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PASSPOdia Weekly™

29 Jan

PASSPOdia Weekly is going to be a weekly recap of random (and probably unimportant) news related to PASSPO and predia.

PASSPO candidates, Hikaru, Misa, and Mizuki, were at predia’s concert on 1/29 and participated in the handshake event. PASSPO and predia have a Valentine’s Day concert on 2/10, and the candidates will probably attend that show as well.

It’s not really news, but the photos Reiko included in her blog this week were really beautiful:

This isn’t really news either, but on 1/26 she had dinner. At a restaurant. By herself.

That is so cute, Reiko eating strange, unidentifiable “food”, and she is so adorable that she can laugh at herself for eating alone.

I just noticed that predia’s weekly internet show, “20-dia“, has some previous episodes available online. I’ve never been able to watch because their time slot is 8PM JST, which is 3AM in Los Angeles, so I hope they continue making the past episodes available.

I bought m&m colored Ayumi Hamasaki wristbands. They weren’t selling these at her concert, Avex recently made these “limited edition” items available exclusively to overseas fans (take that Japan!). Unfortunately they sold out of Shiori yellow.

The biggest PASSPO news of the week: Shiori found a new pair of animal shoes. They complement the Panda shoes she bought last November.

Morrissey… those are kind of scary and look like they came out of the garbage.  She’s a trend setter though, so going through garbage is definitely going to be the next big thing in the idol world. Actually, after reading her blog, those shoes belong to her stylist. Crisis averted.

I was randomly reading Saori Yasaka’s blog (Super Girl’s member) and coincidentally she blogged about the same Panda shoes last week. Morishi was even mentioned in the comments. Told you she is a trendsetter.

And predia’s first album comes out in March! Well at least one thing I wrote is  “news”.