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8 Feb

CDJapan is including a poster with the first press of PASSPO’s new single! Better get on this fast because I know a totally crazy guy that is buying 200 copies and is going to get all the posters! (if that wasn’t clear, I was referring to myself). Actually, I’m only buying one. I’m still cool though.

Reiko blogged that she caught a small cold a few days ago. I died a little when I read that. Although I bet it was the cutest cold ever.

PASSPO’s youtube account is back. Take that hijackers (that’s what I call PASSPO haters).


Now they have two official accounts. Platinum was probably like “Youtube accounts are free right? Let’s set up a hundred of them!” (this is my attempt at making fun of Platinum’s cheapness which I think it one of their quirky “charm points”. They seem to come up with interesting ideas, they just don’t seem to have the money to fully develop them).

Morrissey working hard, or hardly working?

For example, Noodol Cafe, the “cafe” that Platinum opened in Akihabara that serves instant ramen. The idea is somewhat interesting, although I can imagine that if Platinum had more money they would glam-up the concept, lease a nicer location in Shibuya, and serve “real” food and drinks, and charge premium prices. Platinum not having a lot of money is one of the ironies of their name. Morishi and Sakurako had shifts last week. I’m sure other PASSPO and predia members have had to work there also.

Socrates serving a donut at their cafe. That’s so sweet, no pun intended.

This isn’t the first time PASSPO has been involved in a cafe, in October 2010 they had the PASSPO x iPRESS cafe to promote Pretty Lie, GPP, and Go on a Highway. At the cafe the PASSPO members would serve donuts (which they called PASSnuts) and drinks (which they called drinkPOs). As the customers ate they were able to chat with the PASSPO members. The donuts were from Doughnut Plant (a really popular bakery in New York City that has a few locations in Tokyo). The cafe was a huge success, although there were a few complications: Makoto kept napping during her shift, Natsumi refused to work unless they served ice cream, and Mio was caught stealing donuts (and hearts).

PASSPO’s cafe was sooo classy… compared to Noodol Cafe.

Noodol Cafe: PASSPO Cafe I wish I was classy like you.
PASSPO Cafe: You can be! You just need to stop serving food from a vending machine.