Interidol Relationships: What are they and why are we so obsessed with them?

1 Apr

The most special and pure love is the love between two idols.

That we’re allowed to watch.

Natsumi: Is it cute when girls hold each other?
Rika: I don’t know. Just keep holding me. Promise that you will always hold me.
Natsumi: I promise. But what about when it’s bedtime?
Rika: Especially when it’s bedtime. That’s the most important time to hold me.

Natsumi: Is it ok for us to hold each other? Runapon might get upset.
Rika: You just keep holding me. I’ll handle Rubichanpan!

Natsumi: Your hand is so soft.
Rika: I know. I stole Runa’s lotion.

Natsumi’s hand: We can’t keep meeting like this. Runa is going to find out.
Rika’s hand: Stop talking and hold me.

Yukino: Hey, anyone want this?
 What’s that Bear-chan? I should change into a bikini and do a little dance?

Natsumi: No, Yukino you mustn’t. Rika will get upset.

Natsumi: No, Runa you mustn’t. Rika will get upset.

Natsumi’s hand: Hmm, what do we have here? It’s so warm and soft. It’s like there’s a party in her shorts and only my hands were invited.

Natsumi: *nervous* Rika, may I have this dancing dancing dance?

Yukino: C’mon, who wants this? 500 yen. Anyone? Look, I’ll rub it all over my body, ok? Now I’m sitting on it. Oh yeah! Hey, where’s everyone going? Alright, alright. 400 yen!


5 Responses to “Interidol Relationships: What are they and why are we so obsessed with them?”

  1. omg at you posting this after I found out about their sex song.

    You did this on purpose!!!



  2. wattstax17 2015/04/01 at 3:03 am #

    Nice observations. Takes an unhealthy amount of admiration to find all these pictures *hehe*

    Chubbinomics, eh? Why do I expect postings about your failed cooking attempts in the future?!?

    • Shaun 2015/04/02 at 10:45 pm #

      I have a password-protected folder on my computer called “Important documents – Do not delete.” It’s just photos of idols holding each other.

      Once the Abenomics reign of terror ends, Chubbiness will become the rightful leaders of Japan. And when that happens I’m moving there. Imagine every girl in Japan becoming twice as large. In both mind and body. But especially body.

      @Jo: Maybe “Scream and Shout” will get it’s own music video and dance shot? Let’s take this to the twitterverse.

  3. wattstax17 2015/04/03 at 7:36 am #

    Well, I am totally contend with girls that are L-Size. But wait, these would be XL-Size then? Or CL-Size even? (Chubby-League-Size)
    Will lolis still be called lolis or renamed lollies then? My head aches for all these possible new accomplishments…

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