If TIF 2012, TIF 2013, & TIF 2014 all got married and had a kid named TIF 2015

13 Apr

This will be my very first time attending Tokyo Idol Festival 2015! *thunderous applesauce* And I know everyone is wondering the same thing… “Will there be idols in bikinis?” and “Will there be bikinis in idols??” Well, I have noooo idea, because I’ve never been to Tokyo Idol Festival 2015! So, I can’t answer whether there will be idols in bikinis or bikinis in idols (whatever that means), but if I had to guess… sure why not! Spread the word. There will be idols in bikinis and bikinis in idols and bikinis in bikinis. 

I don’t care about any of that though! I only attend TIF to become best friends with my favorite idols… and to figure out my oshimen’s home address.

Possible TIF Update on April 18
There hasn’t been any TIF news since the initial reveal on March 23. This weekend there will a concert promoting the event and it’s possible there will be new information, hopefully including the second wave of performers.


Doll☆Elements “ONE-MAN LIVE 2015 SUMMER”
Because of last year’s crappy TIF, my original plan was to wait for more information: what venues will be used, which groups will be performing, and the types of bikinis they will be wearing. Then I’d make an informed decision. Like a normal person.

That plan disintegrated into dust after Doll☆Elements announced solo concerts in Nagoya and Osaka on August 8 and 9. That’s a week after TIF! At that point it was like, case closed, class dismissed, end of discussion, it’s on like Donkey something, kill one bird with two stones, and a walrus in the bush is worth two in the something something. You get the idea. {I don’t think anyone understands any of that.} What I’m trying to explain is, I’ll attend TIF and then the following week I’ll embark on an adventure stalking DollElements in Nagoya and Osaka.
Trip Details
July 28 – August 11

Budget one million yen
Concerts Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, Doll☆Elements Nagoya & Osaka concerts, and Chubbiness “Beef and Chicken” Tour

Interidol Relationships: What are they and why are we so obsessed with them?

1 Apr

The most special and pure love is the love between two idols.

That we’re allowed to watch.

Natsumi: Is it cute when girls hold each other?
Rika: I don’t know. Just keep holding me. Promise that you will always hold me.
Natsumi: I promise. But what about when it’s bedtime?
Rika: Especially when it’s bedtime. That’s the most important time to hold me.

Natsumi: Is it ok for us to hold each other? Runapon might get upset.
Rika: You just keep holding me. I’ll handle Rubichanpan!

Natsumi: Your hand is so soft.
Rika: I know. I stole Runa’s lotion.

Natsumi’s hand: We can’t keep meeting like this. Runa is going to find out.
Rika’s hand: Stop talking and hold me.

Yukino: Hey, anyone want this?
 What’s that Bear-chan? I should change into a bikini and do a little dance?

Natsumi: No, Yukino you mustn’t. Rika will get upset.

Natsumi: No, Runa you mustn’t. Rika will get upset.

Natsumi’s hand: Hmm, what do we have here? It’s so warm and soft. It’s like there’s a party in her shorts and only my hands were invited.

Natsumi: *nervous* Rika, may I have this dancing dancing dance?

Yukino: C’mon, who wants this? 500 yen. Anyone? Look, I’ll rub it all over my body, ok? Now I’m sitting on it. Oh yeah! Hey, where’s everyone going? Alright, alright. 400 yen!

Is the world ready for the next iDOL Street group?

29 Mar

Last night during the Street-sei finale concert, the next iDOL Street group was unveiled. The group’s name is The World Standard (abbreviated as わ→すた or “Wa Suta”) and they will join SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM as the fourth group on the iDOL Street label. TWS consists of five Street-sei members: Hazuki Sakamoto (16), Miri Matsuda (15), Nanase Hirokawa (15), Ruka Mishina (14), and Ririka Kodama (14).

The above images were included in iDOL Street producer Higuchi-P’s blog and the color-coding matches their Street-sei team. They slightly messed up Haachin’s photo though, because her color should be the same as Miri, and unlike every other member, her age wasn’t shown. Unless those are also their TWS colors, in which case they assigned Haachin a non-penlight color. Unforgivable! I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t attempting to hide her age though, something they did with Saori in SUPER☆GiRLS, because it would be unreal if they considered 16 “old.”

Practically nothing was explained during the reveal (their producer wasn’t even present), but considering each iDOL Street group has a distinct style and image, their concept should become more clear after their debut performance at the iDOL Street Carnival on April 29.

My Thoughts
My initial reaction was total disappointment–pretty much the exact opposite of how I felt when GEM was announced. I disagree with Higuchi and his increasingly lame idol preferences, which seem to be based primarily on age, rather than talent. If you are going to be superficial at least base it on looks or cup size! Although iDOL Street makes it completely obvious which girls are being pushed, the inclusion of Miri is shocking. Choosing Miri is like playing an RPG and choosing an extreme niche character like a bard or geomancer. I don’t even know what a geomancer is, which is exactly the point. It’s like a prisoner who is about to be executed choosing a jar of mayonnaise and one of those disgusting giant pickles from Disneyland as their last meal. And don’t even get me started on Nanase and Ririka. *grumble grumble*

TWS resembles the iDOL Street spinoff Hanarichu a lot more than SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM. It’s going to be difficult for them to compete with their sister groups, let alone the hundreds of other established groups, like AKBN0 and Chubbiness. When Chubbiness was asked about their newest rivals The World Standard, they replied, “The World Strawberries?” When corrected, they were like, “The World Sausage?” and proceeded to lick their lips and salivate uncontrollably. 

Even though The World Soup hasn’t debuted yet, I don’t think it’s too early to judge them, because the members have been performing in Street-sei for years, and to the fans who have been paying attention, their strengths and weaknesses are obvious. The lineup lacks a definitive ace and there are two members who can’t sing. For a major label group with only five members, those are significant handicaps. I doubt idol fans in general will care too much about them, but I am curious how the i-Street fandom reacts. GEM was designed around multiple aces from a stacked talent pool, and despite their skill, it took more than a year for them to catch on. Although there are a lot of great five member groups like Doll☆Elements, 9nine, TOKYO GIRLS STYLE, Dorothy Little Happy, and HimeKyun, those groups either have a complete lineup of comparable talent (Doll☆Elements, 9nine, and TGS) or feature a true ace who can compensate for the more specialized roles of the other members (DLH and HimeKyun).

It takes a special idol name to ANGERME
The World Standard is a horrible name that makes no sense and the Japanese abbreviation of “Wa→Suta” is ever weirder. “Suta” is more commonly associated with “star,” and if anything, World Star would have been a better name, because then at least the gimmicky “わ→すた” (“me”→star) abbreviation would have made sense. This is going to be like Girls Entertainment Mixture all over again, when the GEMbers didn’t know what “Girls Entertainment Mixture” meant or how to spell it.

Or maaaybe, the name is so lame that it’s actually cool, like when a movie is so bad it becomes a classic. Like The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and Citizen Kane.

One thing I like about the group is the similar ages of all the members, since it makes the group more cohesive. This is one of the basic premises for why kids progress through school with peers of the same age, despite having completely different abilities. The previous iDOL Street groups have significant age differences, and even though they get along, the generation gaps are obvious. It becomes really visible in the 48 groups, but it exists in smaller groups as well. At the very least, they won’t be able to call the leader “obaachan” or make a big deal about whoever happens to be the youngest. 

So let’s all give The World Standard a chance! 

Because if they suck, at least GEM is still cool.