#4thGroup – The Group Between Dinner & Breakfast

20 Dec

space2014b v3I love making idol predictions (even though the internet has asked me to stop). But after my horrible predictions from 2011 I had to take a year off to recover. But then some guy gave me special permission to make GEM predictions (preGEMtions). And my first preGEMtion about Sara joining GEM and becoming an official GEMber actually came true! Clearly that was God’s way of telling me to keep on preGEMtioning. (Although I still don’t understand why he interfered with my Reira wristbands). Since then it’s been on like Donkey something.

iDOL Street Predictions
The 4th Group aka My Most Important Prediction Ever
I’ll feel really dumb (dumber than usual) if the 4th group isn’t announced at the iDOL Street Carnival something-something Christmas Celebration not-at-Budokan something-something Concert. The concert is tomorrow so my editor is like “Herman, I need those preGEMtions stizz-nat!” And I replied “That’s not my name! And you’re not my editor, you’re just grandpa!” Anyway, for the 4th Group I’m *officially* predicting a classic-style idol group (similar to SUPER☆GiRLS)
with 12 members. Although 11 members would also make sense considering S☆G was 12, GEM is 10, and Cheeky Parade is 9, but I don’t want to over-think this. That would be nerdy. *adjusts imaginary glasses*

If they repeat the GEM “starting lineup” format these are the Street-sei members I think will be included:
1. Rihona
2. Haachin
3. Naapon
4. Saku
5. Rikopin
6. Ayaka
7. Risa
8. Ririka
9. Yukipa
10. Seira
11. Honoka
12. Narumi
I’m least confident about Narumi. Possible alternates could be Runa or Ruka, and a total wildcard would be Akari.

All we can do now is wait for 4th Group to be announced… *glances at watch*… should be any second now…


Please download this and make it your permanent wallpaper. (Is it optimized for 4k monitors?) Umm… yes.

This was an amazing year for GEM. Some people, mostly myself, would consider it the year of teh GEM™. They successfully conquered Japan, their original teaser video had like 2 billion views on YouTube, and Sara was officially crowned GEMpress of the entire universe. And for the next 10-20 years it’s going to keep getting better and better! Here are a few of my preGEMtions for 2013:

1. GEM will start touring! *thunderous applesauce* Well technically I think Cheeky Parade will get their own tour (similar to SUPER☆GiRLS first 3-city tour in 2012 when they performed in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka) and GEM will tag along. The tour will be called Cheeky Tour… and it will be very, very cheeky. And GEM will be the opening act. And they will be very, very GEMmy. Preferably it will be more like a split concert though with Cheeky Parade headlining. And most importantly, hopefully it’s in March so I can attend!
2. This blog will be renamed something GEM-related… something cool like GEM-BLOG: A Blog About GEM!
3. Rana will become the most popular GEMber. And Sara will no longer be the least popular. This means “you know who” will be the least popular MUHAHAHA.

Gocchan will continue to get hotter and hotter and I will continue to point out that she is getting hotter and hotter.
(Even if it’s annoying?)
Especially if it’s annoying.
I finally had a chance to watch the Celebration blu-ray and about half of the Budokan concert (Budokan concert is like 20 hours long). Both blu-rays are really good (please buy ten copies of each). One of coolest parts of the Celebration blu-ray was the bonus dvd which included backstage footage (some of which was surprisingly sentimental) and full performances of the songs from the day concert which weren’t performed at night. One of the cutest scenes involved Gocchan during Kira Pure POWER. They had just changed into their cheerleader outfits and were supposed to run to the front of the stage and pick up a pom-pom, but instead this happened:

sgctts1bsgctts1cCool, everyone got a pom-pom… well, almost everyone:sgctts1dGocchan couldn’t find hers! And it kind of looks like someone took two:
sgctts1eSo she had to perform without one! Super-long KAAAAWWAAAAIIIIIIII. She’s a pro but she does glance around wondering where the f-junk her pom-pom is.
It’s also good to know that if I had arrived four hours early I could have seen them outside the venue. Oh well, it’s not like they were wearing bikinis.


Have I mentioned how hot Gocchan got, especially when she’s wearing a sars-mask? And I love how Miyari is always super-genki (Uh… what photo are you looking at?)

Wasn’t this about SUPER☆GiRLS predictions?

I’ve been more interested in Street-sei and GEM lately, so I’m not sure what to think about the above video. SUPER☆GiRLS is similar to PASSPO when  it comes to being a really tight group that resists new members, so this prediction is tricky. New members can potentially help a group a lot if handled correctly. I’m not the only one who noticed their popularity stalled this year after they seemed to be on a trajectory to stardom in 2012. Despite a successful Budokan concert I’ve read several “mainstream” articles (i.e. not random idol blogs) commenting on their minimal popularity growth this year. The group is always talking about taking on new “challenges,” and new members would probably qualify. These are the scenarios I think could play out:

New Members
Option #1: Headhunting
Koume from Party Rockets (I’m going to keep predicting random groups for her to join until she makes it official. Narumi went from Station♪ to i-Street so it’s happened before). Other options could be recruiting from other avex affiliated groups – there are several to choose from and most aren’t popular.

Rationale: The video shows two girls wearing matching SUPER☆GiRLS outfits entering from the front door. To me this implies the new girls are already at SG’s level. Based on this logic the new girls would have had previous experience.
Option #2: Street-sei promotion
My picks would be Rikopin and Haachin. I think they would be perfect for SUPER☆GiRLS. They’re talented, they are the right ages to fit in (18 and 15), and they pass the extremely important SG requirement of being super good-looking.
Rationale: Every member of an iDOL-Street group has gone through an Avex audition. To headhunt or bring in a new girl with no previous experience within i-Street would be a huge departure.
Option #3: A new audition to be held in 2014
It’s possible the two girls in the video were just placeholders and represent two future members who could be found during a new audition specifically for SUPER☆GiRLS.
Rationale: They producers may feel that the girls in Street-sei are good, but not “good enough” for SUPER☆GiRLS. A new audition would be the best opportunity to get quality talent. 

Reunion Event
The way the two girls entered wearing matching dresses reminded me less of new members, but more “old friends”… like in a soap opera when a character who died several years earlier gets written back into the show. I doubt Eri or Kaede are returning to the group, but there could be an event involving them.

Prediction record:
Correct predictions
Maya would be the ace of Street-sei
Sara made it into GEM…
and Haachin and Risa didn’t (I still feel bad about this prediction, especially considering I’m a huge Haachin fan now)
Kakochin’s color-coding was corrected
PASSPO stopped releasing individual member singles

Incorrect predictions (a long and embarrassing list):
PASSPO never conquered Japan
Predia didn’t get signed to a major label (edit: they were signed to a major label  in mid 2014)
Misa-misa didn’t join PASSPO (and PASSPO never got a new member)
PASSPO x predia collaboration never happened
PASSPO never did a world tour
PASSPO didn’t get sponsored by SUBWAY (this one hurt a lot)
GEM didn’t update their logo
GEM didn’t add additional members
Nagi didn’t rejoin GEM
GEM didn’t debut with an album
Reira and me didn’t become best friends

*IF* 4th Group gets announced I will be totally redeemed and everyone will forget all about the PASSPO x SUBWAY thing! (But if 4th Group isn’t announced you should stop predicting… and blogging).

Sorry, can’t stop, won’t stop.


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