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19 Aug

SUPER☆GiRL Talk is back! *golf clap* SUPER☆GiRL Talk started as an April Fools joke, but it’s grown into an out-of-control internet sensation.

Reira told me this is her favorite game.

S☆G Monthly Magazine – March Issue
Although I purchased the magazine in July, I finally had time to look at Reira’s issue of S☆G Monthly today. I don’t know how I managed it, but it survived two concerts and the flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles in mint condition. S☆G Monthly is a magazine that covers a different member of the group each month and is available only at the avex mu-mo shop (or their concerts, which is where I purchased mine). Each issue is 1200 yen and includes one of three bonus photos that you get to choose (so it’s your fault if you somehow get the one you didn’t want). The publication began this January with the first issue dedicated to Saori and is currently up to issue six, which features Rika. I’m mainly covering this because I’m sure there are S☆G fans who may have considered purchasing their favorite member’s issue, but considering the inconveniences and cost involved for overseas fans, may have decided against it.  I don’t know if it is worth 1200 yen, so I’ll just provide some crappy iphone photos of the magazine:

Reira’s “Favorites” should have included a photo of herself, in a bikini. And let’s start a rumor about her being Nico Robin in a One Piece live-action movie.

I immediately recognized the black dress she is wearing in the magazine and I asked my brain for more information <processing… beep BEEP BLEBOP> *ten hours later*: “2012. …June 1… Blog Entry… Ridiculously hot photo… I love Reira”. Then my brain shut down for the night. Anyway, Reira’s issue is 20 pages, so let’s assume the other issues are the same length. Except Amita’s issue which will be 100 pages, and feature a life-size fold-out poster. Jk, I actually think avex does a great job of treating each member equally. For the most part, hehe.

SUPER☆GiRLS Glowstick Review
Instead of the normal handheld glowstick the group normally sells at their live events, for the Summer Battle series of concerts they sold disposable glow wristbands. There were four types and the one you purchased was completely randomized. The wristbands are made by Lumica, which is the manufacturer of most of the disposable glowsticks you’ll find at concerts (although disposables are quickly losing popularity).

The wristband at the top is warped because it was used at TIF. The one at the bottom with the girl’s names can still be activated though.

To activate the wristband you snap the stick and then wrap the band around your wrist.There are some design flaws with the end clasps that makes it difficult to get on your wrist securely.

Putting on the wristband resulted in several stress fractures in the plastic connecting ends. Although it took a minute to get on, once in place it was fairly secure. And I felt like I had SUPER☆GiRL Super powers.

SUPER☆GiRLS 2013 Calendars
This year all eleven girls are getting their own calendar! You can check out the covers at the mu-mo shop. If you order directly from their website you’ll get a bonus photo. That’s SUPER!™

Warning: Rino’s sample photo is SUPER adorable.

News that only someone like me would care about:
Reira’s 18th birthday is next month!! I guess only Mako-tee can be eien no seventeen.