“Hi, my name is Herman Kobabowitz… and I’m a Doll☆Elements addict.”

15 Oct

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.10.49 AMI have no idea why, how, or why, but Doll☆Elements have become my favorite group.
[That’s great, but who the f-junk is Herman Kobabowitz?] Oh, he’s just someone I met at last week’s Doll☆Elements Addicts Anonymous meeting.
[Isn’t it supposed to be anonymous?]
Yeah, it is. We’re just really stupid. 

Incoherent Doll☆Elements Story
*brews a pot of chamomile tea* It all started last week when I was watching the Tokyo Idol Festival special that featured GEM. For some reason, instead of watching and re-watching GEM’s performance, I found myself watching and rewatching Doll☆Elements (who happened to be included in the same broadcast). I’ve known of them for a while, but only by name–technically I saw them at TIF 2012, but to say that I “saw” them is a total exaggeration. PASSPO and predia had just finished their night performance at Sky Stage and I was planning on getting out of there asap in order to bypass the queue that was guaranteed to form at the elevator. However, since I was in the front row (a fact I have to mention because evidently being in the front row for predia makes me a total pervert *sigh*), I couldn’t escape the stage area before someone affiliated with Doll☆Elements (maybe their manager?) handed me a flyer and frantically asked anyone who would listen to stick around for their performance. Back in 2012, they were still relatively new and I felt bad because all the PASSPO/predia fans were leaving. So I reluctantly went back to the stage. I had no intention of staying too long though–I’m nice, but I’m not that nice. So I watched them for a minute and then I very secretly moved further and further away from the stage until the next thing I knew I had gone down the lift and was at a completely different stage. [Wow, a whole minute] I also still have the flyer. [Well, that’s predictable considering you never buy goods, so stuff like concert streamers, promotional flyers, ticket stubs, and anything else that is handed out for free which most normal people either decline or promptly throw away become your souvenirs.] Please don’t tell my readers that the free stuff that everyone else throws away are my treasures!! [Umm, I didn’t use the word treasure.]
photo (18)Anyway, *sips chamomile tea* for this year’s TIF I saw Doll☆Elements at Hot Stage and Smile Garden. I was pretty close to the stage for both performances (you can see me in the broadcast at both stages. But don’t look too closely because evidently being close to the stage makes me a total pervert! *sigh*). I thought they were good, but they didn’t leave a lasting impression. It wasn’t until the TIF footage that everything suddenly clicked and ever since I’ve been scouring the internet for new Doll☆Elements treasures. Unfortunately, they only have a few concert clips online, so I’ve been continually watching them on an endless loop. Which reminds me *checks watch* we should probably start watching them again, I’m experiencing withdrawals. [Sorry, but I don’t have time for that. I have like ten kids!] Ten kids? I thought you were just one of my sassy split personalities. [Hey, what I do with my free time is my business!]

Unfortunately, they really don’t have a lot of videos online, probably because they haven’t done that many one-mans (only six in their two year existence), and the few concerts they have done haven’t been released on dvd. Their official youtube channel has clips of most of their recent concerts though. The following video doesn’t include their best songs (imo), but the video quality is better than the others. The third song 空の向こうへ (Sora no Mukou he) is amazing though and even a blind brain surgeon would think the choreography is cute. I would literally kill to see it performed live. Oh, yeah you’re right. I would figuratively… and literally kill to see it performed live.

The key to becoming a hardcore fan of a group is finding a favorite member. Without an oshimen (or oshiGEM), I think it’s difficult to become more than just a casual fan of a group. The Doll☆Elements lineup is amazing and I dare anyone to get to know the group and not become obsessed with at least one of the members. Personally I like all six of them. More accurately though,  I like all the members equally, just some more equally than others.

Super-long kaawwaaiiiiiiiiiii

Super-long kaawwaaiiiiiiiiiii

Form left to right: Natsumi Gonda, Rika Tonosaki, Haruka Koizumi, Runa Kojima, and Yukino Komori. (If you compare this current photo with the flyer from 2012, you’ll notice there’s been two lineup changes. In the flyer, the girls 3rd and 4th from the left graduated and were replaced by Haruka and Yukino).

