If TIF 2012, TIF 2013, & TIF 2014 all got married and had a kid named TIF 2015

13 Apr

This will be my very first time attending Tokyo Idol Festival 2015! *thunderous applesauce* And I know everyone is wondering the same thing… “Will there be idols in bikinis?” and “Will there be bikinis in idols??” Well, I have noooo idea, because I’ve never been to Tokyo Idol Festival 2015! So, I can’t answer whether there will be idols in bikinis or bikinis in idols (whatever that means), but if I had to guess… sure why not! Spread the word. There will be idols in bikinis and bikinis in idols and bikinis in bikinis. 

I don’t care about any of that though! I only attend TIF to become best friends with my favorite idols… and to figure out my oshimen’s home address.

Possible TIF Update on April 18
There hasn’t been any TIF news since the initial reveal on March 23. This weekend there will a concert promoting the event and it’s possible there will be new information, hopefully including the second wave of performers.


Doll☆Elements “ONE-MAN LIVE 2015 SUMMER”
Because of last year’s crappy TIF, my original plan was to wait for more information: what venues will be used, which groups will be performing, and the types of bikinis they will be wearing. Then I’d make an informed decision. Like a normal person.

That plan disintegrated into dust after Doll☆Elements announced solo concerts in Nagoya and Osaka on August 8 and 9. That’s a week after TIF! At that point it was like, case closed, class dismissed, end of discussion, it’s on like Donkey something, kill one bird with two stones, and a walrus in the bush is worth two in the something something. You get the idea. {I don’t think anyone understands any of that.} What I’m trying to explain is, I’ll attend TIF and then the following week I’ll embark on an adventure stalking DollElements in Nagoya and Osaka.
Trip Details
July 28 – August 11

Budget one million yen
Concerts Tokyo Idol Festival 2015, IDOL NATION, Silent Siren, GEM, SUPER☆GiRLS, Doll☆Elements Nagoya & Osaka concerts, and Chubbiness “Beef and Chicken” Tour


3 Responses to “If TIF 2012, TIF 2013, & TIF 2014 all got married and had a kid named TIF 2015”

  1. I can’t wait to live vicariously through you this summer. It’ll be like we share the same body! In fact, because I’m a girl, you could totally get away with buying the cheaper girl’s tickets. Or just dress up like a girl. :D

    I’m sad that they won’t be re-visiting KITTY HALL complete with the ladder on the stage. It would have been perfect if they announced a summer show there too so you can go and be all, Oh yeah – I’ve been to KITTY HALL.

    Chubbiness “Beef and Chicken” Tour

    • Shaun 2015/04/13 at 11:33 am #

      I’ll try to make a pilgrimage to KITTY HALL. When I return, I won’t have any photos of TIF or anything idol related, but for some reason my blog will be full of KITTY HALL pics.

      And I forgot to mention the TIF concert this weekend. There could be updates soon.

      • I know you’re joking but secretly I really hope you do… It’ll be like some religious experience for you! After it happens you’ll shave your head and start wearing a robe and leave all your material possessions behind and become a hermit that lives in a remote mountain top.

        Or you’ll go full-WOTA and I’ll never talk to you again. (joking!)

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