Tokyo Reira Festival 2013 – Day One #Version1.0 (Updated Ver 2.0)

14 Jul

TIFd1v4I have a feeling the timetables aren’t final (there are a few random gaps at some of the stages and the complexity of scheduling this many groups will probably result in at least one revision). Despite that I still stayed up until 4AM outlining my schedule. It’s nerdy, but I like this kind of thing.

I only did day one… just glancing at day two I can tell it will be more complicated because there are more overlapping stages I want to go to. Also day one was relatively easy to plan because my focus was 100% on SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM. I’ll basically go wherever they are, which resulted in some sacrifices, most notably PASSPO. This puts pressure on day two to compensate for the groups I missed out on day one. 

Looking back at my predictions I wanted 1) SUPER☆GiRLS to perform twice, 2) GEM to perform a million times, 3) predia to perform on the main stage, 4) SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM to not have overlapping stages, 5) the marketplace to open early, and 6) TIF to end later than 11PM on Saturday.

The first thing I checked was SUPER☆GiRLS main stage time slot and was disappointed they were only performing a 40 minute set. In 2011 they performed for an hour and in 2012 for 45 minutes. I didn’t realistically think they would perform twice so I figured it was already a slight downgrade. Until I noticed the second SUPER☆GiRLS stage  earlier in the day. Wow, I was not expecting that. I felt stupid for doubting them, but super cool for being right.

While GEM isn’t performing a million times they are performing twice per day and are scheduled on the main stage. OMG (Oh my GEM)! I’ll comment on this more later, but four is pretty close to a million.

Predia unfortunately isn’t performing on the main stage. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it wasn’t for the really suspect groups that are scheduled. There must have been money hats involved for some of these groups. For the record I’m not referring to ManaMinoRisa. They aren’t Main Stage “popular,” but they have been around for a while and are very under-rated. It’s the new groups who are super obscure that made it that annoys me. And yes I am aware of the irony of complaining about new groups being on the main stage when I literally just celebrated GEM’s timeslot which includes the main stage. This is predia’s third TIF though and it’s like they haven’t moved up in the idol world.

None of the iDOL Street groups overlap (SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM, and Street-sei). I think avex dictated some scheduling requirements which ensured none of the groups competed with each other. I’ll write more about this later.

They haven’t announced anything about the marketplace, so prediction #5 is pending.

The schedule has the main stage ending at 10:15, so I was wrong there. One of the first updates at the TIF website was the main stage would be open until 11PM, so that’s kind of weird it’s ending earlier.

Day 1 is going to be the best Tokyo Reira Festival day ever!
The main benefit of having the wristband early was to queue directly at a stage. But if you look at the groups that are scheduled first… let’s just say queuing isn’t necessary for any of them. I think this will be the best time to check out the marketplace and buy all the GEM goods (greats). I’m over my phase of buying random crap that ends up in a giant box full of other crap in my closet. My plan is to only buy a few things: GEM glowsticks (hoping for official GEM glowsticks, otherwise I’ll buy some at Don Quijote beforehand)  and a GEM towel (assuming such a thing exists). I also want a new  SUPER☆GiRLS towel (I have one from summer 2012), Dorothy Little Happy towel, and predia towel. I like towels, but it’s not because I have some weird towel fetish. I just think these types of goods have practical utility because I can use them in my apartment or when I go to the gym. That’s all I plan on buying. Maybe some indie cds that aren’t available on iTunes.

After shopping I’ll head to Smile Garden for GEM’s first stage. After their performance I have to quickly get to the main stage for Cheeky Parade. Ideally I would have liked to stay at the main stage all the way through PASSPO’s set, but in order to improve my chances at a front row spot for the SUPER☆GiRLS stage I have to get to Enjoy Stadium (which is a new stage for this year) as early as possible. It sounds like a large venue with seats. But it’s located inside Fuji studios, so I wonder how large it can really be. Anyway, I’ll have to endure some groups that I’m not into in order to improve my positioning for SUPER☆GiRLS.

The schedule is pretty self-explanatory, but the red boxes with the little icon of a guy is supposed to stand for a possible “detour.” It’s unlikely, but the only way to see PASSPO is to break the awesome chain-combo of main stage performances. Logically it doesn’t make sense, since I value DLH and AeLL. the same as PASSPO. But it’s something to consider if I am going to see PASSPO during this trip.

There’s another potential detour Saturday night after the predia stage. I could watch DLH again at Smile Garden or watch ManaMinoRisa and then Idoling 1st gen (aka the best gen). I love outdoor stages and I have a feeling the DLH night concert would be great, but the other route makes more sense considering that will probably be my only chance to see both of those groups since 1) neither is super high priority, 2) day two is already too complicated and 3) I would have seen DLH earlier in the day. These are total “first world” problems though, so either way I’m sure will be fine.

Or I could do neither and just head home at 8pm for an early bedtime :D

Update: TIF Day One Ver 1.6
Ver 1.6 Changes:

  1. Added Idoling and Kaiketsu Tropical Maru at Azure Stage (Sky Stage). I’ve been a casual fan of Kaiketsu Tropical Maru since seeing them at TIF last year and they’ve improved a lot since then. Initially I didn’t consider this option because GEM performs ten minutes later and I didn’t want to get stuck in the line for the elevator. But I doubt there will be an issue with the elevator that early in the morning. I could also leave their performance early if necessary.
  2. I decided to go to DLH night performance at Smile Garden. Afterwards I’ll head to either the Hot Stage for BiS (if I’m lucky) or 1st Gen Idoling at Doll Factory.

Update: TIF Day One Ver 2.0
TIFd1v10Version 2.0 Changes:

  1. I added some nifty racing arrows to indicate when I really have to skedaddle to the next stage. (Wait… when you have to what?) Huh? (That word that you just used) Oh, skedaddle. If a hot girl is nearby, I’ll say “Just call me Speedwagon, cuz I have to skedaddle” and then I will gallop off into the sunset. (*barfs*)
  2. I extended how long I can stay at “Smash Play Live” by five minutes. (How generous.) That should still give me time to get to Azure Stage in time for predia’s performance, but increase my chance for seeing GEM and Takokusekigun.
  3. I removed the detour icons because that was lame and seeing PASSPO isn’t passposible.


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