My New Favorite Group of All Time! (for at least this week)

5 Aug

Every now and then something happens in the world that is so revolutionary you can’t help but remember every single detail of that exact moment. Like when Reira was attacked by a vampire zombie from outer space, when GEM debuted and conquered the world, and when Saori graduated in order to focus on erotic musicals. And now…
LPP banner editLa Pom Pon, aka My New Favorite Group of All Time!
Maybe I’m insane, but the moment I saw this group perform at Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 I knew they were the type of talented “dance + vocal” units that I would immediately become a crazed fanboy of. They reminded me a lot of GEM mixed with a little bit of Fairies.

I happened to be at Enjoy Stadium just hanging out and patiently waiting for Narumi Takiguchi to perform. Little did I realize I would soon be watching my new favorite group of all time! I was lucky and had front row VIP access… which is my way of saying there was hardly anyone there at the time so I had front row by default. Once the group WHY@DOLL had just finished and their few fans left, there were even less people. It was a little awkward being one of like twenty people at this stage, but Enjoy Stadium was air-conditioned and there was no way I was going back outside to endure the “end of the world” global warming consuming Tokyo. The stage lights went out and the PA guy announced the next performance. One by one members of a mysterious group came on stage and performed solo dances (similar to Cheeky Parade’s dance intro). Once all the girls were on stage they continued their dance routine for what seemed like another 5 minutes. Ever since I randomly discovered PASSPO years ago, I always try to give a group a fair chance, because even though quality groups are few and far between, finding the good groups make it worthwhile. Eventually I found myself completely fixated on the girl who was color-coded green. After their dance routine they announced their group name was La Pom Pon, which similar to GEM, is a hilarious acronym standing for “Power of Music, Pride of New generation” and then they did a quick self-intro. (Note: from here on out I’ll be referring to them as LPP). 

The girl who appealed to me the most was named Yukino and evidently she’s the leader (aka the oldest member). She’s also the coolest… and prettiest, most talented, and cutest. And she *may* be a halfie, which makes her even cooler. If I was GEM’s producer I would immediately head-hunt her and make her co-center with Rana, but since that isn’t going to happen, they’ll just have to be my new favorite group ever! Following them will be difficult though, considering they haven’t released a single or posted any videos on YouTube. But they do have a pretty nice website and just launched their twitter account a few days ago. After their 5-minute dance routine they performed an original song… and then they were done. Their set was only 10 minutes long, but I was hooked and determined to see them at any stage they were going to perform at, even if it meant completely changing my TIF schedule. The only exception was I wouldn’t bump GEM. So the odds were really good that I would see them again. I mean there are 138 groups at TIF, and only one group was untouchable. I pulled out my iPhone and checked my schedule. They were done performing for Day 1, but they had a 15 minute set on Day 2. It was on like Donkey something! Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, God must hate me because once again he interfered with the TIF schedule and LPP was scheduled at the same exact time as GEM’s Hot Stage performance. OMG (Oh my GEM) why? The next day after GEM’s Hot Stage performance I booked it to Festival Stage just in case their performance was delayed or happened to run long. Unfortunately the stage was empty once I arrived and a few minutes later Lyrical School took the stage. I like Lyrical School so I hung around for their first song and then noticed a guy in the vicinity holding a LPP banner (must have been one of their staff). This could only mean one thing… the group was nearby! 
photo 3Turns out they were hanging out in the shade of the Diver City building. Even though at this point I felt like a total stalker, I just stared at them (as casually as I could). What else was there to do at TIF? Go to an actual performance?? Anyway, ten minutes later they finally headed out toward the market place where they evidently did a meet and greet – which is interesting considering I don’t think they have any goods for sale.
photo 1 (1)Their twitter account uploaded a photo of them after their performance at Festival Stage. Super long kaaaaawwaaaiiiii.

LPP TIFTomorrow they will be performing two mini-lives at a shopping mall called Tressa, located in Yokohama. So I’ll update this with a new recap on Friday. This actually reminds me of the time I became a predia fanatic. I saw them open for PASSPO back in 2011 and instantly became a fan, so a few days later I went to an event they had in Saitama. Basically I want to confirm whether LPP are as good as I remember, or if it was all temporary insanity on my part. And one of my main concerns about super indie groups is the stability of the lineup, since it is so common for girls to suddenly leave (probably after they realize being an idol isn’t as glamorous or fun as they once thought). Hopefully my female intuition is accurate, because groups that I truly like are very rare. Interestingly, they opened for Mai Kuraki on 8.1. I used to love Mai K back in the early 2000s.

To be continued…



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