Predia party @ Mt. Rainier Hall

31 Mar

Predia Party
Mt. Rainier Hall

March 23, 2013

The SUPER☆GiRLS concert finished at around 4:20, which according to the group meant the Celebration concert was their longest ever *golf clap*. Technically Eri’s graduation concert was longer because of the graduation video and 20 minutes of the girls crying/begging Eri not to leave, but they performed the most songs at the Celebration concert. Predia’s concert (party) was at 6:30, but the venue opened at 6. Since it was free-seating it was important to get there on time, otherwise you could end up watching from the second floor, regardless of your ticket number.  Mt. Rainier Hall is also in Shibuya, but in the opposite direction from Shibuya station. It’s basically next door to Shibuya 109. If you are arriving at Shibuya station, take exit #3, walk around the corner, enter the UNIQLO store and take the elevator to the sixth floor.

It was still early so I browsed at Tower records and then had ramen (to counteract the cold weather). Fast forward, I arrived at Mt. Rainier Hall at 6 and there were a lot of fans waiting around. Most of them had also been to the earlier day show. How did I know this? The girls asked the audience if they had been to the early show and almost everyone raised their hands. Like SUPER☆GiRLS, predia scheduled a day and night concert (the concerts had different themes, the day was “cute” and night was “sexy”). There were also girl fans in attendance.  Actual, living, human girls… at a predia concert. PASSPO has always been really popular with girls, but predia not so much. That’s awesome though and a good sign for the group expanding their fanbase. I had ticket B4, which typically would have been a really, really good ticket (B is row 2). Unfortunately I learned when I got there that the concert was open to predia’s fanclub. That was pretty horrible news. Their blog had mentioned it wasn’t a FC concert, but maybe they were referring to the day concert. Since it was a FC concert this meant that fan club members had priority over ticket holders.


The sign is basically saying FC members enter first. Boo-urns. (Blurry photo is blurry. I thought you learned how to take photos?).


Crazy Cat candy.

There were signs in the lobby explaining where to line up depending upon your fanclub number: FC1-50, 51-100,  all the way up to FC 200+. I thought I had a row two ticket, but now I was thinking I had a second floor ticket! I asked a fanclub member about the fanclub and he showed me his mobile phone. He had a predia app indicating he was FC#129. To enter the venue, he simply had to show the staff his ID and pay for a ticket at the entrance. He told me not to worry about my ticket though, because I could still get a good seat. It turned out he was right. Once all the fanclub member went in, the staff called out tickets in order, starting with A1. It wasn’t a long wait until they called B4, and once I got into the theater I realized there were still a lot of  seats available. I got a row 6 seat, near the center aisle. I went from thinking I had an awesome row 2 ticket to a horrible second floor ticket to a pretty good row 6 ticket. What an emotional roller-coaster!! <– Totally kidding about that lame comment. 

Fans are allowed to take photos during predia concerts and a few days before the concert their blog mentioned they would be collecting fan photos on a twitter account. When I went to their 3rd Party back in November 2011, I was preoccupied with taking photos. Iphones are horrible with low-lighting, and even though I’ve upgraded since then, the new ones still aren’t great, even with the filters they added. I realized with so many fans taking photos with their DSLRs there was no point in personally taking any; I’d just steal theirs when predia collected them! Like the SUPER☆GiRLS concert, there was going to a be a lot of new content (at least for me) since I had never seen them perform most of the songs from their mini album “Escort Me?” and they would be wearing the “sexy” Crazy Cat outfits. They were also going to perform Crazy Cat and the b-side Silky Rain. That’s crazy!™ And silky!®


They sold preorders of Crazy Cat at the concert, which could be redeemed for a handshake. The release date is 4-17. Please buy ten copies.

One of the weird (or “unique”) things about predia has always been the dual main-vocal setup. It’s basically Akane and Rumina singing and the rest of the members dancing. As the group evolved Terumi, Runa, and Keiko got promoted as secondary vocalists. And there are a few songs where Reiko and Megu sing as well. I always thought that if predia is going to become a major group, they would have to abandon the dual vocal format, because 1) it’s not a mainstream way to organize a pop group, 2) it devalues the non-singing members 3) it puts too much pressure on Akane and Rumina, and 4) it’s just weird. There is a reason why 99.9% of pop groups give every member a mic. As long as they are not completely tone-deaf, fans are pretty forgiving when it comes to idol singing skills. The appearance that the members have talent is important, and when a girl doesn’t have a mic, it’s basically admitting that they can’t sing. And in predia’s case, it’s not true at all. It turns out there is another ace in the group!

