In Japan corn dogs are called “American Dogs”

21 Jun

Today was SUPER☆GiRLS 4th Anniversary iDOL Street Carnival Something Something and to make the experience more interactive they had two cameras backstage streaming footage on ustream, and semi-broadcasted the concert on niconico.
nn1nn2The concert looked incredibly fun. The format was very similar to the S☆G 2nd Anniversary concert from 2012, when they mixed individual group performances with shuffle units.

The concert ended with SUPER☆GiRLS debuting their new single and coupling song.
nn3I really hope they do this same type of broadcast for their Christmas concert.

Although not as cool as the niconico footage, the ustream video of the backstage “feeding area” was pretty interesting. Particularly when Reira went through the lunch line and started pouring ketchup and mustard on her food. It seemed a little weird, but Reira is very sophisticated and is totally into western culture, so I figured she knew what she was doing. She is very sophisticated afterall. It turns out she is even more sophisticated than I first thought!
R1 R2R3Or not… OMG (Oh my GEM) please tell me that thing in the corner is not a corn dog! My image of Reira has been destroyed forever. C1Rika got one also. Evidently these “things” were popular with the girls. And they called them “American Dogs!”
C4Corn dogs are both disgusting and hilarious. Which is why only little kids eat them. Kids like disgusting and hilarious food. I bet there is a trash can in Japan right now filled with corn dogs with only one bite taken out of them. 
C5Mirei didn’t even bother getting a plate of food, she just grabbed a c-dog (please don’t call it a “c-dog”). Eating a c-dog before a two-hour concert is so NOT GEM™

T1In the background Rihona is holding up a drawing of i-Street’s producer. I wonder if it’s because of antics like this that she didn’t make it into GEM and is tragically wasting away in Street-sei. Joking aside, she would be perfect for GEM, it’s so unfair.

Saori sighting
I was actually wondering if she would attend. The paper she is holding is a flyer for a musical she is doing. 

GEMerations photo of the week
They were actually both reading the social stream. I should have logged in so I could write GEMbatte. Or if I was really daring, GEMbatte GEMerations.

Super long kaawaaaaiiiii photo of the week
(How is that the super-long kawaaaaiiiii photo of the week?)

Because Sara is in it. No more questions!

SUPER GiRLS Chouzetsu Kakumei (Saori’s Graduation concert)
IMG_1896IMG_1909The first press included the standard blu-ray paper sleeve and photo. Maybe I just misread the description, but the booklet was just a typical insert. It was 22 pages, so I guess it was a little longer. Just mentioning this in case anyone was wondering about the booklet that came with the first press. 

I’ve only watched half of the concert so far, but Saori’s “special solo version” of Hatsukoi Graffiti was amazing. Two years ago she won a Maidoru fan vote included with the single “1,000,000 Smile” determining which member would get to record a solo version of a song. I voted for Reira obviously, but it was cool that Saori won. Her solo version of Hatsukoi Graffiti was particularly interesting because she also had a saxophone solo. The live version she performed at the concert included her sax solo and it was one of the cutest things ever.
05Eri graduated before I had become a fan of the group and KP’s dismissal is something I totally ignored at the time because it was so over-the-top. Saori’s graduation was the first that had an impact on me. It’s very sad that the SUPER GiRLS golden age is over. It’s hard to notice when a group is at their peak, but it’s easy to tell when the moment has passed. Each individual graduation hurt the group, but I think now their is a cumulative effect also, which has combined with at least some fan rejection of the new members. Saori can’t be replaced and I have a feeling that SUPER GiRLS “chapter two” will confirm the cliche that sequels are never as good as the original.


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