TIF Talk™

13 Jul

I don’t want to sound like an elitist SUPER☆GiRLS fanboy but please don’t make their photo the same size as bump.y’s.

Old updates: On 6.12 GEM and all the street-sei groups were officially added to the lineup, on 6.25 7cm was added and while I was a huge fan of SDN48 I have zero interest in this group despite it comprised entirely of former SDN members, and on 7.4 HKT48 was added. I had never heard of HKT48 prior to the update, but I was open-minded about an AKS group attending. Like any normal person I would have preferred NMB48 or Nogizaka46 .

tifwb7.8 My TIF wristband arrived. I feel I should be a lot more excited than I actually am. Pink is my favorite color after all.

7.12 The timetable and stage map were updated today, but before I even glance at it and waste the next 24 hours obsessing over it, I wanted to write out my personal TIF wishlist. Why? Because I’m selfish. They are all realistic expectations though.

1) My #1 hope for TIF is SUPER☆GiRLS performs twice. In 2011 they only had one set that was an hour long and last year they only had one set and it was 45 minutes. I didn’t  mind last year because I went to several of their concerts the week before TIF, but for this trip this will be the only opportunity to see them. If they perform twice that will also improve the chance for them to do a costume change. I have a feeling they will wear the Tokonatsy High Touch pink and yellow outfits which aren’t my favorite, but if they have a second stage, they may wear their light blue denim outfits which are also their designated “summer” outfits.

2) My second hope is GEM performs a million times each day. I told you these would be realistic. And they have real goods for sale. Speaking of goods, their blog mentioned they were starting to sell GEM goods. I prepared my “Goods? More like greats!” line, but turns out they are just selling photos. Not only are photos not “greats,” they are not even goods.


The question mark is supposed to signify the photos are random, but my question is where is Sara??

3) I hope predia performs on the main stage. Self explanatory.

4) I hope SUPER☆GiRLS and GEM don’t have overlapping schedules. This is big. Last year the TIF timetable  had groups from the same agency and label overlapping.

5) I hope the marketplace is open before TIF begins (like 8 or 9AM) so you can finish your shopping before groups start performing. I want to support the groups I like, but it’s a hassle to go to the marketplace once TIF begins.

6) TIF is currently scheduled to end at 11PM on Saturday. Last year it ended at 5 or 6AM. I hope TIF lasts until midnight on Saturday.

to be continued… in the meantime here is my new favorite photo of all time:

13-7-8 S


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