SUPER☆GiRLS Live Tour 2013 ~Celebration~@ NHK Osaka Hall

3 Apr

SUPER☆GiRLS Celebration Tour – Vol. 3 & 4
@ NHK Osaka Hall

March 24, 2013

The overnight bus left Tokyo at midnight *vroom vroom kerplunk* and arrived in Osaka the following morning at 7AM *putter putter kaboom*. I should probably recap that “experience” later, just because I want to provide the “truth” about this travel option.

The first concert was at 2PM so I had plenty of time to find a locker for my bags (I traveled light with just a weekender bag and my messenger bag, and my wallet filled with millions of yen), and have breakfast, locate NHK Hall, and walk around the Osaka castle grounds.  I’ve never used a coin locker before, and I had read online that the lockers get occupied really early in the morning, particularly the large ones. I figured I would need one of the larger ones (which are in limited number), but it turns out the small lockers fit both of my bags. The small lockers are 300 yen at every station I’ve been to, the medium-sized ones are 400 yen, and the largest are 500 yen. Just remember to you take out anything important before locking up because if you forget something (e.g. concert tickets, money, sunglasses, Reira uchiwa, left shoe, etc) you would need to open the locker, and then deposit another 300 yen to lock it again. You pay every time you lock up. This is a boring topic, but I was worried about the locker situation because a lot of resources online mentioned how difficult it can be to secure a locker before they are all taken. My experience was different though, there were a lot of available lockers in every size at Osaka station (and the same at Shibuya station when I used them again a few days later).  The medium-sized lockers can fit two large travel bags, and the largest locker can fit the a standard full-size luggage. That’s super!™

It was kind of tricky  finding NHK Hall because the bus stopped at Osaka station, but I had to find an adjoining station called Umeda in order to eventually transfer to the station that NHK Hall is located (Tanimachi Yonchome).  It’s a boring story that literally involved me walking in a circle for a half hour (one sign would say walk 220 meters and turn left, the next would say make a left at the next crosswalk, followed by another that would say turn left after 120 meters. The next thing I knew I was back at my starting location). Evidently I’m a moron.

Once I got to the correct station, NHK Hall was just a two-minute walk when taking exit #9. I took exit #3 though because I wanted to stock up on Red Bulls at 7-11. I didn’t really sleep on the bus unfortunately.

This is the street-side of the NHK building (NHK Hall is just one small part of the NHK building, which includes NHK studios and a museum).

This is one of the two entrances for the NHK lobby. NHK Hall is on the 4th floor of the building to the left. When I arrived at 10AM there were maybe a hundred fans in the queue for goods. Everything was in stock, and I don’t think anything sold out at any point, indicating they either had appropriate quantities or they sold less. Across the street was Osaka castle and a large park.

There are a lot of joggers at the park and old people strolling around, acting like old people. I hope I never get old.

There’s a moat that surrounds the castle. During medieval times this protected the inhabitants from threats like dragons, woolly mammoths, and mobs of cranky, old people.


I probably should have actually gone to the castle, but it was already sunny and unfortunately I’m so light that I get sunburned after just a few minutes of sun exposure. Yeah, it’s weird I’m from southern California but I avoid the sun. That’s not the only reason though. It was all the way over there *points to the horizon* and I was all the way over here. You know how it is. Anyway,  I really love the feudal period of Japanese history, including the architecture. Osaka castle probably isn’t the coolest looking castle though. No offense Osaka castle! (Osaka castle: None taken. *cries*)

I basically just killed time at the park until the concert began. I mentioned previously that the setlist was the same for the Tokyo and Osaka concerts, with the only difference being the second encore song. It turns out thier recent Hiroshima concert on 4/3 had a slightly different song list, replacing Renai Rule with Nijiro Namida.  That’s interesting considering both are extremely rare songs that also happen to be two of their best songs. Honestly they should replace Muchuu Material. I still have Muchuu Material nightmares. No offense Muchuu Material!  (Muchuu Material: Lalalala, I’m not listening!)

