OMG (Oh my GEM), Maya has an evil twin sister!

13 Nov

But more importantly, why are Maya and her evil twin sister the center in Ranachin’s video?
How can Rana not be the center in a video based on a song where she is the center!! Wait, does that make sense? <Uh, nothing you write makes sense. But I think I understand. You’re pointing out that Rana is the center of the song, but not the center of the video. And you’re perplexed because you’re a Ranachin fanboy> 

Producer: We need more Maya in this video dammit! How do we get more Maya in this video??
Maya’s manager: CG? Maybe a robot Maya?
Maya’s other manager: How about a massive room filled with mirrors so it looks like there are infinite Mayas?
Accountant: Too expensive. Don’t you remember we actually had to film the last music video at her house?

Director: I got it! Maya’s evil twin sister!!

This is the cover? REALLY? Maya sitting on a throne, wearing a different dress, and holding what appears to be a treasure chest, but is actually an insanely huge bento box! What an insult to the other GEMbers.

I love Yuki’s expression though. She’s like, “As soon as I turn 21 I’m outta here!” (hint she is in the upper left corner)

While GEM’s video was disappointing, Doll☆Elements new video is almost perfect. Great song, amazing outfits, cute choreography, stylistic backdrops, beautifully filmed, and features each member prominently. And it’s also… <Let me guess, “super long kawaaaiiiii”?>

Doll☆Elements – Kimi ni Sakura Hirari to Mau 


3 Responses to “OMG (Oh my GEM), Maya has an evil twin sister!”

  1. wattstax17 2014/11/19 at 10:18 am #

    I am confused here: The GEM video says Short Version, no doubt possible, but it shows the WHOLE song. Is there a super rare, 20 minutes avantgarde pop version of it, with the lyrics repeated every time, only being sung by a new member solely each time? Or is German Youtube so special, disregarding any limitations? How grand!

    Anyway, I knew the song before the MV from some TV performances before. It of course immediately caught my attention for recycling (again) a well known German classical number. Extra points for every group with German references! It’s only average though and the dancing gets much too powerful during the instrumental part. But I like the costumes, despite the misery of the two members who have to wear the long trousers. I can’t make out an EVIL twin though. I think you let the difference in white dress and dark dress fool you here. You shouldn’t fall to your prejudices.

    And why does the one member remind me that much of Super Girls Katsuta Rino?

    The Doll Elements song, although being basically very generic idol pop, has nice tempi changes. The climpering of the piano soon gets on my nerve though. Could have used some acoustic guitars instead. The song is nothing special but I agree with most of your points. I especially like the singing and the general choreography (the umbrellas). Also great close-ups.

    • Shaun 2014/11/19 at 10:20 pm #

      The full versions are included in the dvd edition of their singles and feature an extended intro scene. And they actually are 20 minutes long!
      (jk, the intros are pointless and only add about a minute to the length)

      And I agree, there should be more Beethoven x idol collaborations.

      Which member do you think looks like Rino? I can only think possibly Kakochin (lower left on the cover).

      The evil twin was a reference to Maya appearing twice, once as herself (GEM member) and the second as the girl wearing the white dress. I’m sure the “second” Maya was supposed to be metaphorical/symbolic, but I chose to interpret her as a twin instead. And in America, it’s common to joke that when there are twins, one of them is invariably “evil.”

      edit: The view count for the Doll Elements video went from ~5k to almost 100k in a few days. Crazy. Since it’s release it’s only been going up a couple hundred a day, but somehow suddenly added 95k.

  2. wattstax17 2014/11/21 at 1:22 am #

    If you mean with lower left the lower right, when a person looks on the cover, then it should be Kakochin. In the video she is best seen between 1:30 and 1:42 minutes.

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