I may have been a *little* hasty with declaring La Pom Pon the best pop group of all time!

7 Aug

I went to La Pom Pon’s mini-live yesterday… and I must have been temporarily insane to so daringly declare them the best pop group of all time.
lpp 8.7 aThe event was at TRESSA Yokohama which was a 70 minute train ride out of Tokyo, followed by a 20 minute walk in the blazing sun. When I arrived they were rehearsing their set.
lpp 8.7 2After 15 minutes they returned and opened with their 5 minute dance routine, a brief MC where they talked about performing at TIF, a cover of I have no idea what (wow, this is so informative), and finished up with what I presume will be their debut single since it’s their “best” song and just like at TIF, they taught the audience how to do the choreography.
lpp 8.7 5After seeing them a second time, they are much more similar to tsuribit, and nothing at all like GEM or Fairies. Performing at a mall in front of housewives and little kids during the middle of the day has this effect of making pop groups seem a million times less cool than they would appear on a real stage. With that being said, I still really like their leader Yukino, and will casually keep an eye on this group. Their staff filmed the event so maybe it’ll be uploaded to youtube.


2 Responses to “I may have been a *little* hasty with declaring La Pom Pon the best pop group of all time!”

  1. wattstax 2014/08/08 at 3:17 am #

    So, the event was only this:
    Dance routine
    1 Cover
    1 Original???

    Did you have to pay for it? And did Akushukais with them?

    Lesson of today:
    Don’t trust your first impression :P

  2. Shaun 2014/08/08 at 4:31 am #

    It was free. And no handshake. After their performance they scampered off into the sunset. There was a second mini-live later in the day, but I had seen enough and I wanted to check out the Yokohama ramen museum.

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