The Osaka concerts were very similar to the Tokyo one the day before, and not just because the songlist, costumes, and stage design were the same. The MCs were also the same and Rachel was still constantly letting her bangs cover her face before brushing them aside. It was very hypnotic. She should really stop that, it’s too hot. GEM again performed their two songs before the official start time, although I was more prepared for that weirdness this time around. Listening to their MCs again I was wrong about one of the announcements they made. They are planning a concert with a live band, not a concert singing in the chorus style they did for Hatsukoi graffiti. Having a live band sounds good in theory. Obviously it works for rock idol groups like PASSPO, Hime Kyun, and Shizukaze & Kizuna, but when traditional groups like Idoling and Dorothy Little Happy have had live bands, it seemed unnecessary.  SUPER☆GiRLS actually did a few songs with a live band at a concert last year, and the songs sounded worse in my opinion. 

Something I’ve pointed out before about PASSPO concerts are the differences between the day and night concerts. They usually have completely different setlists and the night concert is considerably funner because the crowd is a lot more high energy. But after going to three SUPER☆GiRLS day concerts and three night concerts, the experiences are pretty much identical. So if you are a SUPER☆GiRLS fan and for some reason you had to choose between a day or night concert, I would choose whichever concert you could get better and less expensive tickets for. I wouldn’t necessarily give this same advice for PASSPO concerts, since the night concert is definitely preferable.

And I just realized that I forgot to collect my Maidoru cards for both Osaka concerts. Usually the staff hands the card to you at the entrance, but I was told to go to the receptionist desk, but there was a line so I decided to return later. I wonder if they are still there. I should go back and check. And I also just remembered something else about the concerts. Their blog mentioned that for each show they would randomly select 30 fans who could go backstage after the concert. I don’t recall anything like this happening, I wonder if they quietly scrapped this plan.

floorplanMy tickets for the Osaka concerts weren’t as good as the Tokyo concert, although they were both cheaper. Saving money on tickets isn’t really an objective of mine though. I like to put all my money on tickets, and then hold back on concert goods. But there were less resale tickets available on the market, and I also had to use a different method to purchase them. I’ll briefly explain the three methods I’ve used to buy tickets in Japan later, since the process is kind of important if you plan to attend shows in Japan. Although the seats were further back, the view was still really, really good. I’ve noticed that floorplans make tickets that aren’t front row seem really undesirable, but in reality most seats are much better than they appear. I’m kind of curious to try a second floor seat, because I have a feeling it offers a unique perspective. Actually nevermind about the second floor seating. I just remembered watching Dempagumi Inc. and YGA from the second floor of Zepp Diver City during TIF. It did offer a unique perspective. A uniquely crappy perspective! Speaking of the second floor, at both concerts only the first floor was occupied. That is really unfortunate, since they aren’t selling out their concerts. I read a hardcore Japanese  fan’s blog and he explained 80% capacity is simply the reality of SUPER☆GiRLS popularity. This fan is so hardcore that last summer he went to all eight summer concerts (I went to three of them) and he has gone to all six of the Celebration concerts so far.

I’m still cooler though.

01. Speed Up
02. Do It Do It
01.Welcome to S☆G Show!! III
03.Renai Manifest
04.Joshi Ryoku←Paradise
05.Ganbatte Seishun
06.Tokimeki Iro no Kaze to Kimi (Gocchan, Mirei, Saori, Miyari, and Reira)
07.Minamikaze PayaPaya (Ruka, Amita, Hikaru, Rino, and Rika)
~Celebration units~
08.Muchuu Material (Gocchan, Mirei, Saori, and Reira)
09.Junjou Cinderella (Amita, Miyari, and Rino)
10.EXIT (Ruka, Rika, and Hikaru)
11.Hatsukoi graffiti (chorus version)
12.Renai Rule
13.Yakusoku no Hanataba
14.Akai Jounetsu
16.PuriPuri☆SUMMER Kiss
17.MAX! Otome Gokoro
18.EveryBody JUMP!!
19.Rave Together!!!
Double Encore
*day performance
22. Egao no Hane
*night performance
22. Miracle ga Tomanai!

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