SUPER GiRLS? More like SUPER GooDS. SUPER GooDS? More like SUPER GReaTS!

16 Aug

IMG_1554SUPER☆GiRLS 2nd photobook+dvd & Celebration blu-ray+dvd
IMG_1564The photobook and blu-ray both include dvds. I’ll try to share them if no one beats me to it. Could be a while though. And these sentences may actually be deleted if I end up being too lazy. Hopefully I won’t be lazy. But sometimes I am.

I also bought one other thing, but I want to tell a little story about it first. So gather around everyone. (Um, do we have to?) Yes. (Is it at least an interesting story?) No, it’s super boring.

A few days ago I had a brilliant idea…

It all started when retailers began promoting the 2014 calendars. This year SUPER☆GiRLS are only releasing a group calendar and Ami solo calendar. Last year they released a solo calendar for each girl. The Reira calendar was probably my favorite idol calendar ever (I usually buy two or three per year). Although it’s a little disappointing that only Ami will have a solo calendar, I’m actually fine with a group version. But then I had a brilliant idea!

They aren’t releasing solo 2014 calendars, but I could purchase the 2013 calendars and just write “2014” over the 2013. I don’t actually use the calendars as calendars (I mean who does?), so it doesn’t matter that the dates are 2013.

Unfortunately I waited too long to have my brilliant idea. CDJapan had all the 2013 calendars available as recently as last week, and I was going to pick up Saori, Gocchan, and my new oshimen Rika (jk, but ever since I got three of her wristbands I’ve fallen in love with her. I’m very impressionable). Even though they had all 11 in stock, once they began listing the 2014 calendars they suddenly pulled all 2013s off their website. I’m guessing they had a contractual agreement to remove them, because obviously they didn’t magically sell out of the hundreds of unsold 2013 calendars in a few days. Anyway, I was still determined to follow through with my brilliant idea. HMV only had Reira and Rino, so last resort was Amazon. is cool but their international shipping charges are insane. They sold out of Saori and Gocchan, but they had Rika… so
IMG_1573IMG_1576The 2013 SUPER☆GiRLS calendars all share the same format. For Jan/Feb they wear some sort of dress, possibly for sleeping or frolicking in a field of flowers (I’m a guy, I don’t know everything about girl’s fashion. I do know a little though, my area of expertise is bikinis). March/April is school uniform and May/June kimono. I’m not allowed to check the future months, but July and August are clearly the best. 
IMG_1591 IMG_1582


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