If Sararan isn’t in the final GEM lineup I’m retiring from the internet. Although if Sararan isn’t in GEM will the internet even still exist?

9 Jun

13-6-2v2 S

This is going to be super sloppy, poorly written, and completely unfunny (kind of like the title?). It’s the final week of school, and I should be finishing (and starting) a research paper, but tomorrow is the SUPER☆GiRLS & iDOL Street concert at Nippon Budokan!! So it’s necessary to put my life on hold and write something about this momentous occasion, even if it’s super sloppy, poorly written, and completely unfunny.

In addition to being their most important SUPER☆GiRLS concert ever, the final GEM lineup is going to be unveiled. That’s so GEM.™

In addition to the lineup, I am assuming/hoping GEM will debut a new costume and a new logo that is cooler and more professional looking. And possibly rearrange the current color coding of the members (since Nagi left she vacated blue, and two member share the color green and two share the color red). Someone should also be assigned the color brown. There are brown gems right? And brown glowsticks? I don’t want to live in a world without an idol whose color is brown. As long as it’s not Sararan.

I have no idea how they are going to choose the final lineup. They could be conservative and just choose all 13 current members. I think this is somewhat likely. And honestly I hope this is how they do it, because even though I don’t completely agree with the current lineup, it’s close enough to perfect that changing the #12 and #13 member isn’t that big of a deal. The fact that they are still teasing a final lineup makes me worried. And if they do make a change, are they going to do it publicly and embarrass the girl, or will she know in advance and retain some pride. I hate how the rejection process plays out. There have been several street-sei graduations this year and it would suck if any change results in another member deciding to leave. That’s another reason I hope they keep the lineup intact.

This is how I *think* the members currently rank. It’s pretty subjective (and pointless), but people like ranking stuff so I’ll allow it. I’m basing this mainly on each member’s experience in the group, since there is a pretty large gap in how many GEM/GEMstar events each girl has participated in. There are also definite differences in talent and popularity (and kawaiiiiii-ness.) For instance Chisami is pretty talented and popular but she was a late addition and has only done one GEM event, while Sara and Kakochin are also late additions, but were in GEMstar for most of the SUPER☆GiRLS Celebration tour. This is my final GEM lineup prediction. Members #1-7 are “Super locks.” There is a 110% chance they will be in the final lineup.



Although I ranked Risa last, I think the producers envision her as the next Amita. She also moved to Tokyo, so maybe she knows something we don’t (like she was already guaranteed a spot). I also think Naapon is being pushed by management. If they wanted to do something completely crazy and unexpected, they could choose a street-sei member who wasn’t even in the candidate lineup (Narumi). There are infinite variables though and a lot of times I bet there is no logic involved. It could be completely arbitrary, like someone on staff just has a “feeling” about a certain member.

I just hope everything goes according to keikaku (plan) and Sararan makes the group. 


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