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Hey this isn’t pre-dia related!

16 Dec

It’s been done before. But has it been done with 110% more masculinity? (So it’s 110% more inferior, amirite?) Hey, guys are cool! *crickets chirping*

Have I mentioned that I saw the Kiss=Suki PV when it was debuted at their 2nd Anniversary concert? (Yeah, only a million times!) When I saw it my heart screamed “Chooooo kawaiiii”, and my brain was like “Choooo kawaiiii and 1+1=3”.

But what did I actually do? I played it cool and casually said “It was alright… but needs more Mako-chan”.

Before the video was filmed, in order to determine the front girl, each member wrote her name on a piece of paper and placed it in a giant sombrero. Makoto’s name was randomly selected… eventually. The process was as random as Mariko winning at jan-ken-pon.

Kiss=Suki Recap
The video begins with a close-up of Makoto.

Which can only mean one thing: wotas kissing tv screens. That should have been the name of the single “Makoto Close-up = Wotas Kissing TV Screens”.

I love subtle product placement. I don’t really like PASSPO’s choice of cereal though. Everyone knows KIX are wannabe Corn Pops.

PASSPO limited edition KIX
Ingredients: Corn, sugar, artificial corn flavor, artificial sugar flavor, Makoto goodness, and Mio stardust.

The production quality is clearly the highest they’ve had thus far, so I’m all for whatever it takes to increase their budget. Wait, KIX is an airport? Of course I knew that… and no I did not spend 20 hours shopping that KIX box. That would be pathetic.

KIX was the perfect location for the video shoot. It’s almost as if it was built specifically for a pop group to film a music video. I would love to see PASSPO flying spaceships in their next PV. Japan better start prepping their space program.

Anna: No you cannot have an aisle seat! And no you cannot have a vegetarian meal!
Yukki: According to my computer you’ll be sitting next to a fat slob who will invade your space, selfishly take both armrests, and steal your pillow!
Anna: The fat slob also has a baby!
Yukki: And the baby’s fat! Next in line!

The video transitions from the PAL☆ ticket counter to individual shots of the girls singing. The director (who was wearing an adorable “I <3 Mako-Mako” t-shirt) randomly started the montage with Makoto and randomly ended it with what’s her name.

I love this shot because with the bonus reflection, it’s like a two-headed Makoto creature. Hot!

The fan-service is impressive. First a two-headed Makoto creature and now Mio standing next to a giant stripper pole.

Have you noticed that PASSPO is all about the number “3”? Three popular members: Makoto, Mio, and Ai, three dancers: Anna, Shiori, and Sako, three vocalists: Shiori, Kaho, and Ai, and three short girls: Makoto, Mio, and Yukki. (yeah, that punchline needs work)

The first group shot shows off their new outfits. Although I love PASSPO more than every other group I’ve ever liked, combined, times ten, I don’t consider myself a biased fanboy. With that being said, I think these outfits are the cutest of all time. The color, the accessories, the boots, the white lacey part – they’re PASSperfect!

The girls taught the choreography at the 2nd Anniversary concert, which revolves around tracing a special shape in the air. It’s really easy if you break it down step by step:

Point upwards.

Trace a line downwards at an angle.

Draw the line across your body.

Trace the line upwards at an angle.

Draw the line straight down.

Complete the shape with a circle. And what do you get?

A satanic pentagram PASSPOgram!

The first time was super cute.

The 138th time? Still cute. Achievement unlocked, Aipon.

After dancing, the m&m’s sneak off for a quick chocolate milk break. And immediately find themselves hopelessly lost.

They should have changed the color of the handrails to light blue. Doesn’t the director care about continuity?

Mio: So this is what an airport looks like.

The search party:

Kaho: my favorite halfie who isn’t a halfie.

Morrissey: obviously not using her “indoor voice”. Does Morishi have an indoor voice?

*Smiling*™ <3

Socrates: taking a break from school work.

ViVi Natsumi: Fun Fact – she was my very first favorite member. I was 25 at the time and didn’t know any better *kidding*.

Anna’s telling me to come up with something witty that is worthy of her. Sorry, until you bring back your glasses you’re dead to me!

That’s not light reflecting onto Yukki’s face… she’s almost touching the actual sun.

Even a blind brain surgeon would think this pic is adorable.

Although the crew found Mio, they were distraught that Makoto was still missing. Yeah they were talking about hair, fashion, and shopping, but that’s just how girls cope with stress. It’s kind of the equivalent of guys talking politics, philosophy, and the perverted arts.

Makoto: Here I am! I was just napping in one of the luggages. Can it be hugging time nao plz?!

Natsumi: Meh, it’s just Makochan. I only get up for ice cream.

Lol, someone’s excited! And I’ve seen that expression before.

Earlier than that…

Never change Mio!

This video is sooo perfect… wait a second, please tell me they aren’t going to do that… oh no they are, dear God no! Make it stop!

They’re kissing the screen! Idoling x AKB already did that (and they pulled it off better, sigh). Anything that reminds me of AKB is auto-fail territory.

Oshima Mai’s kiss in the Idoling x AKB single.

Not only do I love Mai, but she’s also an honorary crew member!

I love this video! The patented and exclusive “PASSPO magic” was in full effect.

It’s hard to overlook the making-of not being included in the DVD though. The making-of was about seven minutes long and featured Makoto and Mio, Natsumi and Sako, and Kaho and Naomi pairing up and kissing. The kisses only lasted a few seconds; most of the footage was the embarrassment the girls had to endure leading up to the kiss. Why were they kissing in the first place? Don’t look at me, ask the guy wearing the “I <3 Mako-Mako” shirt.

That reminds me, the ViVi Natsu making-of wasn’t included with the ViVi Natsu single either. I guess the making-of is considered a perk for going to their live show. If that’s the rationale it doesn’t bother me as much. Unfortunately this isn’t exactly fair for the overseas fans.

Well… that’s *kind* of like kissing. I’ll take it!

The End

Kiss=Suki gets

4.75 PASSPO planes out of 5!