GEM Live Mixture

8 Aug

GEMReGEMber to check out GEM Live Mixture beginning tonight, and every Friday night in August. There are two shows every night and even though they’ll probably be really similar and practically identical you should watch both, just because.
8.9 Volume 1 & 2
8.16 Volume 3 & 4
8.23 Volume 6 & 7
8.30 Volume 7 & 8

It would be highly GEMbarrassing if you miss it.

GEM is totally awesome, but aren’t they just going to perform the same six songs?
Don’t you read Sara’s blog? They have two new songs! 
Two new songs?? That’s so GEM!

edit: It turns out the second song was Maya’s solo “Emerge.” Backup dancers were added which is why Sara and Ranachin blogged about performing in a “second” new song.

New song: Just! Call Me

^ Love it

They also made an improvement to the color-coding: Kakochin is pink now instead of dark red. I mentioned before that they should have made this change back when the final lineup was first revealed, because when Nappon didn’t make it, the group lost pink (Nappon) but had two girls that were red (Maya and Kakochin).  It’s still weird though, because if they really wanted to correct the coloring they would have had also changed Sara to blue, because it’s confusing that Ranachin and her are both green. At TIF when I was at a GEM stage I had my glowstick set to light green, and a Ranachin fan that was standing next to me noticed and he figured I was an insane Ranachin fanboy like him. He was about to talk to me when he noticed my Sara uchiwa so he just laughed and he probably felt like an idiot (although he had no reason to be embarrassed). I actually think light green fits Sara though, so maybe Rana could have been changed to blue, since she is #2 in the group and blue is a more popular color than green. Since I’m rambling about the color coding, Jurin blogged the other day about her glowstick situation since her color is black. Considering Kakochin was pretty happy that she upgraded to pink, color coding is clearly something idols care about.  

GEM Live Mixture made something painfully clear: Sara is at the bottom of the GEM totem pole. Not only does she not have a solo line in Just! Call Me, she doesn’t have a solo line in a single song they perform. She also didn’t have any MC time even though I think she is pretty good at that role. I had never noticed her until Yuki and her MC’d one of last season’s Sutori—–gu’s. Yuki always stumbles over her lines and can’t stall for time or improvise if her life depended upon it, but Sara was poised and kept everything running smoothly. She’s one of the most shy members in the group and she’s the youngest, but they are already starting to develop their roles in the group, and if this continues she going to continue to get pushed to the back. 

It seems like GEM is being developed more like Cheeky Parade than SUPER☆GiRLS. The member of SUPER☆GiRLS are treated like equals for the most part and pretty much every song has a solo line for each girl. Music videos and cover photos also provide equal attention to each girl, and if it isn’t equal, the focus rotates from single to single. Despite Reira being the least popular member, I’ve never felt she’s been slighted or ignored by the producers. She’s had several extended solos in songs, is often near the center on their album and single covers, and she has a decent role in their new drama. Cheeky Parade on the other hand has an obvious hierarchy beginning with Marin, Hina, and Yuria. That same type of tier system is being created in GEM, although possibly more spread out since Maya, Ranachin, Jurin, Natchi, Maho, Chisami, Chanman, and Yuki have all been pushed at one point. I think it’s an unfortunate development since I think every group benefits more when they take the SUPER☆GiRLS approach.

Everyone knows I’m still a huge GEM fan though.


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