Fairies LIVE TOUR 2014

20 Aug

fairies banner Fairies LIVE TOUR 2014 – Summer Party –   
@ AiiA Theater Tokyo

August 9, 2014

I haven’t been a Fairies fan for a long time, so I guess I don’t really know much about the group. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself though. After all I do know that they are travel themed, each member is assigned a gem with magical powers, their average age is 21, and they cosplay as boys.

And there are 48 members.

Outside of that though, I’m pretty clueless.

When the group announced their first tour back in May, I extended my TIF trip to include their Tokyo concert. Although I purchased my ticket more than a month in advance, I was pretty sure my seat would be horrible. I messed up because I waited a week after general release tickets became available before buying mine. I gambled that there would be resale tickets available, but after several weeks of searching for tickets at the usual locations, there simply weren’t many available. Evidently most of the fan club members who purchased tickets actually wanted to go to the concert. What a bunch of jerks!

Considering this was also Fairies first tour (and I believe only their second or third full concert – which is pretty weird if you think about how long the group has been around), I had no idea what to expect. Would they perform only two songs total and then run off stage? Without an encore? Would they perform while wearing bikinis (for those who like that kind of thing… not me!) Would I get singled out for being the only person who didn’t buy any concert goods? (This is my secret fear at every concert since I never buy anything.)

Although their concert tour was called “Summer Party,” that Saturday (and several days prior) a hurricane was supposedly on a crash course with Japan. Fortunately, the “hurricane” never materialized, even though every time I left my hotel a staff member would say “Be careful of the hurricane!”

ft3Fairies would be performing two shows that day. I chose the night concert because I know that the Fairies fanbase includes a lot of little kid and girl fans, and I figured the night crowd would have less of both. Not a big deal, but the type of audience can impact concerts in different ways. The audience for the night show was ~60:40 guys to girls, which is really unique for a girl pop group. I arrived 40 minutes before the concert began and the staff had set up two general areas for fans to wait, based on ticket numbers A100-300 and A301-600. That pretty much confirmed my suspicion that my B110 ticket sucked. AiiA has a capacity of ~830, so B110 probably meant I had ticket 710. It would be a while until my number was called, so I checked out their merchandise booth which was inside the venue. They had already sold out of a few products like the pink “Tokyo edition” of their t-shirt and both types of towels. I considered buying their official glowstick, but because of its unique triangle-shape, I didn’t think it would be something I could ever use again – even if I go to another Fairies concert in the future.

fscWhen my ticket number was called, I entered the theater, and chose what I considered to be the best available seat – an aisle seat in the middle column of row… 17. There were actually two empty seats in row 16, but I considered the aisle seat better than simply moving up one row, since you can slide into the aisle for a completely unobstructed view of the stage. Considering how high my ticket number was, I was totally relieved. I didn’t want the front row anyway! Everyone knows you can’t truly appreciate Mahiro’s beauty from that close.
ft5The concert began with Fairies newest single BLING BLING MY LOVE, which I think is easily one of their best singles. The complete version with Miki’s solo is far superior to the radio edit. I love the direction Fairies is going with their music and I wish GEM would try to emulate them. A lot of groups have issues with pacing while attempting to fill a 90+ minute set, but they did a great job avoiding dead moments. I noticed at least five cameras filming the concert, so hopefully they release a dvd. The setlist was pretty much perfect and the occasional break didn’t detract too much. The main MC segment was pretty creative with Rikako and Sora doing a skit called FTV (“Fairies TV,” stylized like MTV). Rikako was DJ Pyon’s and Sora was DJ Sky and they covered recent Fairies “news,” including info about their single, going to America/Los Angeles to film the music video, and the staff getting lost and not understanding anything while they were there – kinda like me when I go to Japan. The biggest surprises (at least for me) was the solo performance by Momoka and and unit performance by M Three, which I hadn’t considered they would include. I really like M Three’s song in particular, and randomly heard it several times on the radio while wandering aimlessly around Tokyo. The only negative about the concert were some of the outfits. They weren’t the typical “cool” outfits Fairies are known for. Rikako and Sora had to wear these baggy 3/4 length “things” for the first half of the concert (see below).

But everyone knows that I’m still a huge Fairies fan!

