I OJ3V Japan

4 Jan

Tomorrow is my last day in Japan and I wanted to write at least one entry while I’m here. But I’m super lazy so I’ll just post photos instead.

I OJ3V Doll☆Elements!
The highlight of my trip was seeing Doll☆Elements not once, not twice, not 10 times, but four times! And that still wasn’t enough. I went to their “Doll☆Fes” concert on 12.30 with Tobi, and two mini-live events for their 4th single “Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau.” The first was in Chiba on 12.28 and the second was in Yokohama on 1.4. I got 2-shots with each member at the Yokohama event and confessed my love to Runa during the handshake event. The members of the group also handed out “Doll☆Soba” at their concert, with the artwork done by Gonchan. During the handshake I told her that it was delicious and jokingly asked for seconds. (I didn’t actually eat it of course. Just like I never ate the predia candy I got last year.)

Other concerts
12.28 predia Party @ Shinjuku ReNY
12.29 Idol Koushien @ Shinjuku ReNY (Houkago Princess, PiiiiiiiN, PPP! PiXiON, BELLRING, pla2me, et al.)

12.30 FIVE STARS 2014 @ Studio Coast and Zepp Tokyo (GEM!!!, Houkago Princess, READY TO KISS, Links, Cheeky Parade, et al.)
12.31 Alice Project Countdown @ PARMS
1.1 PASSPO 5th Anniversary concert (and Makochan’s graduation) @ Tokyo Dome City Hall
1.3 Idol Koushien @ Shinjuku ReNY (PiiiiiiiN, PPP! PiXiON, Lyrical School, Rhymeberry)

My updated 2015 TOP TEN Idol Groups
1. Doll☆Elements
2. GEM
3. predia
5. PiiiiiiiN
6. Fairies
7. Houkago Princess
8. PPP! PiXiON
9. E-girls
10. I’m not sure, so I’ll pencil in Chubbiness for now

Odaiba: The view from my hotel window

Almost every morning cosplayers took photos outside my window.

Gundam “action photos”
These were taken during the morning show when the statue’s lights blink and there are sound effects and the head moves.

Gundam “pervy photos”

And those will be the last Gundam photos on this blog. Ever.

Things that amuse me about Japan

The end


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