Dear Santa, It’s Billy. I’ll be in Japan during the holidays and I was wondering if I could see GEM, SUPER GiRLS, Fairies, Kana Nishino, and E-girls?__________________ Dear Billy, No you can’t. But you can see PiiiiiiiN a bunch of times!

12 Dec

SUPER Chozetsu Adventure! – minus the “SUPER Chozetsu” part
December 27-January 6

I’ll be in Japan during winter break. I’ve never been to Japan during winter, but I’m the type who snowboards wearing a t-shirt, so I should be ok, right? Evidently I have the worst karma ever though, because GEM and SUPER☆GiRLS haven’t scheduled a single concert, mini-live, handshake event, or bikini contest. (Stephanie Tanner: How rude!) For the record, I blame Maya (and her evil twin). Fortunately, Doll☆Elements came through like they always do and scheduled seven concerts and mini-lives. Evidently I have the worst karma ever though and I probably won’t be able attend them all. At least there’s that AKBN 0 & Chubbiness concert at Tokyo Dome!

Concert Schedule
12/28 Doll☆Elements 5th single mini-live #1 and #2
12/28 predia concert
12/29 Idol Koushien (Houkago Princess, PiiiiiiiN, 3 Min, PPP!PiXiON, Moso Calibration, BELLRING, et al.)
12/30 Doll☆Elements “Fan Appreciation” concert #1 <Fan Appreciation?> I think that means they will perform while wearing bikinis.
12/30 *hopefully* five stars 2014, otherwise I can try for Doll☆Elements concert #2 (but only if they are wearing bikinis).
12/31 Alice Project countdown
1/1 PASSPO 5th Anniversary concert
1/3 Another Idol Koushien
1/4 Doll☆Elements 5th single mini-lives. There are 3, but I’ll probably only attend 2. I mean, I’m not a stalker. <What if they are wearing bikinis?> Good point, I’ll go to all three.
1/5 The Tokyo Hobo Orchestra and Choir @ Ueno Zoo

Random person on the internet: That lineup is ok, but needs more Doll☆Elements.

I just hope they wear these outfits at some point:
Screenshot 2014-12-12 18.23.22Screenshot 2014-12-12 18.26.00

And definitely these! But evidently I have the worst karma ever!

OMG (Oh my GEM), Maya has an evil twin sister!

13 Nov

But more importantly, why are Maya and her evil twin sister the center in Ranachin’s video?
How can Rana not be the center in a video based on a song where she is the center!! Wait, does that make sense? <Uh, nothing you write makes sense. But I think I understand. You’re pointing out that Rana is the center of the song, but not the center of the video. And you’re perplexed because you’re a Ranachin fanboy> 

Producer: We need more Maya in this video dammit! How do we get more Maya in this video??
Maya’s manager: CG? Maybe a robot Maya?
Maya’s other manager: How about a massive room filled with mirrors so it looks like there are infinite Mayas?
Accountant: Too expensive. Don’t you remember we actually had to film the last music video at her house?

Director: I got it! Maya’s evil twin sister!!

This is the cover? REALLY? Maya sitting on a throne, wearing a different dress, and holding what appears to be a treasure chest, but is actually an insanely huge bento box! What an insult to the other GEMbers.

maya and the gembersI love Yuki’s expression though. She’s like, “As soon as I turn 21 I’m outta here!” (hint she is in the upper left corner)

While GEM’s video was disappointing, Doll☆Elements new video is almost perfect. Great song, amazing outfits, cute choreography, stylistic backdrops, beautifully filmed, and features each member prominently. And it’s also… <Let me guess, “super long kawaaaiiiii”?>

Doll☆Elements – Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau 

Pigoo On Demand

4 Nov

A few days ago I subscribed to Pigoo On Demand in order to watch iDOL Street Chouzetsu Michikusa, which is a series of concerts held every other Friday at Akiba Cultures Theater, involving SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM, and Street-sei. The show combines a 30 minute variety segment with a 35-40 minute concert, with the main acts rotating (two weeks ago featured SUPER☆GiRLS, this week was GEM, and in two weeks it will be Cheeky Parade). For those who have no idea what Pigoo on Demand is, it’s the online version of Pigoo HD, which is a cable channel dedicated to idols. Examples of their programming are the weekly concerts at Akiba Cultures Theater, monthly/seasonal events like @JAM and Idol Yokochou, and variety shows like  SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Adventure, DLH‘s Dorothy no Little HAPPY DAYS, and *drumroll* Doll☆Elements Merumaga Kaiin 10,000 Hito Dekiru kana? (a reference to their challenge to get 10,000 subscribers for their e-magazine).
pigoo 4Signing up for Pigoo on Demand begins with a free 2-week trial. A credit card is necessary to register (they accept foreign issued cards) and after the trial concludes the card on file is billed 1296¥, which is the monthly subscription fee. Once you register you’re allowed to watch any Pigoo programming that is within 30 days of the original broadcast.
pigoo fpVideos currently available include a 90 minute Sutorigu 2 Special, Double Color Session 3 (GEM, Party Rockets, and Yufu Mari), predia Monday Night, and the previously mentioned iDOL Street concert. Clicking on the different thumbnails brings up a page providing broadcast details, including the period the show will be available to stream. Once the 30-day window expires, it’s still possible to watch the show, but it requires a separate video on demand fee.
pigoo 6The service would probably appeal mostly to iDOL Street fans because of SUPER☆GiRLS Chouzetsu Adventure, GEM concerts, and random Street-sei programming. It’s also useful for me because it makes viewing predia’s Monday Night concert a lot more convenient. Because of the time zone difference, I previously had to stay up until 4AM on Monday morning in order to catch the niconico stream.
pigoo sg 0There’s also Doll☆Elements content, but it’s very limited. Considering how rare their concert footage is, even Doll☆Elements crumbs are awesome though. A show they did back in September 2013 is available for 540¥. Totally buying that with my lunch money! (And recording it!) It’s a 60 minute concert, but the time slot was split between three groups, so it’s probably 20 minutes of Doll☆Elements crumb goodness.
pigoo de 3The lineup was very different back then, since it was before Yukino and Haruka joined. Doesn’t matter though, it’s Doll☆Elements crumbs!
pigoo de 4The GirlsNews broadcast also included footage of Doll☆Elements Halloween concert. Cool, more crumbs!

I should probably mention that there’s also a lot of pervy content, including straight-up adult videos listed directly below the idol shows. Really Japan?? That programming requires a separate membership, but it’s hilarious that it’s visible right below mainstream idol shows.