I hope Japan doesn’t celebrate April Fool’s Day

1 Apr

On April 1, it was announced during the final STREEEEEGU that Chisami, Kako, and Sara are candidates for GEM. The full details are at GEM’s blog.

I’ve been campaigning for Sararan to join GEM for years! And it’s finally come true. And it wasn’t a cruel April Fool’s joke! 

I hope I’m not annoying Haachin fans but I predicted this on February 6. Sararan of course is still possibly a long-shot to make the final lineup, but at least she has a chance now!

And that is all we ask for. Sararan fans are a simple people. We don’t ask for much. We just ask that she has a chance.

And that she makes the group.

And becomes the center.

And get’s all of Maya’s solo lines.

That is all we ask.


Isn’t that kind of bad karma and mean-spirited to hope for Sararan to replace Haachin?

I’m glad you asked. Yes it is. But I’m going to allow it… just this once.

But this is the second time you’ve posted that photo.

Yeah… but earlier I wrote “I hope I’m not annoying Haachin fans,” so I preemptively apologized for the whole thing. So I’m going to allow it… just this once.

Wasn’t there a lot of other news like Osaka winning the tournament, Yuki being MVP, Maya being GEMVP, a bunch of members realigning, two more street-sei members graduating, and a former member of Station♪ joining e-Street Tokyo?

Yes. But what does that have to do with SaraRaraaNAnaaaAnanaNaanAAran?



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