss=Suki. I thought it was interesting since UMG has never allowed full PASSPO music videos before (and the timing was weird considering they will be included in the dvd that will be released in March).  It’s bizarre that Platinum would upload them if they didn’t have the authority to, and even more so for UMG to file complaints against a group on their own label.

Ever since the awesome PASSPO concert footage at Shiodome AX video was deleted, I’ve gotten into the habit of immediately saving any interesting upload. I still wasn’t fast enough though, considering the footage I wanted to write about was deleted along with the account.

I’m sure platinumpp100 will be back once UMG realizes their error, but it must be rare for an account to be terminated for copyright violations regarding their own product.