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Everybody knows I’m a huge GEM fan but…

8 Jan

Can someone explain what is going on at 3:37-3:40 of this video?

Everybody knows I’m a huge GEM fan Part II

Whatever is on Jurin’s leg at 0:57 (temporary tattoo, treasure map, cheat sheet for a math test she had that day) is really not-cute. But everyone knows I’m still a huge GEM fan (and Jurin fan).

Everybody knows I’m a huge GEM fan Part III

I’ve watched this video a million times. Well, not literally a million, but you know what I mean. {No we don’t. How many times have you watched it?} Seven. It’s still awesome. {Needs more weird dancing and temporary tattoos. And more Amita center}.


Hey, this isn’t GEM related!

31 Dec

Please download this and make it your permanent wallpaper
I upgraded my phone a few weeks ago and spent fifty hours making this. Please download this and make it your permanent wallpaper.

No thanks, I just came here to download predia’s new cd
Sorry, it hasn’t arrived yet. Should arrive next year. *obligatory “next year” joke*

PASSPOGASM Feature Story: Inside an Idol’s Home – Holiday Edition

Simultaneously awesome and terrifying.

Welcome to Saori Yasaka’s home! It’s so kaaawaaaaaiiii—{Why does she have two Christmas trees??} I don’t know, but please don’t interrupt my super-long “kawaaaiiii—” {Why does the tree on the left only have lights on the top and bottom? And what’s up with the tree top, the presentation is so sloppy}  I don’t know, like I was saying though, it’s kawaaaiiiii– {Isn’t that the same chair from Ikea that you had when you were in high school? Even in the same color? Couldn’t she take all that junk off the ottoman, this photo is going up on her blog}. Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn’t notice that. That chair is pretty inexpensive, so I’ll admit it’s a little strange that she has that chair in what appears to be her living room. But the junk is kaawaaiii—{Isn’t that also the same race car rug you had… when you were in high school?} Please don’t mention that. The readers don’t need to know about that! {According to her blog she uploaded that photo on November 11!}. So? That’s when everyone puts up their Christmas decorations, right?

I never mentioned this before because it was part of an entry I never finished, but when I went to one of their concerts, during an MC segment Saori was in a weird trance. She was literally staring straight ahead, not-blinking, dripping in sweat, and her hair looked crazy – it was bright orange and frizzy, like a deranged lion. Eventually she snapped back to reality, but that image of her stuck with me.

Favorite YouTube series of 2012

I love this girl’s impersonations. Every video is uniquely hilarious, awesome, and weird.

Where were you when you discovered GEM?

31 Dec

Every now and then something happens in the world that is so revolutionary you can’t help but remember every single detail of that exact moment. Like when Veronica Mars was cancelled, when Reira kind of ignored me during a high touch, and when GEM debuted.


Best.Mixture. Ever.

GEM… aka My New Favorite Group




OMG, they had me at “mixture”.

When did you become a GEM fanatic?
Everyone wants to know about something before it explodes. {Like that one guy who started the first-ever overseas PASSPO thread?} That’s exactly what I’m talking about. {Didn’t that guy also become a SUPER☆GiRLS fan five years after they became popular?} It was only 2 years. And they aren’t that popular… yet. Anyway, this is our chance to be at the front of what is guaranteed to become a global phenomena. A GEMomena.

What is GEM and why is everyone all of a sudden saying “That’s so GEM!”
What we know: 1) GEM is the third “official” pop group on avex’s iDOL Street label, 2) Maya Takeda is in the group, 3) the group has an awesome gem gimmick, 4) the group debuted on 12/25/12 at the SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert, 5) Maya Takeda is the in the group, and 6) it’s complicated so just watch this video:

Let’s makes this the second video to hit one billion views on YouTube

Everyone knows I’m a hardcore GEM fan but that was painful to watch. I need to go back in time and un-watch that. Whoever made that is clearly trying to sabotage the group.

Didn’t someone predict Maya would get promoted?

July 31, 2012:

Maya is really cute and I can see her getting promoted to… a new idol group.


Hmm... this is the second 14 year old I've written about in my blog. Kinda weird... but we'll allow it.

Maya Takeda: GEM’s “ace,” “front-girl,” “center,” and “miracle member”

“Let’s all be GEM fans, ok?” – Maya

Happy New Year!
I don’t know much about Chinese New Year, but I have a feeling 2013 is  going to be the year of the… GEM.™