If the world was going to end tomorrow and you had to choose an oshimen today:
Natsumi (Gonchan) – the leader and anime/otaku type. She also has perfect legs, I mean, if you’re into that. Which I am, because evidently I’m a total pervert.
Rika (Rikapyon) – the sophisticated member who does gravure.
Haruka (Izumi) – the super hot former member of YGA who is now the super hot current member of Doll☆Elements. She’s also the center.
Runa (Runapon) – the super-genki, super-long kawaaiiiii, adorably-funny miracle member.
Yukino (Yukinon) – the youngest and most-genki, who is also considered the “funny” member.
Screenshot 2014-10-15 15.41.08
If they are awesome and perfect why are they so unpopular? (edit: I didn’t intend this “reason” to be controversial, so I rewrote it a little. But the idea is the same.)
Despite having an almost perfect lineup and great music (they recently released their first album which came in two versions, each with completely different tracks), Doll☆Elements literally has zero overseas fanbase (which is strange considering even fringe underground idol groups typically have a few fans). I think it’s mainly because they are the younger sister group of Lovely★Doll, who I consider to be mediocre. If fans aren’t interested in the flagship, then they probably aren’t going to be motivated to get to know the sister groups. I think this is a pretty common phenomena with agencies who manage multiple groups. Any feelings you have for a group like AKB48, SUPER☆GiRLS, or PASSPO, will either positively or negatively influence your perception of their sister groups. I think their affiliation with Lovely★Doll has unfortunately limited Doll☆Elements potential fanbase.

If only they could be sister groups with SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM!

Idol News Update #1
After a 20 year hiatus Misa is back!
The last time we heard from Misa she had just been rejected by PASSPO and was spending her summer at her grandma’s strawberry farm to recover. But that was two years ago, which is an eternity in idol years. On 8.31 Misa updated her blog and she announced she joined a new indie group called Stereo Tokyo. Reading some of her tweets they seem to have some sort of relationship with the group Yumemiru Adolescence. They haven’t released anything, but in simultaneously sad and hilarious news, one of the members graduated after just one week.

Idol News Update #2
After a 7 million year hiatus Nene is back!
Nene Sakuragi rejoined Houkago Princess on 9.17. She left the group earlier this year to focus on school, but she didn’t technically graduate, allowing for a potential return. This is relevant because she’s hot and probably the second most popular member. <Is hotness and popularity the only thing you care about? You disgust me!> No, an idol’s political ideology is also important!

img20140925houpri3Nene is in the middle row on the far right (above) and fifth from the left (below). Interestingly they let her participate in the promotional material for their latest single despite her not appearing in the video or performing at their 3rd anniversary concert last month. Looking at the above photo, the group would be a lot stronger as six members and dropping the trainees. But Houkago Princess has had more member turnover than any group I have ever followed (not counting AKB).

Street-sei Update
Sutorigu 3’s opening ceremony was on 10.11, so now I have an excuse for updating my Street-sei ranking.















Team champion Nagoya (runner up Sendai)
MVP Ruka
Concerts are streamed on showroom (or you can do what I do and subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/user/kchipmunk and https://www.youtube.com/user/nagelibre12 since these channels record the shows)

Fans can vote at the following website: https://map.pigoo.jp/  (please vote for Hazuiki)

Unfortunately, Sutorigu 3 is pretty much pointless since any potential iDOL Street group that will emerge from this Street-sei class is doomed. 

But even though the 4th group is doomed, everyone knows I’m still a huge Doll☆Elements fan.


23 Responses to ““Hi, my name is Herman Kobabowitz… and I’m a Doll☆Elements addict.””

  1. wattstax17 2014/10/16 at 12:10 am #

    Well, regarding the pervert bit, I just cited Caio on this. To be honest, I enjoy this as well. But hush!!! ;) But I feel much more comfortable in third row or something. I find it embarassing to be watched by the idols constantly.

    Doll Elements interested me once but I couldn’t find any (complete) material from them. Maybe I should try them again, as I like Lovely Doll. Have to post about them soon. So thanks for the refresh :D

    But curious: You mentioned to love every ‘six’ members of them, but in the photos I can see only ‘five’. Which member did you kidnap?

