TIF Crisis Hotline

17 Jul

This morning I received the SUPER☆GiRLS silicon wristbands I ordered last month. They’re randomized so I bought six hoping to get at least one purple (Reira’s color). If I got light blue (Saori) and orange (Gocchan) that would be idol gravy. Ideally I hoped for 1 purple, 1 light blue, 1 orange, 1 white (Rika), 1 black (Mirei), and 1 yellow (Miyari). I’m an eternal optimist, aka an idiot, so I was basically wondering which colors I got in addition to Reira’s.

Wristband #1
IMG_1366Nice start. After all I <3 <3 Rika.

Wristband #2
IMG_1368Cool, now I can casually bring up how hot Gocchan got.

Wristband #3
IMG_1369Cool, I <3 <3 Rika. I mean… Oh no… this cannot be happening… this cannot be happening…

*I began opening them slower at this point*

Wristband #4 
IMG_1370Good news: It’s not white. Bad news: It’s not purple.

Wristband #5
OMG (Oh my GEM). I like Miyairi… but now I only had one final chance to get purple.

Since I’m an eternal optimist I had this strange feeling (female intuition) that the next package was going to be one of those special limited edition “lucky” packs that contain purple and light blue. (You mean one of those “lucky” packs that have never existed ever?)

Wristband #6


I actually turned the package upside down and tapped it like someone would tap a bag of chips hoping another one would magically drop out. When nothing came out I literally tore open the packaging like a deranged serial killer still thinking another wristband was hidden inside. I can’t believe I got three white. I’m too depressed to even calculate the odds of buying six and getting three of the same color.


I’m a rational person but I can’t help but think that God was directly responsible for this travesty. God was probably at the furthest edge of the universe busy creating some distant planet completely populated by only beautiful women, but he just had to stop what he was doing and interfere with my wristbands.

I do have a feeling they will sell wristbands at TIF though, so I am going to either buy three more, or ideally trade with someone there. I’ve seen SUPER☆GiRLS fans trading photo cards and buttons at concerts, so maybe some fans will be willing to trade wristbands. Only if they are still sealed in their plastic of course *adjusts imaginary glasses*

Opening the wristband packages was a total emotional roller-coaster. Not getting purple isn’t the end of the world… but it kind of is.

Day One Update
Continuing the trend of slightly bad news that I am totally over-reacting to, Dorothy Little Happy and Tokyo Girls Style switched time slots at the main stage.

Why does God keep tormenting me? God was probably taking a nap (like he always does) and while sleeping randomly decided to interfere with the TIF schedule. Although it seems like a minor change, it doesn’t work in my favor since DLH is my 5th ranked group (#4 at TIF since HimeKyun isn’t attending). The schedule change will prevent me from seeing at least half of their Hot Stage performance and I’ll have a horrible spot since I’ll be arriving late.

The only thing I can do at this point is add another racing arrow to the schedule because now I really have to skedaddle to the main stage after SUPER☆GiRLS first performance. I’m a fast runner (like all cool people), but I have no intention to run from stage to stage. The main problem with missing half of DLH’s performance is on day two I won’t be able to go to either of their two stages, so I can’t make up the lost time. Unfortunately on day 2 their time slots conflict with GEM. The only possibility is to arrive at GEM’s main stage performance late, which I can’t  seriously consider.

To consider that would be so not GEM.


3 Responses to “TIF Crisis Hotline”

  1. Jo 2013/07/17 at 7:46 pm #

    OMG NOOO D: I actually gasped at this post (I swear I’m not usually this dramatic) (or maybe I am) but NOOOO at you getting 3 white Rika wristbands. That’s seriously unfair! D: Or maybe this is a sign that you should become the ultimate Rika fan? You should definitely find someone to trade with so you can get the Reira one. Or.. dye one of the white wristbands purple. That could work, LOL.

    Buy a pair of rollerblades to get around faster. :P It’s not your fault if you bowl people over – it’s their fault for getting in your way!

    • qwiksXnd 2013/07/17 at 8:13 pm #

      I resent Rika so much right now. I know I shouldn’t. It’s not her fault. But what am I going to do with three Rika wristbands?? At least if I had four I could put one on each arm and leg. Now I’m upset that I didn’t get four. (jk about everything I just wrote)

      OMG (Oh my GEM) that would be so hilarious to rollerblade from stage to stage. And to rollerblade in the venues during the performances.I could have a little bell as I skate around *ring ring* They would immediately ban all foreigners from any future TIF.

      • Jo 2013/07/17 at 9:15 pm #

        You were meant to like Rika all along. It’s a sign, take it and go with it! :P

        I love your idol-y words. Oh my GEM sounds much better. :P You should totally rollerblade around TIF but if you get in trouble and get kicked out – don’t blame me! :D

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