The Great Reira, Rika, and Ruka Bikini Mystery aka the Most Boring Story Ever Told

26 Jun

SUPER☆GiRLS does promotional work for Seven & I including the retail chain Ito Yokado. For the single Tokonatsu High Touch they wore bikinis which are available for purchase at the Ito Yokado stores.

Bikini and Summer Outfit Sets

sgiyThat’s super! But…

Why are Reira and Ruka wearing the same bikini?

In the music video for Tokonatsu High Touch and the most recent issue of Young GanGan, Reira and Ruka are clearly wearing different bikinis. I’ve watched the video a hundred times and have confirmed that the bikinis are different.

Even weirder, Reira and Ruka don’t even wear the black and pink bikini in the music video. (Black and pink bikini: “How rude!”)

If you are anything like me you are thinking this mystery can’t get any more… mysterious. But wait! While you were reading that last sentence about the mystery not getting any more mysterious, the mystery actually got more mysterious!rrrbm2

On the Young GanGan cover Rika is wearing the bikini that Reira wears in the Tokonastu High Touch video! I’ve watched the video like 5 million times so I can confirm the bikinis are the same.

So what does this all mean?
Mystery #1: Why are Reira and Ruka wearing the same bikini and summer outfit set?
Ito Yokado only has nine bikini & outfit sets for sale at their stores, so they had to double up for Reira and Ruka. They originally had ten bikinis  (the orange one that Ruka wears) but had to remove that one from the shelves after discovering it’s made of a material that dissolves in water.

The top-secret material was funded by the Japanese government and designed by a team of super pervy scientists.

Press conference
Reporter: What are the applications for this “top secret” material that was developed at the tax payers expense of 1.2 billion yen?
Scientist #1: Bikinis.
Scientist #2: We needed a material for bikinis that is lightweight, but can still provides adequate support. And also dissolves in water.
Scientist #3: But we also had to keep in mind the material had to be kawaii. But mostly, it just had to dissolve in water.
Scientist #1: *nods in agreement* Yes, very true. Dissolving in water was essential. During the first brainstorm session, we asked, “What can we use this material for?”
Scientist #2: We all yelled bikinis at the same time. 

Mystery #2: Why are Reira and Rika wearing the same striped bikini?
Reira wears the striped bikini in the music video and on the Tokonatsu High Touch covers (versions B and C), so she is the rightful owner of that particular bikini. Which means Rika probably lost her bikini somewhere (or forgot it at home?) and Reira let her borrow one of hers for the magazine photo shoot.

Not everyone was happy with Reira’s generosity.
Rika: Ooooopps. I forgot my bikini! *giggles*
Reira: I have an extra you can borrow. Just… try not to stretch out the top.
Photographer: Wait! This is an important learning opportunity for Rika. Since she forgot her bikini…. she must go topless! Alas… it is the only way she will learn.
Every single staff member: Yes, yes *nods in agreement* It’s the only way… definitely the only way.
Reira: Rika ignore them. Let’s go put on that bikini. Anyone else need help putting on their bikini?

This concludes the Great Reira, Rika, and Ruka Bikini Mystery.


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  1. I’m not sure why, how, or why, but Saori accidentally took (possibly STOLE) an old man’s generic 100¥ iphone case and then accidentally put it on her iphone and thought no one would notice! | SUPER GiRL Talk - 2013/09/28

    […] I bought the June issue of Young GanGan. It’s old but I had to do more research on the bikini thing I was investigating a few months […]

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