Set List

3. Sparkle
MC – member intro

4. Love Me, Love You More
5. Hikari no Hate ni
6. No More Distance
7. One Love

MC – “FTV” corner (Rikako and Sora)
8. Poker Face (Momoka)
9. Your Love (M Three)
[Dance routine]
10. Super Hero
11. HERO
12. Hot Stuff(cover of an American song from the 70s – I think
13. Beat Generation
MC – concert goods
14. White Angel
15. More kiss
16. Run With U

18. Song for you

f53e83a764d3f6Concert footage

Oh yeah, while waiting outside for the concert to start, predia’s promo truck drove by the theater *vroom vroom honk honk kerplunk* This was the second time I saw their truck (the first was in Odaiba during TIF). I wasn’t able to get a photo unfortunately, but this is what it looked like:


I may have been a *little* hasty with declaring La Pom Pon the best pop group of all time!

7 Aug

I went to La Pom Pon’s mini-live yesterday… and I must have been temporarily insane to so daringly declare them the best pop group of all time.
lpp 8.7 aThe event was at TRESSA Yokohama which was a 70 minute train ride out of Tokyo, followed by a 20 minute walk in the blazing sun. When I arrived they were rehearsing their set.
lpp 8.7 2After 15 minutes they returned and opened with their 5 minute dance routine, a brief MC where they talked about performing at TIF, a cover of I have no idea what (wow, this is so informative), and finished up with what I presume will be their debut single since it’s their “best” song and just like at TIF, they taught the audience how to do the choreography.
lpp 8.7 5After seeing them a second time, they are much more similar to tsuribit, and nothing at all like GEM or Fairies. Performing at a mall in front of housewives and little kids during the middle of the day has this effect of making pop groups seem a million times less cool than they would appear on a real stage. With that being said, I still really like their leader Yukino, and will casually keep an eye on this group. Their staff filmed the event so maybe it’ll be uploaded to youtube.

My New Favorite Group of All Time! (for at least this week)

5 Aug

Every now and then something happens in the world that is so revolutionary you can’t help but remember every single detail of that exact moment. Like when Reira was attacked by a vampire zombie from outer space, when GEM debuted and conquered the world, and when Saori graduated in order to focus on erotic musicals. And now…
LPP banner editLa Pom Pon, aka My New Favorite Group of All Time!
Maybe I’m insane, but the moment I saw this group perform at Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 I knew they were the type of talented “dance + vocal” units that I would immediately become a crazed fanboy of. They reminded me a lot of GEM mixed with a little bit of Fairies.

I happened to be at Enjoy Stadium just hanging out and patiently waiting for Narumi Takiguchi to perform. Little did I realize I would soon be watching my new favorite group of all time! I was lucky and had front row VIP access… which is my way of saying there was hardly anyone there at the time so I had front row by default. Once the group WHY@DOLL had just finished and their few fans left, there were even less people. It was a little awkward being one of like twenty people at this stage, but Enjoy Stadium was air-conditioned and there was no way I was going back outside to endure the “end of the world” global warming consuming Tokyo. The stage lights went out and the PA guy announced the next performance. One by one members of a mysterious group came on stage and performed solo dances (similar to Cheeky Parade’s dance intro). Once all the girls were on stage they continued their dance routine for what seemed like another 5 minutes. Ever since I randomly discovered PASSPO years ago, I always try to give a group a fair chance, because even though quality groups are few and far between, finding the good groups make it worthwhile. Eventually I found myself completely fixated on the girl who was color-coded green. After their dance routine they announced their group name was La Pom Pon, which similar to GEM, is a hilarious acronym standing for “Power of Music, Pride of New generation” and then they did a quick self-intro. (Note: from here on out I’ll be referring to them as LPP). 