    And I disagree, that you only can enjoy a group if you have an oshi. I find this too extreme, as I would then neglect the other cute members ;)

    • Shaun 2014/10/16 at 1:03 am #

      I literally lol’d when I read that in your blog! Caio straight up joked about that to my face several times at TIF :P. But I joke around so much that I can receive it also.

      It’s interesting you mentioned the oshi thing, because I was actually thinking about how I wasn’t sure who your favorite Bellring and Party Rockets members were, thereby contradicting my theory. My perspective is based on how difficult it is for overseas fans to follow a group. In my experience having a true favorite makes it a lot more convenient to just follow her blog and twitter, and by default follow the group. But without that one (or two) favorite members, I’ve found it difficult to maintain my interest.

      Technically there are five members, but my favorite member is so cool she counts as two. Actually nm, that just makes her sound fat.

      I’ve also been meaning to comment on your blog because I was really impressed. After only a few months it’s already better than Caio’s! I read everything and I could relate to a lot of what you wrote, but I’ll leave proper comments at a later time.

      • wattstax17 2014/10/16 at 2:56 am #

        Your opinion of the need for having an oshi is very common. I hear this often. But I don’t know, maybe it is because I am a fan of music in general, that I can enjoy idol groups without following a specific member. For example I like PASSPO that much, because they are not your generic idols. Drinking alcohol and not hiding it, like Morishi, even make them more relatable. And I can get more out of a group if I can like more than one member. (Still I am not KSDD :P) And although I picked out Yukimi in PASSPO it was more an organizational decision: My sister likes Morishi (who striked me first) and I don’t like to compete, Naomi’s fan shirt were sold out in summer, Yukimi’s lines are always the shortest and I can limit my merchandize buys to one member. ;) And yea, talking to small girls feels weird for me, and tall Yukimi always positively stood out to me since the beginning :D Still, I made this decision of her as my oshi and will support until the end (graduation). I am no unreliable Brazilian or American *cough* Makoto over Shiori *cough*:P But I won’t disregard other members. To quote Caio again, this time with something intelligent (:P): ‘Disregarding other members of the group would be just plain rude.’
        Your point regarding oversea fans is even more concrete to me, but viceversa: Because I can’t understand Japanese really, it gets on my nerve to follow news or tweets frequently. What keeps my interest alive are Youtube videos, new releases and interaction with other idol fans, not particularly by the same group. But I would loose interest immediatlely, if they would change their musical style. A reason why I like Alice Juuban for expample, but having no interest in other Alice Project groups or their members. It would keep my interest to follow a member which has some traits I can relate to. But the only idol that came close to it is Amu Hayase, who likes dinosaurs as well as I. But I never met her so far and the language barrier would still be there for keeping up to date.
        Don’t know if you can follow what I mean to express. Sorry, for my wall of text here. I will make some additional comments in one of my future blog posts about some points here. Also regarding oshis in Bellring and Party Rockets.

        A tough evaluation of Caio’s blog! Be careful when you meet him again. But honestly, who wouldn’t be better than him :P Seriously now, the only thing bad in his blog is that it is written in this funny language and I always have to use Google Translate for figuring out the content. But his idol informations and reviews are always a pleasure and that he is strange and has no taste in groups you can account for already ;)

  2. Shaun 2014/10/17 at 1:36 pm #

    My blog isn’t worthy of your thoughtful analysis Tobi! Which makes me wish I could go to the New Years PASSPO flight with you guys. Talking with you two is much better than the conversations I have with myself :P. And converting you to the Doll☆Elements fandom would be much easier in person! There is still a small chance I can make it, but GEM hasn’t announced their holiday plans (I check everyday) and Doll☆Elements scheduled their Christmas concert too early (12.21). I may have to stick with my spring and summer 2015 plan after-all (spring since that is when most groups tour and summer for the festivals).

    And I understand what you are saying since I had a similar perspective when I was a hardcore PASSPO fan. I was such a fan of their music and high energy concerts, that everything else was secondary. I’ve realized there are all types of fans who consider different qualities the most important in a group. But I think there is one constant, and that is all fans change during the course of their fandom. It’s like an S-curve in economics, there is a limit to how high your interest in a group can reach before it invariably plateaus and then begins to drop. That’s why I think it’s awesome you’re going to so many PASSPO concerts right now. And I’m trying to do the same with the groups I like.

