The Fourth iDOL Street group is coming in April! Everyone update your calendars and try not to die before then.

25 Jan

On January 11, iDOL Street’s producer confirmed the next group on the iDOL Street label will be revealed in April and the candidates would be the 36 current members of Street-sei. [That’s so GEM!]

Which means my fourth group predictions, editorials, propheciesfanfics, conjectures, and ramblings were not completely pointless.

And more importantly, I have a legitimate excuse to update my Street-sei rankings!

Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.21.11


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.19.36


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.20.50


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.20.59


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.20.16


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.19.49


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.20.32


Screenshot 2015-01-25 13.20.05


Even a blind brain surgeon would agree that lineup is perfect and dare I say, better than GEM’s! Imagine a group where every member is your oshimen! And your least favorite member is your oshimen! The leader? Your oshimen! The “talented” one? Your oshimen! The “hot” member? Obviously your oshimen! The annoying girl who keeps getting unfairly pushed at the expense of your oshimen? Your oshimen! The “weird” member that you alone think is beautiful? Your oshimen! And it doesn’t matter which first press photo you get with singles because it’s always your oshimen! At concerts every successive solo is sung by your oshimen! And at handshake events you tell every member that she is your oshimen. And this time you aren’t lying!

*wakes up from dream* Alas, while I think the above 8-member lineup has the perfect mix of talent, personality, and looks, it’s also extremely unlikely. 

Instead of perfection, this is probably what we are going to get:

If you don’t know the members, you may think “Umm… some of them are cute. What’s the problem?”

The problem is… they aren’t my oshimen!

Actually, the real problem is most of them can’t sing. At all. 

And some of them are really, really not my oshimen. [You already mentioned that.] 

*If* the final lineup resembles the above, obviously I would give them a chance, but I wouldn’t be a day-one fan like I was with GEM. Then again, it wasn’t that long ago that I used to think the Sendai team was sub-iDOL Street quality, and they eventually became my favorite. At the very least Haachin would finally be in a group, after being overlooked for SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM. Although she isn’t popular or being pushed, I doubt she would have remained in Street-sei had she not been given some assurance that she would be included. I really hope at least my top three make the group. Unfortunately, most of my favorite members simply aren’t popular. After Sutorigu 3 concluded, the top 20 who received the most MVP votes were revealed, and I don’t think Fuka, Rio, and Riko ranked. I highly doubt there will be a fifth group, so this is their final chance, unless they transfer to another agency… or get added to a current iDOL Street group. [Like that crazy prediction you keep making about Rihona returning and joining GEM?] 

There are also two members who have been getting pushed, that I didn’t include in my predicted lineup, because if they make it iDOL Street producer Tatsuo Higuchi is clearly insane (and high). Hana is so shy she must be terrified of humans and Miri is the weirdest girl ever. And neither can sing. [Isn’t it bad karma to hope neither make the group?] Yes. But one is terrified of humans and the other is the weirdest girl ever!

Sara “pics of the week”™
14-9-6 S b
Are all Japanese hugs this awkward? Sara is thinking, “Hurry up and take the photo so I can get out of here!” Amita is like, “Who is this person? A fan?” [There is so much space between them a member of Chubbiness could squeeze in!] 

Screenshot 2015-01-16 01.36.47Super long kawaai–wait a sec, what is that?
That is either the worst “heart” pose ever or they are holding an invisible sandwich.

Normally I wouldn’t blame my oshimen. I mean, clearly Amita is responsible for the worst hug ever because she is a year older than Sara. And obviously Mariya is to blame for the worst heart pose ever because she is… a year younger.

Ok, it’s my oshiGEM! Why is she so weird?


5 Responses to “The Fourth iDOL Street group is coming in April! Everyone update your calendars and try not to die before then.”

  1. wattstax17 2015/01/25 at 10:01 pm #

    So they can’t sing? What’s the problem there? Have you read the audition announcement from Bellring? It seems not to be online anymore (overrun by applicants?), but it explicitly stated ‘No talent in dancing, singing, social behaviour needed’.
    And as they are looking for new members, why not putting some of your idol street oshimen’s there? I like Rio, from the looks of the picture. But seeing you turn into a Bellring fan would be so – weird…!

    And regarding Miri: I thought you like the weird ones?

  2. Shaun 2015/01/26 at 1:25 pm #

    It’s uncommon for Street-sei to be lacking in talent since Idol Street (and Avex) place a lot of importance on singing and dancing. Avex auditions are usually very intense in order to locate top talent. They also have Academies throughout Japan, which funnel girls to their music labels and agencies. A lot of the GEM members were enrolled in Avex Academies from a very early age. Although the talent level in Street-sei is low compared to previous gens, there’s enough to form a legit group. I just have a feeling I’ll completely disagree with the member selection. I’m hopeful, but keeping expectations realistic.

    I’m not sure if I like “weird” idols. I like idols who are creative and funny, which may resemble weird, but overall I like “cool” types. There are also different types of “weird.” Some of my favorite idols like Runa and Rana can be playfully weird, but Miri is weird in a completely idiotic way and would kill the overall image of the group. Just my opinion of course :)

    Looking forward to reading your updates!

  3. wattstax17 2015/01/31 at 12:16 am #

    Sorry, it seems I forgot to emphasize the irony in my post. I know from our discussuions (I believe it was about Super Girls) that AVEX cares more for the talent (singing, dancing). But I find it always interesting to listen to stories about other groups and how different they are in their approach.

    Let’s rephrase: Instead of weird, you prefer the ones with particular traits.That is a good thing as it makes you less shallow, like for example Caio ;)

    Regarding my blog: I am working on it. But it’s a drag right now. Maybe you realized as much of my esprit is missing in my recent posts. Still suffering from idol withdrawal…

    • tsutomo 2015/01/31 at 10:16 am #

      I see what you did there, wattstax. u__u and it was very offensive, becuz if there`s one thing* that I am definitely NOT is a shallow person. to understand my logic and tastes requires decades of studies. =P

      *oh two things actually. I`m not gay neither =D


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