Wasn’t there a Day 2 at TIF?

15 Aug

Day 2? I have no idea what you’re talking about. But speaking of the number 2, Sutori- – – – – gu 2 begins this Sunday!!

Please be excited about this.


Sutori-gu was one of the most entertaining idol-related things I have ever watched, so I’m ridiculously excited about the sequel. I’m curious if the new gen can compete with the almost-perfect 3rd Generation.

Why is Sutori- – – – – gu 2 important?
If you’re an iDOL Street fan these girls represent the talent who will one day become the hypothetical 4th group (hopefully it’s not annoying speculating about the 4th group). <– It is annoying, but I’m going to allow it. But only this once.

The first Sutori—–gu also had a direct impact on the GEM lineup. This is old news, but Chisami was added as a candidate because she ranked 3rd in the MVP voting, and Kakochin and Sara were added because their performances and work ethic during the competition impressed the staff.  The producers established that they take the competition seriously. Therefore members who are seriously pursuing an idol career should realize that this is their big break.

The 1st Sutori—–gu began friendly and innocent, but as teams racked up victories and defeats, it progressively got more competitive and probably stressful as the teams began to care more about the outcome. Over the course of the first season there was a lot of laughter, tears, graduations, more laughter, more tears, and unfortunately more graduations. I think the competition is going to be much more intense this time around, particularly from the returning street-sei members, who hopefully have something to prove since not being accepted to GEM.

GEM officially debuted at SUPER☆GiRLS Christmas concert last year, but as revealed by an episode of GEM Now (or Sutosei Dayori, forgot which) the street-sei members were first informed about GEM in November. Looking at the schedule for Sutori—–gu 2, the competition spans from 8.3 through 1.26.14, which means that if the producers follow a similar schedule, a fourth group would be revealed during the course of the competition. If this is the case, then Sutori—–gu 2 will likely be one of the most influential factors for determining the lineup of the 4th group.

(Is it really that important? I’m still not convinced). It’s super important. It’s so important I’m banning all lame jokes and puns from this blog until the conclusion of Sutori——gu 2.

Sutori- – – – – gu 2 is exactly like Sutori- – – – – gu 1, only better!
The format of Sutori- – – – – gu 2 is a little more complex since it involves “home” and “away” teams. Previously every team competed in Tokyo, which may have had some affect on both team and MVP voting, as well as behind-the-scenes stuff like rehearsal time and just the hassle of traveling for the teams furthest from Tokyo. This year each of the five teams compete against the other four teams twice, once at their “home” venue and once “away” at the other team’s “home.”

Similar to last year, in addition to voting on which team wins, fans get to choose an MVP for each performance. Previously only fans at the venue could vote for MVP (although fans watching the stream could vote for the winning team), but this year fans can also vote online for MVP! (PigooLive registration is required, but is free).

Fan voting is extremely important. (Um, is there anything that is not important about Sutori—–gu 2?) Everything about Sutori——gu 2 is important, but especially fan voting! Chisami established the precedent of getting promoted primarily due to MVP ranking (although honestly Chisami was talented and popular enough to be a starting member of GEM regardless of her MVP rank). Rihona was the only member who ranked in the top ten who didn’t get selected for GEM. She missed several competitions though, so her fate may have been different if she didn’t have competing obligations.

Popularity is clearly super important in iDOL Street. (What about hotness?) Super important! (Political ideology?) Super important. (Cup size?) Super important, but I said no jokes until Sutori—–gu 2 is over! 

Sutori- – – – – gu 2 News
The opening ceremony was held two weeks ago and the first MVP voting was held:

MVP Voting Results for Sutori—–gu 2 Opening Ceremony – Part 1
v1I have no idea what I’m looking at. Whoever made that successfully created the worst pie chart ever.
(disclaimer – I used a really primitive method to tabulate the results so please let me know if I made any mistakes)
Note: F=Fukuoka, N=Nagoya, O=Osaka, S=Sapporo, T=Tokyo

1. Sakurako (S) 12 votes
2. Nana (T) 9
3. Ayaka (N) 7
T4. Honoka (S) 6
T4. Rihona (T) 6
T4. Riko (F) 6
7. Momo (T) 5 
T8. Risa (T) 4 
T8. Nao (S) 4
T10. Nanase (F) 3
T10. Hazuki (O) 3
T10. Runa (N) 3 
T10. Yumemo (S) 3
T10. Yukine (N) 3
T10. Momoko (N) 3

MVP Voting Results for Sutori—–gu Opening Ceremony – Part 2

1. Sakurako (S) 13
2. Nana (T) 12
3. Rihona (T) 8
4. Honoka (S) 7
T5. Yukine (N) 6
T5. Ayaka (N) 6
7. Nao (S) 5
T8. Yumemo (S) 4 
T8. Momo (T) 4
T10. Momoko (N) 3
T10. Marina (F) 3
T10. Nanase (F) 3

Current Top 10


1st – 25 votes


2nd – 21 votes


3rd – 14 votes


4th (tied) – 13 votes


4th (tied) – 13 votes


6th (tied) – 9 votes


6th (tied) – 9 votes


6th (tied) – 9 votes


9th (tied) – 7 votes


9th (tied) – 7 votes

And Now for No Particular Reason Whatsoever Here is My Personal Street-sei Top Ten


Prediction for the final


Viewing info
The first match is this Sunday, Nagoya (home) vs Sapporo (away):
Tokyo home matches will be streamed at the following channel:


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