16 Oct

Is that the SUPER☆GiRLS 2nd Anniversary SP & Idol Street Carnival 2012 dvd? Yes it is, I’m glad you asked. After three weeks of endless exams and essays at school, and projects at work,  I found some free time to check it out. In addition to SUPER☆GiRLS being super, the concert includes Cheeky Parade being cheeky and Street-sei… also being cheeky.

I was considering going to Japan back in June in order to attend this concert, but it would have required missing the last week of school. It all worked out though, because instead I was able to go to TIF and their August concerts. So the moral of the story is don’t ditch the last week of school for an idol concert, because there will always be other concerts. Bigger concerts, better concerts, SUPER-er concerts.

I love SUPER☆GiRLS, but I can’t defend the thousands of strawberries, bananas, oranges, apples, coconuts, watermelons, and pumpkins that were murdered for these outfits.

Who designed the fruit outfits and why is that person allowed to exist? They’ve been wearing these “things” all summer. At TIF, a-nation, at the summer concerts I went to,  during television appearances promoting Puripuri SUMMER Kiss, and during the last half of their anniversary concert. Whenever I see them wearing these outfits, I just imagine them naked.

Sorry I had to remove the links, making this all pointless. *Whistles and slowly walks away*


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