It’s Reiko, right??
I knew it, I love her! My Reingel. I knew she was the third ace!
(It’s not Reiko. Are you insane?)
Megu? I love her too!
(No. The third ace is the last girl you would ever expect.)


Fans: She can talk. She can talk. She can talk.
Sakurako: I can siiiiiiiing.

It’s Sakurako! She can sing. *Akira shock* Wait, who? Isn’t Sakurako the girl who never even held a mic at any previous concert ever?

Yes, it’s crazy right? Crazy… like a cat. A crazy cat.

Anyway, it’s insane how well she can sing.

Why am I just now finding out she can sing?

I’ve seen them perform ten times, although technically only eight of those performances included her in the group, but that’s still a lot! This entire time I assumed she was just a pretty face because she never did anything. They never pushed her as a singer, and she never even held a mic in any of the concerts I’ve been to or video footage I’ve seen online. She was always the “new” girl. The “cute” one. The “young” one. The girl who didn’t have a last name.

She is not as technically skilled as Akane or Rumina, but based on pop-group standards, she could be a front-girl in any group.

Sakurako joined predia on September 19, 2011. I learned she is a great singer on March 23, 2013.

I have no idea why they were hiding her talent.


Predia introduction MC. This was one of the few photos I personally took. There were a lot of fans taking photos with their full setups so I just focused on the concert. The guy in front of me literally took photos the entire concert. He basically watched the concert through his viewfinder.

Moving on, predia performed their awesome songs Dream of Love, Diamond High Heels, Hey Boy, and you slipped away, and their mediocre songs like… everything else (kidding!). But they do have a lot of songs that I am not crazy about. Dia Love, Kimi Mitai ni and Honey-B are also their awesome songs, but they only performed them during the day show. After the introduction MC they performed the new single Crazy Cat. Here are some photos:

13-3-28 Megu
Verdict: Needs more cat choreography.

Based on hearing the song one time… it’s… hmmm… I thought it was… pretty good. I don’t want to hype the song as something it’s not, but I don’t want to unfairly lower expectations either. I think it’s a mid-tier song like Restart Game or Do the Party. Silky Rain on the other hand…

…is awesome. And not just because of the choreography involving ^. Just based on one listen, I definitely liked it more than Crazy Cat. Although I remember thinking the song was too short. Or maybe that’s how all good songs seem.

Another interesting aspect of the concert involved the other secondary singers. Typically Terumi, Keiko, and Runa sing back-up, but during this concert in addition to Sakurako, it was Mai and Megu. Megu usually gets to sing in a few songs, but this was the first time I’ve ever seen Mai with a mic. Terumi and Keiko also never sang during the concert, although Runa sang in a few songs. It’s possible during the day show that Terumi, Keiko, and Runa (and Reiko) sang the songs they normally do,  and they switched the vocalists during the night show.

Most of the members have proven they can sing, I really don’t understand the logic in keeping Akane and Rumina as the primary vocalists. Every member should get a mic, it’s common sense. They exist as a group so members can compensate for one another, while providing a wider range of personalities who appeal to different types of fans. As Kikuchi Ami from Idoling once explained, the point of having a lot of members in a pop group is for you to find at least one member that you really like. It’s difficult to become a fan of a member if it seems like she doesn’t have a proper role in the group.

13-3-24 Sakurako
During Mid9t Luv the choreography involves the girls high-fiving fans, following the trend of interacting with the audience. It also hilariously involves fans giving each other high-fives too. Sometimes you have to put your coolness on hold and do what everyone else is doing *sigh*. Hime Kyun Fruit Can and Shizukaze & Kizuna did this same type of thing at their concert, just in a more “hardcore” way.

1.Going to Ride
3.Crazy Cat
5.sunburned heart
7.First Love (Hikaru Utada cover, Akane and Rumina)
8. “Sexy dance unit” (Reiko, Terumi, Mai, Runa)
10.Melty Snow
11.Silky Rain
12.sparkring slipped away
14.Dream Of Love
16.please please
17.Mid9t Luv
18.Do The Party!!

During the day concert they also celebrated Reiko and Akane’s birthdays. I didn’t know about that at the time, so during the night concert I was wondering when they were going to do something for Akane (since her birthday was on the 20th). It would have been cute if Reiko jumped out of a giant cake wearing a bikini and confessed her love for Akane.

13-3-24 Reiko

Reiko: Akane… I love you.
Akane: I know. Just keep hugging me.
Reiko: I’ve never confessed my true feelings for anyone before.
Akane: You tell me you love me everyday.

