Is everyone buckled up? [Yes. I’m always buckled up.] This is big news, you should also put on your helmet. [Alright, I put it on.] You have a helmet? Really? [Umm… no, I was just kidding *takes off helmet*]

24 Mar

Today during Fuji TV’s press conference for Tokyo Idol Project, Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 was announced! [OMG! Good thing I’m buckled up, but I should have kept my helmet on!] Tokyo Idol Project appears to be a cross media venture spanning television, web, and live concerts and events, but no one cares about aaaaany of that because Tokyo Idol Festival 2015 was announced!
tif2015TIF 2015 will be held on August 1 and 2 and the lineup currently includes:

Up Up Girls
Afilia Saga
Dorothy Little Happy
Babyraids Japan

HKT48 and Dempagumu Inc. were at today’s press conference and it’s logical to assume they will attend again this year. Unfortunately, having been to Tokyo Idol Festival 2012, 2013, and 2014, I’ve realized there is rarely anything logical about TIF.

The past three years, TIF was announced during the first or second week of April, so overseas fans who are interested in attending have an extra two to three weeks to decide. I’m going to try to book my airfare and hotel this week, because my favorite hotel in Odaiba is very popular and I like being able to just walk or somersault to the venue. It would be really convenient if I could see into the future and make sure Doll☆Elements and GEM will be attending. Although if I could see into the future, I probably wouldn’t care about TIF and I’d just try to figure out Runapon’s home address. [How would seeing into the future reveal Runapon’s home address?] I don’t know, I’ll figure that out once I am able to see into the future. And why aren’t you wearing your helmet?

While I contemplate why Negicco still exists, here is my super sloppy, poorly written, and completely unfunny wish list for TIF 2015

1. More iDOL Street please Last year only GEM and a janky Street-sei senbatsu team participated. That is unacceptable and I demand SUPER☆GiRLS return this year. Otherwise, I can’t rename the event Tokyo Reira Festival. [What about Cheeky Parade??] Oh yeah, them. Yes, they can return this year as well. I would also mention Street-sei, but on March 4, iDOL Street’s producer announced Street-sei is disbanding. It’s the end of an era, but considering the downward trajectory of iDOL Street and avex’s legendary cheapness, it’s not surprising. By this summer the fourth group will also have been unveiled and TIF would be a great event for them to debut, considering every single iDOL Street group has attended TIF during their first year. 

2. More Doll☆Elements please Last year they performed both days and four times total. That’s alright, but ten performances would be even better. With bikinis! If they participate again I vow to camp out for every one of their stages. Especially the bikini ones.

3. I forgot what 3 was

4. Please use Zepp Tokyo and Zepp Diver City Using the Mezamashi Live stage is cheap, lame, and embarrassing. It’s chelambarrasing.

5. Can all the Idoling fans please stay at home? I’d like to see Idoling this year, unfortunately there are so many Idoling fans at TIF that it’s impossible unless you camp out. And obviously I’m not camping out for them, so Idoling fans please just stay at home. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of other TIFs and concerts for you guys to see them. It’s not like they’re disbanding.


6 Responses to “Is everyone buckled up? [Yes. I’m always buckled up.] This is big news, you should also put on your helmet. [Alright, I put it on.] You have a helmet? Really? [Umm… no, I was just kidding *takes off helmet*]”

  1. wattstax17 2015/03/24 at 8:01 am #

    Wow, you really booked already? I will still waiting for announcements of detailed organization schedules. I it is a mess I rather go later for @JAM or something else during the time of TIF.
    Oh! Please join the JPHIP thread from Caio ;)

  2. Shaun 2015/03/24 at 11:35 am #

    I haven’t booked yet, although I’m checking flights and hotel availability. Initially I was going to book this week, but you’re absolutely right about it being too soon.

  3. 3. I forgot what 3 was

    #3 was clearly supposed to be about your love for! :)

  4. tsutomo 2015/03/24 at 3:42 pm #

    1- I see you are a Shaquille O’neal fan. *rolleyes*

    2-You number 5 item will never happen. since its the last year of the group and the festival is informally the Tokyo Idoling Festival (see last year) I’m almost sure we will have an overdose of them this year. expect 30 shows of the group and its sub-units or collaborations, Idoling fans coming from all around the country and the last show to close the event, a big 4 hour Idoling cry fest with ceremonies, shows, past members coming again to stage…

    3-they are so stupid that I expect to see even more outdoor venues this year. since I have no plans to buy tickets (I’ll see the festival as one of those ‘casuals’ in the free stages. more than half of them are free eitherway so why bother?), I just hope we have an epic rainfall to ruin the festival so I can stay at home. =P

    4-you should do like wattstax and come here in the end of the month to see @Jam Expo. Supaga was there last year… *rolleyes*

    • Shaun 2015/03/26 at 9:55 pm #

      @Jo, my ears (and eyes) are still recovering from their “performance.”


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