    • wattstax17 2014/10/17 at 10:21 pm #

      Your irony never fails to confuse me! But I like that :D
      You pointed out some really interesting questions: Deflating interest in a group as a constant? Is this something that concerns only oversea fans because from lack of regular interaction with the group? What the hell is an S-curve? And after 21.12. will you be lost for the GEM-fandom? Really much to talk about ;)

      But yeah, Doll Elements is too early. One day later and I could have made it. Maybe. :P And I fully agree, each of us should follow their current idols and decide our own schedules by that. Hopefully there will still be some overlapping in our schedules next year.

  3. kasparaitis 2014/10/25 at 5:30 pm #

    “I’ve also been meaning to comment on your blog because I was really impressed. After only a few months it’s already better than Caio’s!”

    I see what you did there. and already made a voodoo doll with your face, be prepared to suffer! =P

    and you guys have no business in complaining about my late posts cuz you are blogging even less than me! only one post in a month? what a shame! =P

    “an idol’s political ideology is also important!”

    I totally agree with that comment! it’s sad that people thinks us wotas are perverts for liking these groups by the girls’ looks, c’mon! we like them for the ‘complete package’! I for exemple picked Sekki as my Up Up oshimen becuz she has a Ludwig von Mises poster in her room. ;D

    • Shaun 2014/10/25 at 10:59 pm #

      But I only mentioned your TIF post was late after you brought it up. So it should be a voodoo doll of Tobi.

      Unless I’m in Japan there isn’t anything to write about. I force myself to do one entry per month to keep my streak going. Actually, there is something I should apologize for. I can’t believe we let you spend the night at McDonalds! I should have offered to let you crash at my hotel. I totally wasn’t thinking. Damn, we didn’t even at least hang out with you for 30 minutes and buy you a Happy Meal (aka a Happy Set)! Next time I’m in Japan I owe you a Doll Elements or GEM concert ticket. Or if you insist, Bellring!

      I do think it’s cool we influenced Tobi so much that he created his own blog. We’re awesome.

      And I only like Makochan because she has a Friedrich Hegel body pillow.

      • kasparaitis 2014/10/26 at 6:33 am #

        no problem man, I`m kinda used to missing the last train already. rofl but if u really wanna give me a GEM ticket, I accept. I`ll go there, hear “do you believe” and get home. =P

        I can’t believe you don’t have topics to talk about. u may not have reports to do, but u can still talk about impressions and latest news about your favorite groups. I’m pretty sure that if u talk about Ready to Kiss for example, your blog will be the only one not in japanese talking about the group. ;) the same way mine is the only one talking about Asfi and some other shitty groups. rofl

        oh and do u have a twitter account? add us there to communicate easily. =)

  4. Shaun 2014/10/26 at 5:04 pm #


    What’s yours?

    I have topics to write about, but it’s stuff like “Why aren’t idol skirts shorter??” and “Why hasn’t GEM conquered Japan yet?” And then random stuff like idol hairstyles and groups I hate.

    • kasparaitis 2014/10/26 at 6:08 pm #

      already sent a request to u. c`mon protected twitter? u use it to talk directly with some idols, I suppose. =D

      I like very much the first topic idea. =D and u should write about groups u hate too, it`s always funny when we write mean things about some groups. until u say something rude about Sekki and then I`ll have to make another voodoo doll. rofl

      • wattstax17 2014/10/26 at 10:56 pm #

        I can relate, Shaun. My topics wouldn’t be much better either. So far I have only written about my trips and idol fan shirts. To write about new youtube clips I found or looking up obscure groups that Caio mentions seems not to be a very interesting read. And what should I write about idols I don’t care about? For example, ‘I don’t like Sekki because she has strange fans.’ Who cares?
        But the skirt question sounds like something we should explore more closely ;) That is why you are always 1st row, to write an essay about it, right?

        But one question I contemplated about: I remember Axl Rose of Guns’n’Roses once wearing a shirt with the message ‘Kill your Idols’. Is there a Japanese version of it and can we persuade Caio to wear it at his next AKB event?

        And I applied for your Twitter too. Mine is just idol related. And Morishi is following you. Cool.

