Over-analyzing TIF

7 Apr

Last week Tokyo Idol Festival 2013 was confirmed. As far as I know they just have a teaser page right now. In 2011 they had a press conference announcing TIF 2011, with several groups attending the event (I remember PASSPO wasn’t present since they were in Paris at the time attending Japan Expo). In 2012 TIF had an even more elaborate reveal with Ami from Idoling and Uramasa from Fudanjuku hosting a streamed broadcast that included members of Idoling, SUPER☆GiRLS, PASSPO, Fudanjuku, Cheeky Parade, Sakura Gakuin, and YGA. Tokyo Girls Style and Vanilla Beans were confirmed by a satellite feed. They also had a teaser for upcoming performers, which fans correctly guessed included SKE48. That group and several others were confirmed within four days of the initial press conference.


TIF 2011 press conference


TIF 2012 press conference

TIF 2013c

TIF 2013 press conference

It’s been a week since the initial reveal and so far there has been no TIF news outside the website which listed Idoling, Tokyo Girls Style, Sakura Gakuin, AeLL., the Possible, Negicco, and Vanilla Beans.

What does this all mean? Um… I don’t know. Clearly, less effort went into announcing this years event though.

Here are a few of my TIF2013 predictions:

SUPER☆GiRLS won’t attend. Their participation has progressively lessened since TIF 2010 and I don’t think the event is a priority for them. GEM and Cheeky Parade will be there though. I also expect Cheeky Parade on the main stage.

PASSPO and predia will be there. Hopefully predia is on the main stage. The main stage issue for me is less about prestige and more about how long a group can perform. The main stage allows for a 30-60 minute set, while the other stages max out at 20 minutes for a single group. So it’s in your best interest for your favorite group to be on the main stage.

An AKS group that isn’t SKE48 will be there. They will be forced to perform on the smallest stage at TIF (jk).

I’d like to go this year and make my decision before tickets go on sale in May. Last year I bought my tickets 3 or 4 weeks after they went on sale, because I was a moron and it took me forever to decide to go. If I go this year the theme will be: don’t be a moron. It’s not super important, but the earlier you buy your ticket, the earlier you can line up on day one. This really only affects the first stage you go to, since after that everything is available and it’s every fan for themselves.


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