The girl who appealed to me the most was named Yukino and evidently she’s the leader (aka the oldest member). She’s also the coolest… and prettiest, most talented, and cutest. And she *may* be a halfie, which makes her even cooler. If I was GEM’s producer I would immediately head-hunt her and make her co-center with Rana, but since that isn’t going to happen, they’ll just have to be my new favorite group ever! Following them will be difficult though, considering they haven’t released a single or posted any videos on YouTube. But they do have a pretty nice website and just launched their twitter account a few days ago. After their 5-minute dance routine they performed an original song… and then they were done. Their set was only 10 minutes long, but I was hooked and determined to see them at any stage they were going to perform at, even if it meant completely changing my TIF schedule. The only exception was I wouldn’t bump GEM. So the odds were really good that I would see them again. I mean there are 138 groups at TIF, and only one group was untouchable. I pulled out my iPhone and checked my schedule. They were done performing for Day 1, but they had a 15 minute set on Day 2. It was on like Donkey something! Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, God must hate me because once again he interfered with the TIF schedule and LPP was scheduled at the same exact time as GEM’s Hot Stage performance. OMG (Oh my GEM) why? The next day after GEM’s Hot Stage performance I booked it to Festival Stage just in case their performance was delayed or happened to run long. Unfortunately the stage was empty once I arrived and a few minutes later Lyrical School took the stage. I like Lyrical School so I hung around for their first song and then noticed a guy in the vicinity holding a LPP banner (must have been one of their staff). This could only mean one thing… the group was nearby! 
photo 3Turns out they were hanging out in the shade of the Diver City building. Even though at this point I felt like a total stalker, I just stared at them (as casually as I could). What else was there to do at TIF? Go to an actual performance?? Anyway, ten minutes later they finally headed out toward the market place where they evidently did a meet and greet – which is interesting considering I don’t think they have any goods for sale.
photo 1 (1)Their twitter account uploaded a photo of them after their performance at Festival Stage. Super long kaaaaawwaaaiiiii.

LPP TIFTomorrow they will be performing two mini-lives at a shopping mall called Tressa, located in Yokohama. So I’ll update this with a new recap on Friday. This actually reminds me of the time I became a predia fanatic. I saw them open for PASSPO back in 2011 and instantly became a fan, so a few days later I went to an event they had in Saitama. Basically I want to confirm whether LPP are as good as I remember, or if it was all temporary insanity on my part. And one of my main concerns about super indie groups is the stability of the lineup, since it is so common for girls to suddenly leave (probably after they realize being an idol isn’t as glamorous or fun as they once thought). Hopefully my female intuition is accurate, because groups that I truly like are very rare. Interestingly, they opened for Mai Kuraki on 8.1. I used to love Mai K back in the early 2000s.

To be continued…


High GEMsion Max!

31 Jul

I just returned from Mezamshi Live with SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, and GEM. Obviously it was soooo GEM!™ 
2014-08-01 09.36.03Even though it is extremely hot-tsui (hot+atsui) in Odaiba, like any nerdy tourist I had to take a photo of the Mezamashi Live stage the moment I saw it. Kind of like when I was in Paris last month and had to drop everything and take a photo of the Eiffel Tower the moment I saw the tower peaking over a building. Coincidentally, this stage will be used as the main stage for TIF, so I also wanted to do some TIF reconnaissance and get an idea how long it would take to get to this stage from the other venues that will be used for this weekends’ festival. Based on my completely unscientific measurements, I think using this remote venue will add about five-ten minutes of walking (had they just used Zepp DiverCity or Zepp Tokyo as they did in 2012 and 2013). Considering how hot the forecast is for Saturday and Sunday, I think that extra time walking from stage to stage is going to be brutal. At 9:30 AM when we were lined up for the concert, people were already dripping in sweat. Even though I’m from Los Angeles, I’m not used to the type of heat that Tokyo gets. I live near the beach so it’s usually cool, even on “hot” days. But in Tokyo and Odaiba, which is literally on Tokyo Bay, being near the water doesn’t make the area cool, it just makes it humid. If it was possible to cut across from DiverCity (basically walk straight to the stage from the vantage point of the above photo) it would be okay, but you’re forced to walk around the perimeter of ODAIBA  NEW WORLD, which is a Fuji TV summer festival-theme park. The route adds about five minutes to the walk. That doesn’t sound too bad, except when you consider how hot it is, and the fact that depending upon your TIF schedule, you will be walking to and from this venue multiple times. ODAIBA NEW WORLD also has other attractions in addition to Mezamashi Live, including an area devoted to EXILE (which Sara and Rana, aka GEMerations, blogged about going to when it opened two weeks ago) and a One Piece exhibit of some sort (I’m too lazy to look up what it is, but here is a photo of the outside).
2014-08-01 09.36.40If you are a hardcore SUPER GiRLS fan you have probably watched the broadcast of their 2012 and 2013 concerts at Mezamashi Live, without really caring or knowing what Mezamashi Live was. It is pretty much a Fuji TV summer concert series featuring a variety of artists ranging from soloists like Kana Nishino to pop-rock groups like Scandal and Silent Siren to idol groups like SUPER GiRLS, Morning Musume, and Cute. The concerts are relatively short in length, usually scheduled to last 30-40 minutes, but they tend to last a little longer than that if there is an encore. I think the main appeal is watching semi-popular to very-popular groups or solo artists in a small venue for really cheap (1700 yen).
2014-08-01 10.07.54The concert was scheduled for 11-11:40AM, and the venue would open at 10AM (you enter by number, but it’s free seating). We were advised to arrive by 9:45AM though in order to line up by number. My ticket was #684 (I don’t know how many tickets were sold, but the max is 2,000), so I was worried I would have a below-average seat, and possibly in the sun. The venue is covered, but since it’s relatively small, a lot of fans end up standing in the back, which isn’t covered. The photo is the line to the stage (you can see it in the distance). Basically the staff had everyone stand in 100 people increments, so that is the #600-700 line. The line continued down the street, and they had another section for tickets 1,000 and up. Then another staff member called out individual numbers and we lined us up in sequential order. And then we just stood in that line for 20 minutes until we made it into ODAIBA NEW WORLD. Once you walk in there were stalls set up selling iDOL Street goods (more like “greats”). I bypassed the line for concert goods in order to secure a seat. The middle column was mainly filled, but the almost-just-as-good stage-left and stage-right areas had a lot of availability and I was able to get an awesome seat in row 6 on the right side. Based on my ticket number I thought I was going to get a seat in row 12 or worse, so I was really surprised. I think a lot of people made the mistake of getting in line to buy goods, instead of first choosing their seat.
2014-08-01 10.27.47Before the concert begin they were playing the most recent SG, CP, and GEM music videos on the screen on stage. I guess I’ve been slow on the uptake, because this was the first time I watched the video for SG’s most recent single Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo.

