Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 is cool I guess, but what about Tokyo Reira Festival??

7 Apr

logo_TIF2014_500pxTokyo Idol Festival 2014 was announced today. I knew there was a reason to wake up this morning. TIF 2014 will take place August 2-3. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that’s when the cherry blossoms bloom.

Although I predicted the TIF 2014 reveal could happen this week, I’m still surprised the announcement came so soon. Most of my predictions have been disastrous – the whole world is still waiting for the 4th iDOL Street group. But then again predia recently announced their major label debut, so maybe my predictions are actually shockingly accurate and awesome. Anyway, since I’m an iDOL Street addict my plan was to wait for confirmations from SUPER☆GiRLS, GEM, Cheeky Parade, and Street-sei, but I just happened to find a perfect place in Odaiba which was way too convenient to pass up. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Zepp Tokyo, which should be really ideal considering last year it took 45 minutes for me to get into Odaiba from central Tokyo. Now I can casually skedaddle to and from TIF all day without wasting valuable Reira and Sara stalking opportunities… assuming SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM will attend. They will attend right??

I’m actually pretty confident they will – GEM and Street-sei should be locks, and SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade currently have July and August open. They’re both doing extensive touring this year but *hypothetically* and *theoretically* and *something something-cally* they should be able to fit TIF into their schedules. I’m a huge believer in karma so I’m going to have to be on my best behavior until the next TIF update.

I’ll update more in a bit with my predictions for groups, my new and updated TIF strategies, and the improvements I hope they implement (three words: more stages… and it would be nice if the organizers could try to reverse global warming – I prefer cool temperatures).  One interesting piece of news came out of the TIF website, evidently they’re going to attempt to get more overseas fans to attend. From TIF 2012 and TIF 2013 I noticed maybe 10 foreign fans total in attendance. The fact that they even mentioned this is really interesting. I’m not sure what effect this will have on the lineup if any, but if they can make tickets easier for overseas fans to purchase, that would be awesome. Otherwise I’ll just have to resort to my standard methods for getting tickets – begging someone in Japan to buy them for me. 

TIF strategy officially starts… Now!

Will Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 be announced this week?

31 Mar

Last year TIF 2013 was confirmed on April 2, so it’s possible the same can happen sometime this week.

SGch2v2You may be thinking, “Even if there is a TIF 2014 how am I going to get there?? I’m not a billionaire!”
Six months ago I wrote about getting into frequent flyer programs and credit card signup bonuses. You can read that post here. Since then I *may* have become a miles and points addict, which is why I rarely blog, since doing “research” on this “hobby” is time-consuming, and when I’m not doing “research” I’m at school or work. But since summer is around the corner, and possibly TIF, I wanted to bump that post in case it could be useful for anyone interested in traveling to Japan in the near future.

Since October I have racked up 163,000 American Airline miles and  126,000 United miles without ever flying one mile on either of those airlines. That is enough for free business/first-class roundtrip airfare for my trip to Europe in June and trip to Japan later in the summer. Traveling is extremely fun and rewarding, however it can be expensive. Fortunately, there are several ways to make travel significantly more affordable (and sometimes free), you just have to be aware of these programs and do a little research.

When will an idol have the courage to be color-coded brown?

25 Feb

64cDid you know that scientists have discovered a total of 64 colors in the universe?

That’s a lot of colors!

You can say that again!

That’s a lot of colors!

Yet even though there are 64 colors in the universe, in the 300 year history of idol groups, only 12 or 14 or 17 have ever been used for color-coding.

That’s a lot of colors! Wait a sec, no it’s not!

Exactly, and take a wild guess which color has never been selected.

Brown and neon brown!

Exactly! And since you’re a SUPER☆GiRLS addict you’re probably aware that there have been recent changes to the group involving the lineup and color-coding. And take a wild guess which color wasn’t chosen by a single member.

Brown and neon brown!!

Exactly! Evidently super-perfect idols with super-perfect creamy skin are toooo good for brown and neon brown!

lrd2sDo we really want to live in a world where an idol group has two girls who are color-coded yellow, two who are blue, and two who are white, yet not a single member representing the color brown? Brown may not be super-kawaaaiiii and no company will ever manufacture brown glowsticks not even for a million billion dollars and brown has been voted the worst color in the world 20 million years in a row, but brown is a color! And it’s about time an idol is forced to be color-coded brown!!

