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Is Misa also a lock to join predia?

28 Feb

Predia had two concerts on the 25th, debuting a new costume and  song called “Image”. They also celebrated Reiko’s birthday!

Here’s a predia riddle: If Reiko has a birthday concert in the forest and her coolest fan wasn’t there to see it, did it actually happen?

During the break between predia’s concerts, the PASSPO candidates performed a “test flight” mini-concert. You can compare their debut and “test flight” performances below:

2012/2/12 Debut

2012/2/25 Test Flight

After watching their debut performance, I actually thought of the infamous Morning Musume audition – the one where none of the finalists were chosen.

Fortunately I think most of the members improved during the “test flight”. Only seven girls performed at the concert though. A few days before the event Hikaru blogged she would be absent due to a cheerleading tournament. That must have been a difficult decision for her, considering PASSPO’s single comes out next week, which means there probably won’t be many more opportunities for them to perform before voting starts. Anyone who follows PASSPO’s record sales is probably aware that ~95% of their singles sales come in the first week. If additional concerts or mini-lives are scheduled later in March leading up to the concert on 3/31, the results of the election could already have been decided by the volume of votes cast during the first week.

New predictions: I’m upgrading Yui to “semi-lock” status. She is kind of a lock, maybe not to be voted in, but a lock for the producers to choose her. At both concerts she had the Aipon role of “captain”, so they clearly have some confidence in her.  She also has a hand mic, continuing the PASSPO tradition of the decent singers getting real mics and the rest getting head mics. And she can do the splits so she is an instant rival for Shiori and Anna.

I’m also upgrading Misa to “Miracle Member” status. I think she is absolutely hilarious, I’m just not sure if it is intentional on her part.

I think Miyuki and Mitsuki improved the most from the first concert to the second. Since I still think three girls will be added, I’m sticking with Miyuki to be the third.

Final Prediction: Misa, Yui, and Miyuki

Although the candidates have improved it still seems like it’s this Natsumi that is teaching them, and not this Natsumi.

Reason #24 that Misa is a lock: She was in the Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru video!