The concert was scheduled for 11:00-11:40, but based on the past two years, I expected it to last another five minutes for the encore. Surprisingly the concert lasted a full hour from 11:00-12:00. There wasn’t an encore though, but going a full hour was a nice compromise. When Rika was about to do their standard closing, Amita (I think) cut her off and they performed Believer (which is guess is tradition now since they’ve performed this song last all three years). After the concert GEM had a handshake event.

Set List
1. *Dance intro*
2. We’re GEM
3. Do You Believe
Cheeky Parade
4. BunBun Nine9
5. Cheeky Fighter
6. Together
7. Welcome to SG Show IV
8. Hanamichi!! Ambitious
9. Chozetsu Bakusho Ondo
10. MAX! Otome Gokoro
11. Believer

I really like events like this that bring the different iDOL Street fan factions together, which makes it unfortunate that there is so little i-Street participation at TIF this year. And there was kind of an awkward moment when GEM was talking about TIF, since all three groups were on stage and this is the first year SG and CP decided not to attend. Personally, I think it was a mistake for their producer to pass on it, since most i-Street fans are used to attending TIF, and now the fanbase will be divided with the separate events each group is doing that weekend. I can’t imagine many fans choosing a SG handshake event over TIF. Even weirder, Cheeky Parade is going to be at Zepp DiverCity on Sunday, but performing at a different event.
2014-08-01 12.09.11The tent area on the left was for iDOL Street concert goods (more like “greats”). I didn’t buy anything because I feel I have enough SG and GEM goods (more like “greats”) already. I guess I’m beyond the part of my fandom where I need to buy stuff just because there is a new version. (Why can’t you just admit you have no money?) Never!

Oshimen News
I *think* Reira may have looked at me. This is only newsworthy because she has previously never acknowledged my existence, even during a high touch. But everyone knows I’m still an insane Reicheru fan!

Sara, aka my oshiGEM, definitely looked at me multiple times.  I’m pretty sure Maho did as well, and *maybe* Jurin.

I’m not the type of person to get “star struck,” but these moments are pretty unique considering how few opportunities there are to see them in person.

Tomorrow and Sunday is TIF, but the other concerts I will be attending are Fairies on 8.9 and predia on 8.10.


