Tokyo Hobo Orchestra “Hobo Fes 2017” (aka My Summer Trip)

4 Jul

Every summer since 2011 I’ve gone to Japan to see Tokyo Hobo Orchestra. Summer isn’t summer without peanut butter popsicles and at least one THO concert (or two or three or ten SUPER LOL).  You could say I need summer THO. Get it? Summer sounds like “some more.” That was really funny, so laugh. Now continue reading.

This will be my very first time attending Tokyo Hobo Orchestra “Hobo Fes 2017” *thunderous applesauce* And I know everyone is wondering the same thing… “Will there be hobos wearing top hats?” and “Will there be top hats wearing hobos??” Well, I have noooo idea, because I’ve never been to Tokyo Hobo Orchestra “Hobo Fes 2017.” So, I can’t answer whether there will be hobos in top hats or top hats in hobos, but if I had to guess… sure why not! Spread the word. There will be hobos in top hats and top hats in hobos and top hats in top hats. 

I don’t care about any of that though! I’m only attending Hobo Fes to make new best friends… and to figure out my oshimen hobo’s home address.

Now for my real trip schedule (July 24–August 8)

July 24
July 25 Silent Siren 5th Anniversary Tour (Shizuoka)
July 26 Silent Siren 5th Anniversary Tour (Shizuoka)
July 27 Akishibu Project (Yuna, Natsumi, Saori graduation) (Tokyo)
July 28
July 29 Tokyo Performance Doll, SUPER GiRLS Roppongi Idol Fes
July 31 drop, Cheeky Parade, Maneki Kecak, R2K, others (Tokyo)
August 1
August 2 Tokyo Performance Doll release event (Tokyo)
August 3 Tokyo Performance Doll one man (Tokyo)
August 4 Tokyo Idol Festival Day 1 
August 5 Tokyo Idol Festival Day 2 
August 6 Tokyo Idol Festival Day 3 
August 7 GEM teiki koen (Tokyo)
August 8

Akishibu Project’s graduation concert at Akasaka Blitz went on sale on 7/4 and sold out within a few hours. Since announcing the concert last month, they hadn’t released any info on the sale date and I forgot about it. I happened to check their LINE blog two days ago and a new post (that wasn’t included in their LINE feed) mentioned ticket sales would start the next day(!) I scrambled and used japanconcerttickets to buy a ticket. I was lucky; looking at the member’s twitter accounts, a lot of fans weren’t able to buy tickets.
Silent Siren also recently announced a “world tour” that includes Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are playing in the same five cities as last year (LA, SF, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Taipei). It’s convenient for me, but sucks for most international fans. Because their California concerts are in December, it is even more convenient, because now I won’t be compelled to go back to Japan, giving me the flexibility to travel anywhere during winter break. Maybe I’ll visit that one island nation. [Which one?] The one that is populated entirely by beautiful women whose religion has outlawed clothing. [Oh yeah. I like that country.]

Tokyo Idol Festival 2017
Looking at the lineup, 99% of my idol interests will be at TIF. [Great. So you should be completely satisfied and not complain about anything.] Wrong. I will internet rage until gallop+ and Narumi Takiguchi are added. [And then you will be happy?] No. Not until all the groups I dislike are uninvited.

And disband. 

Then I will be happy.


4 Responses to “Tokyo Hobo Orchestra “Hobo Fes 2017” (aka My Summer Trip)”

  1. wattstax17 2017/07/08 at 5:22 am #

    Those Hobo Orchestra must be amazing, for all the times you already went to Japan for seeing them! I have only known Beggar’s Opera until yet, but that defines some other quality (and country).The Hobo’s should collaborate with the Dolls though – I mean, Tokyo Hobo Orchestra and Tokyo Performance Dolls! Does it get more fitting than that? You could even invent some special name by keeping the starting word, therefore keeping the already acquired popular name tag. Amazing! Like, like… Tokyo Pauper Harlots!! How do those fancy looking Silent Siren Girls fit into that schedule though?

    Quite a positive for you that Sai Sai is performing in Shizuoka, so near to Tokyo AND Tokyo Idol Festival.

    • Shaun 2017/07/09 at 6:14 pm #

      Lol, at Beggar’s Opera. That is too high class for me :) Recently I’ve been listening to the Pervy Elders Choir of Osaka. I like them, but sometimes they are too pervy.

      I had good luck with my schedule since it includes one mans of my favorite groups. I may skip a few of the filler concerts on my schedule though if its too hot or I get burned out by shows everyday. But this will probably be my last trip for a while, so that may motivate me to stick with it.

  2. Infzer0 2017/07/17 at 5:14 am #

    Seems like i’ll bee seeing you on 31st july at the tsutaya o-east event…haha….my main priority for this japan trip would be Maneki Kecak and babyraids.

    And also maybe i’ll be going for the 29th july roppongi idol fest as well (havent bought the tix yet though)

    I also like Akishibu recently (after i came back from my Thai Japan Expo Trip) but just too bad that my fave member yuna will grad the day before i arrived in japan lol (my trip is from 28th July to 7th of August). 1st and 2nd august i will be going for babyraids cd release / passcode cd release event (damn what a very busy schedules for me too)

    btw TGU also just announced a free gaijin/foreigner tickets from their website LOL. Lucky i havent bought one yet (i am waiting for last minute to buy the tix anyway since it wont run out). haha

    Anyways, cya when i see you

    • Shaun 2017/07/18 at 2:13 am #

      Cool, see you @ O-East. Although we always seem to miss each other :P I’ll keep an eye out. I like Maneki Kecak also (Chiai fan). I slightly prefer their sister group drop, but I like them both. They’re my favorite groups after TPD and GEM.

      Yuna is also my favorite in Akishibu Project, which is why I won’t be seeing them at TIF since Yuna, Natsumi, and Saori will have graduated by then.

      Glad you can get a free ticket, I think I bought mine a month ago :P

      Also, I’ll probably go to the Idol Koushien at Akasaka Blitz on the 29th instead of the Roppongi event, because there are several groups I like that I won’t be able to see at TIF that I’ll just see there instead.

      And I’ve been reading your TIF updates also.

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