  5. kasparaitis 2014/10/27 at 6:11 pm #

    Tobias, print an “AKBullshit48” shirt and I’ll gladly use it. =D

    and it’s not writing about some random obscure group, but one you like. it may not be interesting for 99% of the people out there, but as long as you are having fun talking about them… that’s all that matters, no? in your case you could blog about Bellring or Passcode, like once a week post about their recent activities and infos. you’ll be checking the group’s website/twitter/whatever either way, so…

    oh and for not liking my Sekki, you warranted a voodoo doll for you too. =P

    • kasparaitis 2014/10/27 at 6:13 pm #

      dammit, I can’t edit my comment. I forgot it: what about making a post with your top 10 “idols I’d like to marry” or something like that? I’d find interesting to read your lists, boys.

      • wattstax17 2014/10/27 at 11:13 pm #

        You are right. The blog is for me. Maybe I do that, after finishing my posts about the last trip. The pressure, the pressure…

        Sekki is just not Minami :P

        About the list: I wonder if I even know enough idols for that. But I can try. But can we do a list about “Idols I’d want as friends” as well? Then yes, I believe in friendship between the sexes ;) And there are some idols that I would rather put in that category.
        Do you have idols you dislike?
        Where to post? Here? Or each in his own blog?

        Oh, beforeI forget: I may be able to extend my stay in Japan this winter. So if we can decide an appointment…

  6. Shaun 2014/10/28 at 12:09 am #

    I think someone wants to marry Sekki. Speaking of voodoo dolls…

    Tobi, didn’t Caio write in the PASSPO thread and I quote:” c’mon Shaun, don’t treat me like if I were one of those adolescents that get all emotional if you make a joke (or a criticism) around their favorite girl (or group). ;) ”

    Must have been someone else! :)

    Totally kidding–although all this time I considered the three of us anti-wotas, which is what makes us different (and cooler) than the typical idol fan.

    I’ve actually made a point to not hate on any group or idol in my blog. Although I recently stepped on a land mine when I called Lovely★Doll mediocre right when Tobi became a fan! I read his post and felt like an idiot. Sorry Tobi!

    Btw, am I the only one who thinks it would be cool if there was one group we could all be equal fans of? There are hundreds of groups, and our fandoms are all over the place. That way when we’re in Japan at the same time a certain person wouldn’t have to make voodoo dolls of us… and I wouldn’t have to be an idiot and bribe you guys to go to the concerts I want to go to. I guess I was being selfish and naive because I thought Doll Elements could be that group. Whoever discovers the group can win a prize, like these super rare PASSPO stickers.
    https://passpogasm.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/111212xv485.jpg (too lazy to take a new photo)

    Why aren’t any of the groups I like doing Christmas concerts?? I want to go to the PASSPO concert because Caio obviously wants to tell us the 10 idols he’d like to marry! As if I would ever blog about something like that!

    (and do we need a facebook group or something? I wish all these comments were about how you guys became Doll Elements addicts. Reminds me when we took over the TIF and PASSPO threads with our personal conversations lmao)

    • kasparaitis 2014/10/28 at 12:51 am #

      first of all I made that comment before Sekki turned into “mai waifu”. ;D

      hey Shaun, have your forgot that we all like Passpo? or you are talking about a group other than them?

      my idea was to make some “cross-posts” between the blogs, like one topic chosen and all three bloggers putting their personal intakes on it. a ranking of some sort would be an easy topic, I think… and yeah, you guessed right, I’m totally trying to find an excuse to talk more about Sekki’s perfection. rofl I think making a list of “idols to marry” and another for “idols to be friends” would be cool, as me too have some girls I’d like to be friends more than lovers.

      a facebook group would suck because it would make enter again in that shit. rofl mine is abandoned for years already. but hey, if you want, instead of chatting here we can go chat in Tobias’s blog. ;D

      • Shaun 2014/10/28 at 1:17 am #

        I actually hate FB. I never use it except to check in on a GEM club every now and then because the fans there actually know their shit.

        We can do this cross post thing. Sounds cool! I’m actually down to do a top 10 ranking, I mean I rank Street-sei members all the time — and I know you do end of the year rankings. My favorites are obvious though, just check my tag cloud and my idol of the month photos (especially this months, my new top oshimen)

        About the group we could all like, I’ve been a casual PASSPO fan for a while now. I was hoping for a group we could all like equally, or if not equally, at least a group that we can still see ourselves becoming bigger fans of. Maybe a group like that doesn’t exist though. But you’re right, PASSPO would be the closest thing to what I am talking about.