I bet Koume would look great wearing brown!

koume bOMG (Oh my GEM), you’re right! Super long kawaaaaiiiiii… but needs more neon brown!


Letter to the Editor

Hi Billy! Long time reader. I loved that editorial you wrote about SUPER☆GiRLS cookies. That article was cookietastic! No pun intended. Anyway are you going to mention that you predicted Koume would join SUPER☆GiRLS back on December 20, 2013? – Charles from Iceland

Hi Charles from Iceland. Thanks for writing! My name isn’t Billy though. But to answer your question, I’ve decided not to mention that I predicted Koume would join SUPER☆GiRLS back on December 20, 2013. Predictions aren’t about being accurate, they’re about having fun!

This is the greatest injustice since that one guy was arrested for walking through town without any clothes on

14 Jan

Although I’m aware that the stuff I write about has become progressively dumber, I have to ask Why does Reira always have to wear pants¹ ??
shelterxShelter Nanka Iranai
WP 51C+xJvzjxLx1649Celebration
81Od15Kd3jL._AA1174_Sorairo no Kiseki

(3 times is “always”?)
Three times for an idol is like a million times for normal people. Everyone knows idols aren’t supposed to wear pants² !!

1. pants = trousers
2. pants = underwear

SUPER GiRL Talk Vol. 14

10 Jan

Sutorigu② conclusion
s2fThe final two Sutorigu 2 “battles” will be streamed on 1.11 and 1.12. You can watch them at the following niconico channel:

As a reminder you can cast a vote for MVP at
You can register at:


On 1.24 iDOL Street’s producer Tatsuo Higuchi is scheduled to make an announcement regarding Street-sei. The Sutorigu 2 finale is two days later on 1.26. The winning Street-sei team, Sutorigu 2 MVP, Top 10 members, indie single, and e-Street Sendai will be revealed.

Oh… and some guy keeps predicting something about a Fourth Group. I have no idea what he is talking about… but I fear that if this “Fourth Group” isn’t announced he may go insane.

Last month iDOL-Street released a mobile app called iDOL Street SHAKE. It’s basically a reskin of a F2P game previously released for several other pop groups. Not only is it a reskin of a previously released app, it’s also a complete ripoff of Amplitude (precursor to Guitar Hero). But it’s i-Street related so I had to download it.

photoThe button at the lower right is the “play” button which takes you to the song selection screen:
photo (1)Tokonatsu High Touch, Mugendai Shoujo, and Speed Up are included for free, other songs need to be purchased (in typical gimmicky F2P style it appears you purchase “cards” and “decks” instead of “songs”). Speed Up is also only a partial version… so technically only 2.5 songs are included.
IMG_1763Yup, it’s one of those games where you tap the screen when the block reaches the bottom. I’ll probably delete it in a few days but for now it’s part of my i-Street app collection.

Reira was in America
On 12.30 Reira blogged that she was traveling abroad, but didn’t indicate where she was going. The group had a week off and at least one other member, Saori, spent their vacation in another country. Last year Reira traveled to Hawaii during their hiatus and this year I had a feeling she was going to Australia because she’s previously mentioned wanting to visit. It turns out she went to San Francisco! Akira shock. She was only a six hour drive away from me… that is totally within stalking distance. *cries*
13-1-4She mentioned the trip was a hitoritabi, meaning she was traveling alone (although she also mentioned she was with her best friend. Maybe for girls traveling with just one friend is the equivalent of a guy traveling alone). A couple years ago when I went to a PASSPO concert I used that same word when talking to Shiori about my visit… but at the time I wasn’t sure if I was using the correct word. I’m pretty sure I sounded intelligent now.

Reira didn’t share many details of her trip, but she did mention that she struggled with communicating in English. I can completely relate to her frustration having experienced the same thing multiple times in Japan. For over a year she used to title each one of her blog entries in English, but a month ago she stopped. I got the feeling that she had given up learning the language and kind of let go that part of her identity. 

On a hilarious note, she mentioned that she saw the home from Full House (the show took place in San Francisco). This is the second time I have come across an idol referring to Full House. Considering the show stopped airing in 1995 and Reira was born in 1994 I’m surprised she’s heard of it. I wonder if she is a fan of Going Places??
[I don't usually explain my obscure jokes but Going Places was a very short-lived sitcom that aired after Full House (the schedule was Full House, Family Matters, Perfect Strangers, and then Going Places).  The series wasn't popular at all though and was cancelled after one season. My brother and I loved it though and we still randomly joke about it.]

