Where were you when you discovered GEM?

31 Dec

Every now and then something happens in the world that is so revolutionary you can’t help but remember every single detail of that exact moment. Like when Veronica Mars was cancelled, when Reira kind of ignored me during a high touch, and when GEM debuted.


Best.Mixture. Ever.

GEM… aka My New Favorite Group




OMG, they had me at “mixture”.

When did you become a GEM fanatic?
Everyone wants to know about something before it explodes. {Like that one guy who started the first-ever overseas PASSPO thread?} That’s exactly what I’m talking about. {Didn’t that guy also become a SUPER☆GiRLS fan five years after they became popular?} It was only 2 years. And they aren’t that popular… yet. Anyway, this is our chance to be at the front of what is guaranteed to become a global phenomena. A GEMomena.

What is GEM and why is everyone all of a sudden saying “That’s so GEM!”
What we know: 1) GEM is the third “official” pop group on avex’s iDOL Street label, 2) Maya Takeda is in the group, 3) the group has an awesome gem gimmick, 4) the group debuted on 12/25/12 at the SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert, 5) Maya Takeda is the in the group, and 6) it’s complicated so just watch this video:

Let’s makes this the second video to hit one billion views on YouTube

Everyone knows I’m a hardcore GEM fan but that was painful to watch. I need to go back in time and un-watch that. Whoever made that is clearly trying to sabotage the group.

Didn’t someone predict Maya would get promoted?

July 31, 2012:

Maya is really cute and I can see her getting promoted to… a new idol group.


Hmm... this is the second 14 year old I've written about in my blog. Kinda weird... but we'll allow it.

Maya Takeda: GEM’s “ace,” “front-girl,” “center,” and “miracle member”

“Let’s all be GEM fans, ok?” – Maya

Happy New Year!
I don’t know much about Chinese New Year, but I have a feeling 2013 is  going to be the year of the… GEM.™


5 Responses to “Where were you when you discovered GEM?”

  1. Jo 2013/01/02 at 3:36 am #

    By “GEM” I thought you meant Hong Kong singer G.E,M. at first :P ( http://www.youtube.com/user/GEMblog )

    “{Like that one guy who started the first-ever overseas PASSPO thread?}”
    Oh I wonder what happened to that guy..

    “when Reira kind of ignored me during a high touch”

    These girls are really cute! I LOVE that instead of just different colours, they have different jewels/gemstones! SO CREATIVE. *________*

    I wonder who they hired to do the English voice over in that youtube video. They should have gotten you.

    I just noticed but did you change the Idol of the Months photo? Reira’s eyebrows look so great there.

    Tomorrow (January 3rd) there will be a live nico stream full of indie and obscure idols, GEM will be there too! Here’s the link: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv118819831
    Judging by the lineup I think the show will be hours long and I have no idea what order the groups will perform in so if you think you will try to catch GEM there, good luck and have fun! I love idol live streamed shows. :D

    • qwiksXnd 2013/01/04 at 12:26 am #

      When I was googling for info on GEM I kept coming across the G.E.M. you just mentioned. I was wondering who that was. Are there any idols you haven’t heard of? :)

      Reira didn’t technically ignore me hehe… it was just that story I mentioned before. Basically the timing of the high touch got messed up because the guy in front of me took too much of her time (the concept of walking and high-fiveing is too complicated for some fans), so she had to compensate and kind of fast-forwarded past me, but I paused because I saw the whole thing playing out in front of me in slow motion, like watching a car crash happening in front of you. It was kind of a split second decision thing, I could either have accepted the bad luck and just kept going and not high five her or literally stop until she noticed me. It wasn’t ideal, but just walking by would have been horrible.

      Thanks for the info about the stream! I totally missed it. I’m still recovering from New Years Eve, lol. That concert would have been great though, BiS, Party Rockets, and DLH were there.

  2. flowerfairies 2013/02/23 at 7:52 pm #

    when will they release their first cd? i love their song do it do it!!!

    • qwiksXnd 2013/02/23 at 11:03 pm #

      I have no idea, but I like making predictions so… it’s possible they’ll announce their first record on June 11 at the SUPER☆GiRLS 3rd Anniversary concert. They have previously mentioned they have another surprise planned at that concert, in addition to revealing the final GEM lineup. Yuki has also mentioned they are working towards a major debut, so it seems like they are going to skip the Cheeky Parade route of releasing an indie single first. Technically they released both “Do it Do It” and “Speed Up” already because they have been selling cds at their STREEEEEGU live events. They’ve been selling single versions of both songs in addition to some other Street-sei songs like “Kita for You” and “Onegai Moonlight”. Each cd only has one track and they aren’t labeled, so the cd you buy is completely random. And they also included each of the instrumental tracks as a cd. So hypothetically a fan could try to buy a GEM cd, but end up getting just cds with one instrumental track. But if you buy three cds you get to take a photo with a member.

      Anyway back to your question, I think they’ll announce their first cd at the June 11 concert. I think there are two options: they’ll do a surprise first album like SUPER☆GiRLS did (in which case Speed Up and Do It Do It would be included) or release a single (in which case Speed Up and Do It Do It either won’t be included or would be the b-sides. By June both of their current songs will be pretty ancient and hopefully they will have been performing new material before that concert).


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