I’m not sure why, how, or why, but Saori accidentally took (possibly STOLE) an old man’s generic 100¥ iphone case and then accidentally put it on her iphone and thought no one would notice!

28 Sep

13-9-5a SWhat is that?? (not referring to the foot in the background.) 13-9-5c SThere it is again. Is that… can it be?? No, it’s impossible! But it really does look like… 13-9-5b S

…an old man’s generic 100¥ iphone case!

I’m not sure why, how, or why,  but Saori accidentally took (possibly stole) an old mans generic grey 100¥ iphone case and then accidentally put it on her iphone and thought no one would notice! And then for the next several days she featured the possibly stolen iphone case, which was clearly never intended to be within 10 meters of a girl (let alone an idol), in several high-profile photos at her blog. And she totally forgot to at least add a bunch of useless accessories like straps, charms, and mini-plushies like every idol ever. I have no idea how this could have happened, but an old man in Japan is desperately searching for his phone case. Of course once she decides to return the case it should be worth millions of yen. Because she touched it. A lot! And I bet she took the phone into the bathroom with her when she bathed!

I wish she would steal my phone case and use it for a few weeks and then return it. And also wear all of my clothes and sleep in them, and then give them back to me… without washing them of course.

13-9-3 S

Saori changed. It’s like I don’t even know her anymore.

This is what an idol’s phone is supposed to look like: 13-2-22 b11-9-2612-4-412-5-2512-12-1212-10-22

Predia-ry™: Hey Now!! edition IMG_1639I noticed the iTunes version was uploaded at that one place but this is the superior single version with instrumental tracks. http://www.mediafire.com/download/umuk583yl80474h/Hey_Now!!.rar

This may or may not be about bikinis and I may or may not mention how hot Gocchan got

IMG_1641I also bought the June issue of Young GanGan. It’s old but I had to do more research on the bikini thing I was investigating a few months ago. IMG_1642


I wonder how the photographer talked them into doing that shot? It doesn’t seem very idol-y. And where are they walking to?

Photographer: Everyone hold hands and walk into the ocean. I’ll tell you when to stop.

 GEM “pic of the week”

13-9-10 RRanachin invited a totally cute GEM portmanteau.

So here is my official GEM portmanteau list
GEMVP (someone at iDOL Street came up with this one)

oshigem (oshimen)
gembatte (gambatte)
gembers (GEM members)
gem fatale (femme fatale)
gemocracy (democracy)
gempire (empire)
gempress (empress)
gemporary (temporary)
gemolition (demolition)
gemonstration (demonstration)
gemtation (temptation)
gemployee (employee)
gembarrassing (embarrassing)
geminder (reminder)
gemselves (themselves)
gemomena (phenomena)
regember (remember)
high gemsion max (high tension max – aka that weird Japanese phrase)
gem (them) (example: I really like gem)

I’ll try to use the above whenever possible. Except for the gem (them) one. That one is horrible, totally gembarrassing.

iDOL Street-Talk
Pigoo is no longer displaying the number of MVP votes each member is receiving. That sucks because last week Runa wasn’t able to participate (but you could still vote for her), so it would have been interesting to see if fans were still being lame and giving all their votes to her. If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d question the coincidence of them removing the vote count the day before Runa’s absence.

Even though Sutori- – – – – gu 2 has been pretty disappointing so far (the MCs have been really awkward) there are definitely quality members in gen 4 and my personal street-sei ranking has changed a lot since the competition begin. Saku will always be my favorite though.




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