Keepin’ it GEM™

4 Jan

Keepin’ it GEM™ is this years version of That’s so GEM™ which is no longer cool.
35If you haven’t subscribed to my GEM newsletter you may have been unaware that GEM’s debut single We’re GEM! was released this week.

photo 0photo 1photo 2

The music video was uploaded last month and the GEMbers have been keeping track of total views. It’s currently at 70k and they are hoping it breaks 100k. Something special is planned if it reaches that milestone.

Prior to watching the video I had a few ideas of my own.

I thought it would be so GEM if they wore color-coded bikinis and swam in pools filled with their gem. Like Scrooge McDuck swimming in gold coins in Duck Tales.

Money-Swim-uncle-scrooge-mcduck-35997716-350-259Producer: The concept is pretty simple. We’ll fill ten massive warehouses with color-coded gems. You’ll dance, frolic, and swim in the gems. While wearing bikinis of course. I happened to bring samples. Please change into them now.
*Sara is given a super-cute bikini made with material that dissolves in water and Yuki is given an over-sized XXL bikini that isn’t even color-coded*
Maya: Yada.
5*everyone leaves thinking the producer is a pervert*
Producer: It wasn’t my idea! *cries*

*the next day*
Producer: *talking to Saori* They didn’t like your idea.

Idea #2: Star Trek the Next Gemeration
A science-fiction style video could have explained the birth of the GEMbers. In an alternate dimension there are ten perfect gems, each much larger than normal. They are located on ten different planets spread all across the universe. Lightning happens to strike each planet simultaneously causing the gems to crack open. Babies crawl out of the gems and they are covered in color-coded embryonic slime. The babies rapidly grow and become the GEM members. Because they were born inside gems they have GEM super-powers. Maya’s super power is being center. Sara’s super power is being super cute. Rana’s is also being super cute. Actually a lot of them have the same super power. Yuki’s super power is being color-coded purple.

The music video would be two hours long.

Instead this is what happened
Producer: *talking to CG guy* We don’t have a lot of money, but I need you to make a backdrop that has a lot of gems, is cute, and has gems. And remember it has to be cute.
*2 weeks later *
CG guy: I finished. You may want to review it first though.
Producer: No I trust you. I mean how could you mess it up? We just needed a backdrop that was cute and had gems.
CG guy: I really think you should look at it. I *may have* been high when I created it. Replace “may have” with “definitely” and “high” with “completely overdosed.” I’m surprised I am still alive.

How else can you explain this?
The CG guy was clearly high. The only question is which drug?

1Probably cocaine.
3Definitely cocaine.

And then things got weirder
We’ll have Maya’s gem eat all the other gems and become a giant heart GEM!!
Assistant: That sounds expensive. Can we afford that?
Accountant: We can definitely afford that!!
14Maya: Cool. My GEM ate all the other gems and turned into a giant heart gem.
15Sara: Maya’s GEM is so beautiful… Even though it ate all of our gems.

16The first time I saw the video I thought the opening scene was a little terrifying. Weird colors, weird shapes, and too many layers of weird CG. But the more I watched it the more I liked it. I really appreciated how each girl got equal screen time. Check out the Random screen-shot generator:
17181922212026252324“Lunchtime” starring Maya and Yuki 

Here you go Yuki. My last piece of meat.

Here you go Yuki. My last piece of meat.

Hurry! I'm really hungry!

Hurry! I’m hungry!

Last piece of meat that belongs to Maya is the best!

Why is this taking so long? Feed me. 

Last piece of meat that belongs to Maya is the best!

“Operation Meat Transfer” is a success!

Operation meat transfer is a success.

Mmmm… last piece of meat that belongs to Maya is the best!

You actually ate it? My precious last piece of meat?

You actually ate it? My precious last piece of meat?

I'm taking it back. Don't you know who I am? I'm Maya!

Give it back. Don’t you know who I am? I’m center!

I'm just kidding. You can have it. This is actually from Maho's lunch.

I’m just kidding. You can have it. This is actually Maho’s lunch.

“Am I in this Scene?” starring Maya, Yuki, and Natchi 

Maya: Am I in this scene?

Maya: Am I in this scene?

"Oh there I am"

“Oh there I am.”