The next TIF update should be on Friday the 13th *cue horror music* If it doesn’t deliver I’m retiring from the internet. For real this time!

7 Jun

And by “deliver” I mean all i-Street groups.
(Even Hanarichu?)
Especially Hanarichu!

And Fairies!

Or I am retiring from the internet!!

6.13 Update Technically I should be retiring from the internet right about now since the TIF update prophesied by that one guy never materialized. Was it too much to ask for SUPER GiRLS, GEM, Fairies, 9nine, and GEM? So I started packing all my belongings, but then my editor/grandpa was like, “Billy, put down your Reira body pillows! You may not have to retire after all!!”

inn xA-nation begins on 8.14, which typically isn’t relevant to my interests. But IDOL NATION is a lock for iDOL Street. It’s not ideal, but I can’t go half-way around the world without getting my SUPER GiRLS and GEM fix. That would be so lame I’d have to retire from the internet. Again. And for real this time.

I should rewind a little… initially my plan was a quick trip to Japan in order to attend TIF. Five or six days. I didn’t want to commit to an end date though, so I booked a one-way flight. I’m going to Europe from 6.23 – 7.9, so I don’t have the time or money to plan another lengthy vacation. But TIF hasn’t really cooperated with my plans (although for the record I still think it will be very fun). Then Fairies announced their first tour. So I extended my trip through 8.9 and booked a room at a second hotel more centrally located. I still wanted to hold out for SG and GEM though. Then a-nation was announced and IDOL NATION was scheduled for day one. So I booked a room at a third hotel through 8.15. But now I’m staying two weeks, which was a total deviation from my original plan. Extending a vacation also has this weird effect of putting you closer to other concerts which at first seemed out of reach. I’ve wanted to see Kana Nishino for a while now (I wasn’t able to go to her spring tour because of school… and being lazy) and I’ve tried to see Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas for three years. Kana will be at a-nation on 8.18 and Fear, and Loathing will perform at a J-rock festival on 8.16. On one hand that is just an additional four days, but more accurately, it’s twelve more days than my initial keikaku (plan). And the idea of Fear, and Loathing sharing a stage with Baby Metal is bizarre. Off-topic, but enough with idol groups encroaching on rock festivals just so they can gain some “street cred.” It makes the real rock groups attending look like sellouts. Anyway, I kind of have the feeling if I extend my trip a third time, I’ll have to stay until 8.21 to see 9nine at Budokan, and the next thing I know I’ll be living in Japan in an abandoned building or one of those caves in Tokyo filled with hobos in order to attend GEM’s first solo concert in September. On 9.13 I’d emerge half-starving and blinded by the light, and I would look more animal than human.

So for once in my life I’m going to make a “normal-person” decision and just stay until 8.15.



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