It was the End of the World. And Everyone was DANCIN’ DANCIN’ DANCE!!

10 Feb

This video may be NSFW

Unfortunately for me, the first time I watched DANCIN’ DANCIN’ DANCE!! I was at work. When the video started it felt like my whole body was being invaded by dance. I was powerless to resist and all I wanted was more dance. I jumped on my desk and knocked over monitors, table lamps, drinks, anything in my path as I celebrated the power of dance. I felt so free, especially when dancing dancing dance resulted in the destruction of company property and people getting kicked in the face. This was pure dance. Not the fake stuff you see on TV or read about in books. As I explored dance, dance explored me. My colleagues were horrified. And so was I. The first time is always scary. Security was called and they escorted me out of the building.

And I was dancing dancing dance the entire time.

is a unit song that debuted at GEM’s first one-man on September 13, 2014. Footage of the unit never existed though and the song was soon forgotten. That is until a few days ago when the above video was uploaded and all hell broke loose. “Shit went viral overnight,” said some guy on the internet.  DANCIN’ DANCIN’ DANCE!! was officially back.

The unit includes GEMbers Rana, Chisami, Kako, and Sara. Rana-berry and Chisami-saurus are the main vocalists, and Kako-tee and Sara-kizzy are the dancers and back-up vocalists. The song is horrendiculous, but DANCIN’ DANCIN’ DANCE!! is pure awesome-chowder for one reason: Sara did the choreography.

During their one-man, she explained that she was under a lot of pressure to produce something great. So leading up to the concert, she often conferred with Kako for advice. They talked on the phone for hours and hours about dance.

They also talked about make-up, fashion, and boys.

The night before Sara was to present DANCIN’ DANCIN’ DANCE!! to the group, she stayed up late working in her dance studio–the birthplace of dance–aka the laundry room. On a typical night she’d be asleep by 8PM, right after her bath, and would wear super-short shorts and a tight-fitting cami to bed. But that night was different. That night there would be endless dance. So the super-short shorts and tight-fitting cami would have to wait and lay neatly folded on her bed. In place of super-short shorts and tight-fitting cami, she changed into her dance attire: super-short shorts and a tight-fitting tee tied in a knot to show off her tummy.

While finishing the dance, she called Kako one final time to go over last-second details. All dancers know that true dance is in the details and she had ever so much to discuss. She was positively overwhelmed by dance.

And she was sweaty.

She was never able to reach Kako though, because in an unexpected plot twist Kako had already fallen asleep! While Sara was dancing dancing dance, Kako was sleeping sleeping sleep.

So Sara finished the choreography alone. And when she finally fell asleep, after slipping into her tight fitting cami, she had the craziest dream…

“Hmm, what was it about again?” she wondered as she caressed her legs, which were still tender from the night of endless dancing.

“Oh yeah, the dream was about dance!”

“Well, that and being promoted to center after Maya gets eaten by a zombie dinosaur from outer space… but it was mainly about dance.”

I need more dance. Can I please have a little more dancing dancing dance??


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