After the concert the group did two-shots and a handshake event. I was planning on doing at least one two-shot (with Reiko), which is why I chose the night concert (during the day concert they did a handshake and autograph signing), but I had to consider the amount of time it would take to get back to my hotel, shower, pack my stuff, check-out, and get to Shinjuku station to catch my bus to Osaka, which left at midnight (but check-in was at 11:30). The concert ended at 8:30, and it would be 30 minutes before the event began, and considering Reiko is popular, I probably wouldn’t have left until 9:30. The main complication with the bus was I had no idea where the bus terminal was, since it was located at a remote location from Shinjuku station. The instructions provided by the bus company were also vague. Unfortunately it didn’t seem possible to stick around. And for once in my life I made the correct choice, because it would turn out that I was five minutes away from missing the bus! I still can’t believe how close I was to not making it to Osaka. I can laugh about it now, but I got completely lost in Shinjuku and it was an absolute miracle that I took the correct route to the bus after getting off track. That would have been a disaster. Now let us never talk about that again.

ragtWhat’s this? “Girls talk”? Close enough. Reiko and Akane know about my blog!


5 Responses to “Predia party @ Mt. Rainier Hall”

  1. Jo 2013/04/02 at 3:42 pm #

    I wrote out a long comment but it didn’t send through properly and I can’t remember half the stuff I typed LOL.

    Crazy Cat candy!! omg how did it taste? I thought Silky Rain would be a ballad but looks like I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

    Akane and Rumina covered Hikki ;___; <3 *loves Hikki*

    If you never left to catch the bus, what if Reiko asked you to marry her? Now you would never know. :P Just kidding, it's really good you didn't miss the bus!

    I think you've heard but TIF 2013 is officially confirmed. July 27~28. If you think you will go, better start saving up! The fact they included they had 111 idol acts last year on the website makes me think they're aiming to get even more idols this year..

    • Jo 2013/04/03 at 1:11 pm #

      I remembered more of what I had said that never got sent through!

      Sakurako singing!! I am so glad! I’ve always had a soft spot for her ever since she joined. Has it really been that long now? I still remember it like it was yesterday.. Okay, not really. But I remember when she joined and how we talked about her as the ‘new girl’.

      It is seriously cool how other girls besides the main ones got to sing. If they are making a major debut any time soon, you are right about how they have to let the other members sing too instead of just being like backup dancers and only participating in the choruses.

      When the ‘Crazy Cat’ MV was streamed through namamail, predia fans who saw it said the production was of a music video an artist under a major label would produce. Someone also said the MV looked like a Vidal Sassoon CM lol.

      I’m super excited for predia’s new single and hoping their Shibuya AX Party in a month will have a surprising announcement for us. It seems like I won’t let go of my hopes for them to make a major debut. :P

      predia have gotten more lives scheduled recently which is really great. Like these acoustic special band live shows:

      Their twitter account uploaded new photos they’ll be selling too:
      I’m not sure if you seen them already, if they were selling them at the show you went to. :O

      • qwiksXnd 2013/04/03 at 2:06 pm #

        I want the photocard that just says “predia”! That’s a limited edition card. Jk, I don’t think they sold those specific photos at the concert, but they were selling other photos.

        That’s great news about the music video. If I was the editor this is how I would do it: “Hair shot. Reiko’s lips. Hair. Boob close-up. Hair. Tasteful boob close-up. Sexy boob close-up. Slow motion hair (in black and white). Sakurako singing. Super slow motion hair. Video of a cat drinking milk. Two minutes of hair. And cut”.

        When they were filming Reiko included photos of their outfits. They wore red dresses, so they were different than the black and white outfits used on the cover. Or they may have alternated outfits back and forth in the video.

        The Hikki cover was great, I’m a fan of hers also.

        And I did not know about TIF 2013! They went with a stealth reveal this year, as opposed to the live stream and press conference last year. I remember representatives of Idoling, PASSPO, SG, Cheeky Parade, Fudanjuku, Sakura Gakuin, and YGA being there. The first round of performers is much less impressive this year, although I’m sure a lot of acts will be announced in the coming days/weeks.

        I’m also planning an extensive review of the Crazy Cat candy. It’s hard to describe the candy… it kind of tasted like a rainbow, covered in chocolate sprinkles.

        • Jo 2013/04/06 at 9:13 am #

          I’m like not fully awake or anything but AHHH

  2. qwiksXnd 2013/04/06 at 1:55 pm #

    I think the scenes of them holding guns was supposed to be like James Bond, but instead it reminded me of the group Camouflage (indie group from Nagoya that has a military/gun gimmick).

    I should change my recap since I mislabeled the choreography for Silky Rain, oops. Silky Rain involved chairs like PASSPO’s song “Bathtub.”… I think.

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