Tokyo Idol Festival: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a million times, super shame on you!

31 Jul

Somehow, I’m going to TIF again. I told myself I’d never return because summers in Japan are horrible and the past two TIFs were boring. This year is going to be different though. I don’t care as much, so my expectations are at the level of a normal, sane person. As long as I get my Tokyo Hobo Orchestra fix, I’m good. [Umm, I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to be attending. Since they don’t exist.] Fine. As long as I get my sweet sweet Chubbiness fix, I’m good. [They aren’t attending either. How sad is that?] Fine. As long as Yururirapo gets to hijack the main stage, I’m good. [Well, they are performing on a stage.] Any stage that Yururirapo performs on is the main stage! Of life.

My schedule: August 3-12

August 4 Yumemiru Adolescence @Akiba Cultures Theater
August 5 Tokyo Idol Festival
August 6 Tokyo Idol Festival
August 7 Tokyo Idol Festival
August 8 Akishibu Project  release event
August 9 GEM, YumeAdo, Up Up Girls, et al @TSUTAYA O-East
August 10 Fairies release event
August 11 GEM release event
August 12 drop, Houkago Princess, Maneki Kecak @Shinjuku ReNY

My TIF Schedule
Oh ok. Then the following is definitely not my TIF schedule.




6 Responses to “Tokyo Idol Festival: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a million times, super shame on you!”

  1. wattstax17 2016/08/01 at 5:13 am #

    Your schedule seems very easy to accomplish (except for the overlaps). Hardly any running around. You should be fine then as TIF staff promised LOTS of structured that provides shadow and cool. And we know how reliable TIF staff is and how thoughtful of the fans…
    Oh, I am disappointed that even TIF 2014 you found boring, the one we met. I go crying in the corner now (T_T) *sob*

    • Shaun 2016/08/01 at 11:52 pm #

      You’re right :P Hanging out afterwards was fun. Too bad us three couldn’t do that more often over the years.

      I actually think this is the first TIF that my plan is realistic. I’m fine with missing groups that I like and I’m fine spending half the day doing nothing :P

      • wattstax17 2016/08/02 at 5:43 am #

        I tried to make my own schedule out of fun and came to the same conclusion. Mine would be very comfortable and I don’t even mind not seeing a performance. Completely different to last time.
        Day 3 even there are only 5 shows I would plan to attend. So maybe we both got much wiser and relaxed in scheduling – or became much older and lazier.

        If you don’t regret the summer heat when you return we could try to schedule next years TIF trip together (<- Noooooo! The heat!) or a trip during some other time frame (<- Lovely weather! Preferable). ;)

  2. Infzer0 2016/08/13 at 3:06 am #

    Oh shawn!!! Just saw ur comment on my blog post lol, didnt know you’re going for TIF as well. (damn late i know), I saw your comments when im about to make a new blog post, as i usually dont check for comments (usually bot spams and some other rubbish).

    You should have mentioned me on twitter @infzer0 (im quite active there) if you use it haha.

    Anyways, im still in the middle of doing recap of #TIF2016 on my blog myself. I thought this year is quite allright and they should do the #TGIF more often with more girls. Hahaha.

    BTW i got quite a sunburn on the 3rd day because (foolishly) i stayed at the ship stage for 4 hours straight…yeah im such an idiot.

    • Shaun 2016/08/13 at 3:42 am #

      No worries. Next time I’ll use twitter, I didn’t think of that. I ended up just buying a 3-day pass :P

      I thought this year’s TIF was the best ever. It wasn’t perfect, but overall I had an awesome time. Looking forward to reading your entry.

      • Infzer0 2016/08/13 at 5:05 am #

        Yeah it was great. I almost dont have any complaints this year. Maybe just that the security abit too tight (saw the “BOND’s security team dragging out some over the top fans in and out smile garden all night lol, quite a funny sight i must say)

        And again the Doll Factory access is rubbish and the place is too damn cramped. They should retire this stage in the future for a stage with bigger space. The only time i entered doll factory is for Passcode on Day 1 (and then again during the Idol Sparkling night for Ebisu Muscat — but that one requires separate ticket and they took out the “T” section stage to give out more space)

        Also, outside the info centre sometimes they giving away free energy drinks which was nice (some of the gals giving it also quite cute lol). Never buy this year TIF official tshirt because dont know where to buy also other than the preorder thingy…hmm other than that it was ok.

        Oh the TGIF not bad also with all the bikini gals at grand market. Too bad some of the idols there i dont know the names – some of them quite ok. Haha.

        Anyways Just got done writing day 1 summary on my blog lol, still havent finished with day 2 and 3 (ill leave that for the next update)

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