Today GEM is a lot less perfect than it was yesterday

8 Apr

Nagi withdrew from iDOL Street today.

Her final blog entry:

Official notice confirming she is no longer in GEM:

I read the news this morning at school and I am still shocked. I feel that her leaving forever changes the trajectory of the group. In a short time she became extremely influential and every dorky photo they uploaded at their blog I blamed on Nagi’s influence. She was  at the center of everything good about GEM. Now there is just a huge void.

It’s not a perfect analogy but I feel there is a connection with Eri’s graduation from SUPER☆GiRLS. Both groups lost their “mood maker,” the popular, funny member that always cheered everyone up. And since Eri left, SUPER☆GiRLS have been a different group. Still SUPER, but in an alternate universe, there is a SUPER☆GiRLS where Eri never graduated, and that group is superior to the one that currently exists. The same is true for GEM. The group will continue and they will be awesome, but they lost someone completely irreplaceable, and everything that happens from this moment forward is inferior to what could have been. 


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