Ticket analysis:
Ticket sales must have gone well for Fairies first tour since they added a night concert to their Tokyo date. My indecision whether to purchase tickets for either the day, night, or both, resulted in me getting a really, really horrible ticket to the night concert. I’m kind of terrified how bad my ticket is going to end up being when I get to the venue. I checked the AiiA Theatre floor plan, but I can’t find B110 anywhere. Clue #1 that your ticket sucks is when you can’t find your seat on the seating chart. But then again, I thought my Mezamashi Live ticket was going to disappoint, and I ended up in the 6th row.

The predia “party” on 8.10 will be their first concert as a major label group. I bought my ticket the first day they became available to the general public, but after ticket sales for their fan club. Ticket B4 would typically be a second row seat, but it’s impossible to know what seat I’ll actually have until the night of the concert, because those with a general ticket will only get seated after the fan club members, and it’s impossible to know how many fan club members purchased a ticket. 

I may have discovered something that no one was ever supposed to find out about.

18 Jul

tif 2014 banner v2The Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 timetable was revealed today *thunderous applesauce.* The first thing I did was make sure GEM was performing at least ten times. The second thing I did was double check that Mano Erina was coming out of retirement for one final performance – while wearing a bikini. After verifying that neither of those things are happening, I noticed something extremely strange, mystifying, perplexing, and strange. There is an empty time-slot from 12:35-13:10 at the main stage. Could there be one final super top-secret group?! Perhaps an idol group… of girls… who are super?
Edit: Turns out the empty timeslot for the main stage is going to be determined by a vote during Day 1. That was anti-climatic.

My TIF Schedule
I created my own schedule because the one at the website is a steaming pile of poo (radioactive zombie poo to be precise). I can’t believe they uploaded a time-table that isn’t synchronized, rendering it completely unusable. (edit: they updated the timetable and made it a little more useful, but in order to fix it they need to completely overhaul it.) 

GEM and PASSPO are only performing on Sunday so I’m planning my schedule around day 2. For groups that are attending both days that I can’t watch on Day 2, I can prioritize for day 1. If that didn’t make sense, just nod and pretend it did.
Day 2
TIF2014 d2 x1
Day 1
TIF2014 d1 x1
TIF strategy
Planning the perfect TIF schedule is veeerrrrry tricky. You can’t just randomly point at the schedule and circle shit with a crayon. First of all you have to consider the venue (is it outdoors or indoors?), because if it’s outdoors between 12PM-3PM, you have to ask yourself whether you’re fine sacrificing irreversible sun damage for idols who may or may not even like you. I plan on looking 30 when I’m 100, so I’d like to avoid as many outdoor stages as possible. Unfortunately, the geniuses at the TIF Institute of IDOLology thought it would be cool to add more outdoor stages and schedule all the popular groups at peak sun damage hours (technically the main stage is covered, but only if you are in the hanger part. I have a feeling the venue will be too small and there will be a lot of people standing in the sun – assuming they allow that option). The entire world is disintegrating because of global warming and zombie dinosaurs eating all the rainforests, so the TIF bureaucrats should have known that they needed less outdoor stages, not more. Or at least more indoor stages. Like a top-secret “Secret Court II” in the food court at DiverCity. That stage would not only be cool (because it’s indoors), but it would be also be hot (because of all the cooking). That was my dream at least.

The second thing you have to consider when planning your “perfect” schedule are the hundreds of other “miscellaneous” groups you’ve never heard of who will likely appear either before or after your favorite groups. Cherry picking just your favorites doesn’t work because there will be times when your preferred groups are performing at the same time at different stages. These moments are unavoidable, but one thing that annoys me is when groups from the same agency are pitted against each other, like Platinum (PASSPO/predia/palet) or iDOL Street (SUPER GiRLS/Cheeky Parade/GEM/Street-sei) performing simultaneously at competing stages. This has happened in the past, and it’s happening again this year (GEM’s main stage performance is at the same times as Street-sei’s stage). Last year GEM’s handshake event took place during a SUPER GiRLS performance, which prevented me from sharing my GEM jokes with Rana and asking Yuki to spell “S-U-P-E-R G-i-R-L-S.” Even notoriously fragmented fandoms like Platinum and i-Street still have a lot of cross-over fans and unless the organizers are complete morons they should be aware of that and not schedule these groups at the same time.

Template to make your own TIF schedule
Note: not all groups are included

Day 1

Day 2

When I return from Europe I will be more sophisticated, cultured, enlightened, and most importantly, much poorer

10 Jul

Unfortunately, I just returned poorer.

And fatter (Italy’s fault).