  7. wattstax17 2014/10/28 at 9:07 am #

    What is obvious: Real time chat is out of the question,

    with us being in America – Europe – Asia. We would

    never agree on the time. I read your post, but being on

    work steals my concentration.
    FB is not my cup of the either. Yea, a common ground


    So sorry for not commemnting on Doll Elements more. But

    you must admit: I started my first post with it. Caio

    just destroyed our exciting conversation. Again!
    But seriously: Wouldn’t the forum PM system be the best

    choice? It is closed to outsiders and we are all

    members. Or let’s make a LINE group, though it is a

    tiring read. But neither of use would be ashamed of

    posting their Hit List ;)

    Shaun, what do you mean with anti-idol? I suppose we

    are all not very protective of our favourite groups,

    when it comes to criticism. That is what I find so

    refreshing. Which doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy the


    I like your idea of a group that is liked equally by

    all of us. But PASSPO isn’t it. Caio is now fan of Up

    Up Girls, after they started events now (but soon

    realizing they chose the way to doom after a certain

    Brazilian took advantage of it). And you Shaun can’t

    seriously be considered a passenger anymore, missing

    Makochan’s graduation :P I see hardly any similarities

    in our preferences. So we should choose a generic but

    interesting idol group.

    My faves are obviously out of the question, and I don’t

    even talk about Bellring here. The Lovely Doll comment

    hurt a lot and I will now take lessons by Caio in

    “Making a Voodoo Doll for Dummys”! But anyway we should

    be on the lookout and post each other interesting

    candidates. Cross Posting would be a great start, I


    For clarification on PassCode: I like their music, but

    having seen their fans behaviour – no go. I would never

    feel comfortable going to a PassCode One Man alone.

  8. Shaun 2014/10/28 at 12:21 pm #

    “Anti-wota,” not anti-idols. I love idols. “Anti-wota” conveys what I consider my “punk” attitude towards the idol scene. “Punk” in the sense that I laugh at the nerdy conformity that exists in most fandoms.

    If you guys don’t mind public conversations, I’m fine also, so comment sections and forum PM are ok. When we’re in Japan we could use a chat app. In the U.S. we mainly use groupme, but we could use LINE. I was lame for not setting up data the last time, it’s not expensive anymore and I inconvenienced you guys.

    • kasparaitis 2014/10/28 at 3:51 pm #

      after you set up your Line account let us know, you can pass your ID through PM in the forum. I`ll put up a chat group there then.

      so is everyone up for the ranking topic task? what about a deadline… november 20th? okay? plenty of time to think, write and put online. the rules: you cannot repeat a girl in the “marry” and “friend” list. if possible write down some explanations why you like the girl, what she lacks, etc. only active idols allowed, no retired girls. I was thinking about a limit of two girls per group in each list, what do you think? too strict? if the list includes only girls from one or two groups it becomes too predictable and boring, imo.

      • wattstax17 2014/10/28 at 10:26 pm #

        anti-idol? That makes no sense. You must have edited my post!

        The limit of 2 for a group sounds reasonable. Agreed.

        But it is okay to just go by looks or first impression, right? Otherwise my ranking would stop at #3… :(

  9. wattstax17 2014/11/08 at 7:25 am #

    I will put this topic back on TRACKS (PASSPO reference) ;)

    Listened to Doll Elements now and must admit, I need to see them live as the music on its own doesn’t convince me right now. They remind me often of a crossover between Momoiro Clover Z and Super Girls, especially their song 君のコト守りたい!’Baby Baby’ I find exceptional as well. And Double stood out to me.

    • Shaun 2014/11/08 at 12:24 pm #

      Thanks for giving them a chance and taking the time to listen to the cd’s! My three favorite songs are: Baby Baby, with you, and Sora no Mukou he (but this last song is an unreleased song). So the third would be either “I will be,” Double,” “Soredake de Kitto Shiawase,” or “Daisuki Dakara.”

      And they just announced they are doing a concert on 12.30. Now I have to start re-planning a December trip. Not sure if it is possible, but this is a #gamechanger

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