Tokyo Idol Festival 2014 is cool I guess, but what about Tokyo Reira Festival??

7 Apr

logo_TIF2014_500pxTokyo Idol Festival 2014 was announced today. I knew there was a reason to wake up this morning. TIF 2014 will take place August 2-3. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that’s when the cherry blossoms bloom.

Although I predicted the TIF 2014 reveal could happen this week, I’m still surprised the announcement came so soon. Most of my predictions have been disastrous – the whole world is still waiting for the 4th iDOL Street group. But then again predia recently announced their major label debut, so maybe my predictions are actually shockingly accurate and awesome. Anyway, since I’m an iDOL Street addict my plan was to wait for confirmations from SUPER☆GiRLS, GEM, Cheeky Parade, and Street-sei, but I just happened to find a perfect place in Odaiba which was way too convenient to pass up. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Zepp Tokyo, which should be really ideal considering last year it took 45 minutes for me to get into Odaiba from central Tokyo. Now I can casually skedaddle to and from TIF all day without wasting valuable Reira and Sara stalking opportunities… assuming SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM will attend. They will attend right??

I’m actually pretty confident they will – GEM and Street-sei should be locks, and SUPER☆GiRLS and Cheeky Parade currently have July and August open. They’re both doing extensive touring this year but *hypothetically* and *theoretically* and *something something-cally* they should be able to fit TIF into their schedules. I’m a huge believer in karma so I’m going to have to be on my best behavior until the next TIF update.

I’ll update more in a bit with my predictions for groups, my new and updated TIF strategies, and the improvements I hope they implement (three words: more stages… and it would be nice if the organizers could try to reverse global warming – I prefer cool temperatures).  One interesting piece of news came out of the TIF website, evidently they’re going to attempt to get more overseas fans to attend. From TIF 2012 and TIF 2013 I noticed maybe 10 foreign fans total. The fact that they even mentioned this is really interesting. I’m not sure what effect this will have on the lineup if any, but if they can make tickets easier for overseas fans to purchase, that would be awesome. Otherwise I’ll just have to resort to my standard methods for getting tickets – begging someone in Japan to buy them for me. 

TIF strategy officially starts… Now!


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