After I detox from the excessive food, I’ll finalize my Tokyo trip which will be from July 30 – August 11. When I was in London, GEM and READY TO KISS were added to the Tokyo Idol Festival lineup, so TIF 2014 has been officially redeemed.

Predia also uploaded the video for “Kowareta Ai no Hate ni,” which is their major label debut. Please give it a like and buy ten copies when it’s released.

Ireland: June 23 – June 29

IMG_1973IMG_20012014-06-29 12.25.58(^ The above photos are the region of Ireland my great, great grandparents lived before immigrating to America.)
IMG_1938IMG_1937Trinity College in DublinIMG_1963IMG_1970Peace Bridge in Derry. It was legend-wait for it-derry.IMG_1956

London: June 29 – July 3
Windsor Castle

IMG_2303IMG_2313IMG_2308IMG_2335IMG_2337IMG_2338A canon strategically positioned…

IMG_2366to attack trees.
IMG_2367IMG_23792014-07-01 20.14.002014-07-01 20.53.28The National Gallery
2014-07-02 16.12.012014-07-02 17.56.472014-07-02 17.37.16DFcrqi4ZCC3i610CVdKUMUQcPGnlipKUzevrJz0iA34Globe Theater

uVFOeLHOWJ82SlgcO34rFaurNxio_rk6UUlzRx5UblE2014-07-01 15.43.12Tate Modern Gallery
IesUFNIx1Sins3OHNHCsJNgjV8Z-ZMu3l5xgsTA2ak4cPeoae858Wk-unwC_hj4cI-zwhJi33MqEXTI9JjgzOsLondon Eye
2014-06-30 22.48.05Piccadilly Circus
2014-06-30 21.50.372014-07-02 18.37.57
Paris (July 3 – July 5)
2014-07-03 17.03.11
First glimpse of the Eiffel Something Something
2014-07-03 17.06.022014-07-03 17.10.402014-07-03 17.26.17View from the first floor
View from the second floor
View from the top floor

Actually I… umm… didn’t go all the way up, so instead here’s a photo of scary-looking hot dogs in a jar!! Bon appetit.
2014-07-04 17.21.56-1I watched France lose to Germany at this bar
IMG_2534Walking to the Louvre
IMG_25472014-07-04 19.37.06IMG_25652014-07-04 20.17.25IMG_2589IMG_2591Cool looking building at the metro station
2014-07-03 14.47.25Arc de Something Something was a 3 minute walk from my apartment (you can just barely see it at the end of this street).
2014-07-03 21.41.05I used airbnb for all my lodging (except when in Ireland where I stayed at a distant aunt’s B&B) and it’s great for staying in furnished apartments in the heart of the city. I highly recommend it (although there are still some advantages to staying in a hotel). If you are interested in trying airbnb, you can get a $25 credit which you can use on your first booking by signing up through my referral link (Disclosure: I would get $25 as well).

2014-07-03 22.19.382014-07-03 22.35.402014-07-03 22.36.502014-07-04 22.39.22Rome (July 5 – July 9)
Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II
IMG_2672Pantheon during the day
2014-07-05 18.06.13
Pantheon at 2AM
2014-07-07 00.59.02-2
Vatican City
IMG_2911IMG_2912IMG_2913 Visitors aren’t allowed to take photos of the Sistine Chapel, but there was a lot of impressive ceiling art leading up to to the cathedral. When we finally arrived a staff member yelled “Silencio! No photos! Quiet!!” every few seconds. The room was completely quiet… with the exception of the guy yelling “Silencio!”
2014-07-07 14.55.292014-07-07 15.33.052014-07-07 15.00.18Trevi Fountain

was drained, walled-off, and under renovation. Let us never mention this again! Trevi Fountain? More like Travesty Fountain!
Spanish Steps was under repair as well.
2014-07-05 18.57.01Mouth of Truth (yes I am a huge Roman Holiday fan)
IMG_2771The Colloseum
IMG_2784IMG_2797IMG_3088IMG_3098IMG_3106IMG_3118Trastevere Piazza
IMG_2733Navona Square
IMG_2685The Baths of Diocletian
IMG_3085IMG_3025Weird looking trees
IMG_2680Forum ruins
IMG_2836IMG_28292014-07-06 21.39.51IMG_2834A typical day in Rome
2014-07-05 17.52.16The end