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Tokyo Reira Festival 2012

16 Jun

Spring quarter ended on Thursday and now I can start focusing on important things, like SUPER☆GiRLS cookies and Tokyo Idol Festival 2012, or as I like to call it, Tokyo Reira Festival 2012. Last night I booked my tickets for Tokyo and if you’re interested in stalking me, I’ll be there from July 26-August 7.

Please download this and make it your permanent wallpaper.

When planning a vacation, you need brain food, otherwise you might start writing stuff like “Tokyo Reira Festival 2012”. So I just ordered ten boxes of SUPER☆GiRLS cookies. Last week avex’s website sold out of the popular cookie, and I thought I was going to have to cancel my trip. And possibly cancel this blog… that’s how important those cookies are to me. Fortunately,  SUPER☆GiRLS came through like they always do, and I am happy to report the cookies are back in stock! I was actually thinking of bidding on a “pre-owned” box of SUPER☆GiRLS cookies on Yahoo auctions, fortunately it didn’t come to that. You’re probably thinking it’s weird that the cookies went out of stock, and then a few days later came back in stock. Sounds very… suspicious. Usually when limited edition items sell out, they are gone forever (like the limited edition Makochan robot), but somehow the cookies came back… like some sort of zombie cookie. There has to be a logical explanation and after thinking about it for most of the day, what probably happened was the bakery that makes the cookies got another order from avex (a special order of 2 million boxes). The only other explanation is the guy who bought the last box returned it. And that’s the box I bought. If there is one thing I know about Japanese people… they like to buy limited edition food items that are individually wrapped, take the food to their basement and unwrap them, look around suspiciously to make sure they aren’t being watched, lick the contents, meticulously rewrap them in the original wrapper, look around even more suspiciously to make sure they aren’t being watched, put them back in the box, and return the item for a full refund or store credit.

Tanaka-san: Hello, I would like to return this. *hands over SUPER☆GiRLS cookies*
George-san: Sure. Let’s see what we have here. *puts on glasses* Super Girls cookies. Interesting.
Tanaka-san: Upon inspection you’ll find all 8 individually wrapped cookies. They’re all there. You can count them.
George-san: You licked them didn’t you?

Blog improvements
In anticipation of my return trip to Japan I am going to implement a few changes:

Photos: My readers have asked for more photos. (“That’s a total lie and you know it!” – random reader) Actually I’ve been reading travel blogs and realized that photos are a pretty obvious requirement for a blog. I had no idea. What can I say, I’m new to the internet.

Contests: I’m going to start giving away official idol stuff like official group glowsticks and boxes of cookies. (“Bribing people to read your blog? I loath you!” – random reader)

“Third thing”: Normally lists have at least three things, but this blog is pretty good, so two improvements should be enough. (“Only two improvements?! I hope a sumo wrestler accidentally sits on you while you’re in Japan” – random reader)

Mio “Pic of the Week”™