I don’t know why I like Doll☆Elements, I just do!

3 Sep

Being a fan of an idol group doesn’t always involve logic. I was contemplating this because, in retrospect, it was a little ridiculous to go to both Doll☆Elements concerts. At the same time, what I did could be considered completely normal behavior for a hardcore fan. Which reinforces the original premise that being an idol fan doesn’t always involve logic. For instance, I wouldn’t know how to explain my DollElements fandom to non-believers, at least not coherently or objectively. If you aren’t a fan of teh Elements, you just wouldn’t understand.

Which makes DollElements exactly like Apple Jacks!

Apple Jacks are a kid’s cereal that had an extremely stupid series of commercials back in the late 80s to mid 90s–the golden age to be a kid. The commercials shared the same format: a group of kids hanging out, eating Apple Jacks, and having to explain to adults or older siblings why they liked eating Apple Jacks so much–even though they didn’t taste like apples. Only their explanations for why they liked Apple Jacks made no sense and basically amounted to them saying they liked them because, well they just did! It was like, “Mom, I’m addicted to Apple Jacks, deal with it!”

This should make more sense after watching the following, which is considered the best Apple Jacks commercial of all time by some person on the internet:

That is exactly what idol fans sound like when discussing their favorite group.

Billy: I’ll trade you ten Rikapyon limited edition cards for one Runapon bikini card.
Theo: Don’t make me laugh. I should punch you in the face and burn down this garage for that ridiculous proposal.
Dad/Mr. Henderson: I thought you kids were building a robot.
Zack: We’re building a doll house, Mr. Henderson. D’uh! And we’re just chilaxing.
4Dad/Mr. Henderson: And talking about DollElements again, I see.
Theo: “Hey, what’s wrong with you kids? DollElements don’t taste like apples… I mean dolls.” Your dad is so lame.
Hercules: Yeah, that isn’t why we like DollElements!
Dad/Mr. Henderson: Then why do you like them?
Zack: We like them because… well…
Billy: It’s like… umm…
 Yo, Mr. Henderson is like a math teacher with these crazy questions!
Zack: Yeah, he’s killig my Elements high. Obviously we like them because…
Billy: Runapon wearing a bikini!! *falls into a coma*
Hercules: I think Billy died again. Anyway, it’s like this… we like them because… uhh…
Zack: We just do!!
Everyone except Billy: Yeah!!

“Doll Elements, we push who we like”
Extended scene
Theo: Billy, can I kill your dad? I got that itch again. And the only cure is killing Mr. Henderson with my bare hands.
Billy: I think you need more Apple Jacks. Apple Jacks make you happy, remember?

And that is why making idol recommendations is ineffective. We like who we like. There’s no logic involved and that’s simply how it’s always been–even when we were living in caves and hunting dinosaurs. “I like stegosaurus!” “That’s great Lancelot. But why do you like them?” “I just do! Deal with it!” 

But, seriously, DollElements are the best.

Yukino: Kawaii pose everyone!
Runapon: That’s the only pose I know.
Izumin: That’s the only pose I know too… except when I’m in ossan mode.
Gonchan: Rika, hold me! Hurry, no ones looking!
Rikapyon: I am holding you!
Gonchan: Hold me with your face!


3 Responses to “I don’t know why I like Doll☆Elements, I just do!”

  1. wattstax17 2015/09/09 at 9:51 am #

    That is the statement:
    “We like who we like. There’s no logic involved and that’s simply how it’s always been(…)”
    I also have some groups of which I don’t know why I like them, or viceversa, why I dislike them.

    But wow, Rika’s legs…

    And now I am hungry for Apple Jacks. Although I am really one of those people who doesn’t like apples. Please put a box of it in an empty coin locker at Osaka Station, for me to collect! Thank You!

    • Shaun 2015/09/13 at 7:22 pm #

      Lol, Apple Jacks is so packed with preservatives that it would survive if I left you a box. I could put the cereal and milk in different lockers and provide you with a complex series of equations to solve in order to find the locker numbers. Something difficult like “1 + 2 – 7” = locker number for Apple Jacks. And “8 + 903 / 4” = locker with the milk. And you would have to drink the milk regardless of the condition it was in :P

      Originally, Cheeky Parade was the catalyst for what I was attempting to explain, since on a rational level, out of the three idol Street groups, they fit my interests the most since they have the best music and are the most high energy. For some reason though, they never clicked with me. I think this is relatively common though, and becomes more evident when you are a fan of the groups from a particular agency, in which you like some but not all of the sister groups, and the reasons for liking one and not the other aren’t necessarily consistent or logical.

      • wattstax17 2015/09/14 at 2:51 am #

        Any type of music is more about emotional bonding than intellectual reasoning. It can be assumed it is even more the case with idols, though this could be just me.
        The Agency thing is apparent in my likeness for Arc Jewel groups. My favourite idol there is Yuriko of Lovely Doll, but I don’t care for any other members in it. My favourite group is Stella Beats, though members are good but not on the same emotional level than with Yuriko. The other groups are more or less not of my interest, although all groups are pretty much the same in style, even performing each others songs. I also learned to like Kana as a person by meeting her several times, whereas her music still needs to grow on me.
        There really seems to be no constant in how choosing someone’s idol works out in general.

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